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Splatoon 2 - Clothing
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Feb 1, 2019 @ 11:00pm
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Splatoon 2 - Clothing

I need help for more promotional artwork!

The SFM clothing are over here.

Splatoon clothing compatible with the enhanced Inkling and Octoling models. The male version of clothing is set with bodygroups. Use the bonemerge tool to connect the clothing, the body group tool to change skins, and the painter tool to color them. Here's the list of clothing in this pack:

School Uniform
Power Armor
School Cardigan
Power Armor Mk I
Enchanted Robe
Fresh Fish Gloves
Squinja Suit (missing gloves)
Steel Platemail (missing gloves)

Squiddor Polo
Anchor Life Vest
Juice Parka
Garden Gear (without gloves)
Crustwear XXL
North-Country Parka
Record Shop Look EP
Dev Uniform

(Hero Mode)
Armor Jacket
Armor Jacket 2
Hero Hoodie
Hero Jacket
Hero Tank Top
Neo Octoling Armor

(Octo Expansion)
Agent 8 Suit
Old-Timey Clothes
Null Armor
Agent 3 Jacket
Hero Cape
Temporary Jacket (beta)

Light and Dark Bomber Jacket
Zekko Jade, Redleaf, Tumeric and Kensa Coat
Milky and Navy Eminence Jacket
FA Jacket
Forge Inkling Parka
Force Octarian Jacket
Black, White and Rockin' Jacket (as Inky Leather Rider)
Krak-On 528
Kung-Fu Zip-Up + Panda
Custom Painted and White Leather F-3
Matcha Down Jacket
Moist Ghillie Suit
Chilly, Eggplant and Chili-Pepper Mountain Coat
Berry and Olive Ski Jacket
Pullover Coat + Light
Blue and White Sailor Suit
Sennyu Suit
Birded Corduroy and Deep-Octo Satin Jacket (as Satin Sukajan)
Varsity Jacket
Whale-Knit Sweater
Takoroka Jacket Nylon Vintage and Windcrusher

Black, Gray, Zekko and Zekko Olive Hoodie
Green Zip, Grape, and Hothouse, and Octo Suppoer Hoodie (as Zipped Hoodie)
Camo Zip Hoodie (+ beta skins)
Blue and Pink Shirt with Hoodie

Black Polo
Cycling Shirt
Striped and Tricolor Rugby
Sage Polo
Shrimp-Pink Polo
Soccer Jersey

Aloha Shirt + Logo and Chili Octo
Annaki Flannel Hoodie
Baby Jelly and Dots-on-Dots (as Button Shirt)
Inkfall Shirt + Ink-Wash
Linen, White, and Round-Collar Shirt (as Linen Shirt)
Octobowler Shirt
Crimson and Prune Parashooter
Hula Punk Shirt + Red
Online Jersey
Toni K Baseball Jersey
Urchins Jersey
Shirt Tie + Baby Jelly Tie

Blue, Yellow and Red Annaki Cuff
Negative and Positive Longcuff Sweater
College Sweat
Retro, Octarian Retro, Squidmark, Reel, and N-Pacer Sweat as (Pullover Sweater)
Short Knit Layers
Takoroka Jersey

(Long tees)
Drive and Evolution Annaki Tee
Black LS
Blue and Khaki 16-Bit FishFry
Black and Red Cuttlegear LS
Pink and Lime Easy-Stripe Shirt
Green and Peaks (as Inkline Striped LS)
Inkopolis Squaps Jersey
Purple Camo LS
White and Navy (as Splash Mob Striped LS)
Squidmark and White (as SquidForce LS)
Takoroka Crazy Baseball LS
Carrot and Radish Zekko Long Tee
Zink LS

(Short tees)
Annaki Polpo-Pic Tee
Basic Tee + Fresh Octo
Band Tee (Chirpy Chirps, Hightide Era, Squid Squad, Wet Floor)
Splatfest Tee (US, EU, and JP versions)
Mint, Grape, Squid-Stitch, Firewave, Icewave, and Pearl (as Common Tee)
Black and White, Black and White Anchor, Rainy and Sunny-Day (as Common Tag Tee)
Magenta and White Cuttlegear (beta)
Fugu, White, Black, and Gray 8-Bit FishFry, Carnivore, Herbivore, Omega-3 (as Firefin Tee)
King and Octoking HK Jersey
Blue and Ivory Peaks Tee
Rockenberg Tee White and Black
SWC Logo Tee
Missus and Mister Shrug Tee
League and Friend Tee (as Squid Force Tee)
Black and Sky-Blue Squideye
Pirate and Sailor Stripe Tee
Half-Sleeve Sweater
Takoroka Galactic and Rainbow Tie Dye + Nana and Golden Dakro Tee + White and Navy Deca Logo Tee + Reggae Tee as Big Tee
Tentatek Slogan Tee
White and Black Urchin Rock Tee
Black, White, Red Limited and Green Limited V-Neck Tee
Black and Green Velour Octoking Tee

Fishing Vest
Front Zip Vest
Silver Tentatek Vest
Urban Vest

Please posts bugs and suggestions in the comments. ^^

Special thanks for promotional artwork by Randall (also made the icon), Zebesian95, Kokonut, Broadside, and SunnyGoLucky.
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