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WW1 Yeho
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WW1 Yeho

Yeho edited for TBG clan event

This is a WW1 style trench battle map. The rules we came up with is each side builds their respective fobs for 25 or so minutes, no one crosses or shoots across no man's land. Once given time is up then have at it.

If there's any bugs, problems or suggestions let me know so I can fix them. I will update with little fixes I find from time to time or maybe some balancing for each side, tried my best but only so much I can see being one guy in the editor.. I will from time to time pretty up the trench and all that to make it look a bit better, not just hescos and stuff that doesn't line up right but that's a back burner issue.

I may add an invisible wall to enforce rules but until modding 2.0 I may hold off as admins can have more discretion on custom servers. I also don't need any help at the moment or most likely in the future with this or any other project thanks for the interest though.

## I have added a AASV2 which only has sks rifles, SL and marksman get scopes. The fob weapons do not have optics either plus some added demolitions. This is as close as I could get to a time dated map as I'm not adding my own weapon content.
One thing is the demo charges are a little weak, I will tweak this at some point.
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Red Rapter Mar 29 @ 9:11pm 
i havent go to play on it yet when is the server on
-|TBG|- Papasmurf7676  [author] Mar 29 @ 10:03am 
Sorry about the lull in updates, I know I said I'd have an update earlier but real life stuff popped up. Either way new update today, more trenches added, a new AASv2 layer also added with sks and other lower tech weapons to have the dated feel.

I also noticed after this "break" that the map is extremely rough.. I will focus future updates on prettying up the trenches, making them feel better and not 2-3x taller than the player. I'm sure I missed something, the c4 charges I added may or may not work they seem to work 80% of the time plus the explosion is pretty weak which I will mess with later and get it all ironed out. This is still a wip so any suggestions/bugs per usual i'd appreciate if you let me know.
EmperorSoap Mar 25 @ 5:29pm 
cool lookin map, hmu I started making a ww1 map before https://tommcqueen.weebly.com/blog (pics)
the_soldier_wolfy Mar 19 @ 6:38pm 
LVG GOD Mar 10 @ 9:34pm 
-|TBG|- Papasmurf7676  [author] Mar 4 @ 1:38pm 
We'll let you know on here. But I'll push a new update hopefully by Friday with some fixes and a few more trenches between cap points.
Arctik Mar 3 @ 6:42am 
Damn I didn't realise you guys hosted an event for it! Please someone DM me if you're doing it again as it would be great to join in :)
-|TBG|- Papasmurf7676  [author] Feb 23 @ 12:32pm 
Have to subscribe to download it, then you find either our server or another that's hosting the map under the custom server tabs and join it, that simple. Or, if you just want to check it out, go into the shooting range and open console, type adminchangemap and scroll up until you see TBG_Yeho_AASv1 or something like that and that'll allow you to load the map so you can walk around and all that good stuff.
Coopsツ Feb 23 @ 3:11am 
how do i actually play
PUPPET DRAGON™ Feb 20 @ 1:59pm 
Keep up the good work man looks great!:m9beretta::m67::entrenchingtool: