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Platform Canopy
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Feb 3 @ 9:31am
Feb 12 @ 11:06am
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Platform Canopy

I had a think about how to do this without publishing anyone elses graphics
which obviously is a copyright issue and tends to upset people.

Anyone that subscribed to the short lived 'Platform Canopies as Assets' mod, please read to the bottom
This mod lets you do the same thing but without publishing anyone elses files.

This mod contains nothing but code I've written and a reference to a canopy contained in the game.
So I'm pretty sure I wont be accused of any copyright infringements.
I'm not even going to show a picture with anyone elses graphics just in case :)

This mod can be found in the station category in the asset menu
Out of the box this mod will let you place the in game 1850 canopy on any platform

The menu options UKStart/UKMiddle/UKEnd will do that for you.

Length will change the length of the canopy

Nudge will affect the width - in really tiny icrements.

you will also spot that menu options GL1 - GL6 are still there
When you run this mod they will do nothing. - (They point to a couple of place holder files that belong to no one and wont display anything)

The intention is to extend this mod with other canopies.

You can however with a bit of effort make them do something if you wish. If you know where another canopy asset is you can make it work with this mod.

(I'm fairly confident that providing instructions is not a copyright infringement. i'm sure someone will be quick to tell me if I'm wrong. :) )

The following will work for any canopy that you can identify.

For example you can use file explorer to go to this directory and make use of a pretty glass canopy
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\446800\807793446\res\models\mesh\station\train\hbf_sn\

and copy these two files

go to here

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\446800\1644085457\res\models\mesh\station\train\canopy

paste the files you copied

there are two files already here called


you don't need these but you do need to rename the files you copied to match these names

< >
Norfolk_Chris Feb 13 @ 1:23am 
I'm sorry that has not solved the problem. Result same error message.
There must be a hangover from your previous mod, as I said my later game where the old mod has never been installed work OK. Perhaps it would have been better this mod had a new name?
Mad Hatter  [author] Feb 12 @ 11:10am 
Hi Norfolk_chris - I've made a small change. Let me know if this fixes your problem or if you get another error message
Norfolk_Chris Feb 12 @ 9:27am 
I have a game that crashes when I try to select your mod in game.
Error message reads:

File : station/train/canopy_platform1_roof_small.mdl
Cannot open res/models/station/train/hbf_sn/dach.mtl No such file or directory

I have installed the mod exactly as described.
The game had your original canopy mod (now deleted).
I have another game that your original mod has not ever been installed and it works OK!
1 Adam-12 Feb 6 @ 7:25pm 
I was able to do that, and it works, but I didn't have anything loaded in on this one. I hope that there aren't any missing models or meshes, those can still foul the game up.

Just change the textures if that was an issue before.
Mad Hatter  [author] Feb 6 @ 1:55pm 
Hi - hmmm - inside the mod its called the same thing. if you select load game and then click on the + for enabled mods - I 'm guessing you get something in red saying mod is missing? Can you scroll down the enablemod table and see if you have one with the same name thats not enabled -
- should be platform canopy 1.1 I think.
1 Adam-12 Feb 5 @ 6:22pm 
Any chance you could explain how to fix our savegames you broke?
pe_rulz Feb 5 @ 10:18am 
Since the mod is called differently now, my savegames are still shot :/
Oldhip Feb 3 @ 10:48pm 
Don't need pics is good enough for me, thanks for the effort.
davidmoore668 Feb 3 @ 5:33pm 
How about video to show us how it works o.k. Thank You Mad Hatter. :-)
Mad Hatter  [author] Feb 3 @ 11:08am 
I would love to popup some pictures - however this mod is for the most part code -you need to follow the example instructions to really see what it can do - I wont put up a picture of what you get because it would show a picture of someone elses graphic and recently I had a mod taken down so I'm being super cautious with this one. All I can say is you will like it.