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Divinity: Original Sin 2

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The Quick Start Backpack
Type: Add-on
Game Mode: Story
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Feb 3, 2019 @ 9:27pm
May 8, 2019 @ 2:55pm
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The Quick Start Backpack

In 2 collections by Fjarunsigr
Fjarunsigr's Divinity: OS2 (DE) Gameplay modlist
48 items
Divinity OS2, My Mods Collection
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Quick Start Backpack
It's just a backpack Officer, nothing overpowered I swear.

A simple backpack containing a lot of items, located in the room you wake up in on the tutorial deck at the start of the game. Make no mistake, this mod has no intention of being remotely balanced. This is intended for players who just want a quicker start or a significant helping hand in the early stages of the game.

Complete item list:
10000 Gold, 50 Lockpicks, 20 Resurrection Scrolls and 20 Repair hammers, 20 basic potions, Shears, Spade, Tongs, Magnifying glass, Zaikk's talon.

As well as a variety of Skillbooks for skills that are generally quite popular, listed here:
Adrenaline, Cloak and dagger, Phoenix dive, Battle stomp, Tactical retreat, First aid, Teleport, Apportation, Fortify, Poison dart, Haste, Fireball, Mosquito swarm, Bone cage, Chameleon cloak, Tentacle Lash, Spread your wings, Elemental totem, Restoration, Armour of frost, Rain.

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Fjarunsigr  [author] Feb 2 @ 3:09pm 
Huh, now that is curious. I've had issues like that with games before, total war warhammer typically locks @ 75 I've found, any further causing hard crashes.

I had not ever encountered it with divinity despite my modding the hell out of it a few times separately, but I'm not sure I ever went above low sixties so that could well be why.
Banzai_AWOS Feb 2 @ 2:57pm 
*Sigh* I hate everything....

So as it turns out, Divinity doesn't know how to count past sixtysomething when it comes to mods I just got rid of a bunch of redundant mods and I now can see it as well as the Tacked on Tools mod of yours I just downloaded
Fjarunsigr  [author] Feb 2 @ 2:50pm 
Typically (Though its been a bit) a divinity mod from steam should be stored in My Docs > Larian studios > Game version name (so Divinity OS2 Definitive) > Mods

If all else fails I believe you could probably find a copy of this mod on my google drive link and just put it in there, I think that should make it appear in game for you.
Banzai_AWOS Feb 2 @ 2:38pm 
what does the mod show up as in the files, I want to check if steam is putting the file somewhere it shouldn't for some reason
Banzai_AWOS Feb 2 @ 2:34pm 
Unfortunately it still isn't showing up, I definitely believe you in that it's not an issue with the mod it has to be a steam issue, I'll let you know if I figure it out, thanks for the help though!
Banzai_AWOS Feb 2 @ 2:22pm 
I'm playing on DE, I've tried doing the things you said, I'mma try a complete restart of steam and try everything again just to be safe
Fjarunsigr  [author] Feb 2 @ 4:39am 
Standard checks to be on the safe side; are you on classic or definitive edition?
Classic shouldn't detect this as it's made for DE, so that could be why - rarely the cause, but i have to check because otherwise there will be no way to know.

Considering the missing file there's no point troubleshooting beyond that because the missing file will be why the backpack isn't there.

As for why the file is missing, at a guess, Steam can be weird downloading files sometimes but unless you subbed and booted the game immediately / had it open already, Steam usually prompts for downloads when the game is launched.

My first suggestion would be:
Subscribe again
Boot game to title menu
Check Steam to see if there are any Divinity downloads on pause (This is usually where they'd show up, but not always)
Close the game and check again in steam downloads

It doesn't seem to be a mod issue as the file still cites itself as the 2019 version, so no changes.
Banzai_AWOS Feb 2 @ 12:59am 
So I was having trouble finding the backpack, it wasn't in the place it was supposed to be, I checked the mod list to check if it wasn't active but it wasn't even there, any ideas as to why? I tried unsubbing and subbing again but it didn't work
Fjarunsigr  [author] Jan 17 @ 5:28am 
I have no idea, to be honest. I can't recall taking a bag with me that did that in my games, and I did take a few pouches and such from act 1 throughout the game used to store keys, books etc seperately.

It is possible this is a unique property of the bag type I used, but I picked what seemed to be a generic backpack like others in the game when I placed it. So unless there's a wonky flag that isn't supposed to be set (doubtful, I don't remember any 'reset between act' options), or it is in fact some odd version of a backpack, it might just be a base game bug with either specific containers or ones containing a significant amount of items.
Fenekku Kitsune Jan 17 @ 4:22am 
So, I see this bug has already been reported, but it doesn't just happen once. If you keep the backpack with you, it refills at EVERY ARC. I just got onto the Lady Vengeance and it refilled again.

Separate to the fact of it's an interesting bug and a (relatively) harmless cheat; why does the backpack update on every area change? Realistically it should only fill on game start, just seems like pointless additional clutter to the loading screens between arcs to have it check every time..?