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Escort Mission
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Escort Mission

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I will add a Escort Mission to deliver the merchants and the wanderers traveling in various places to the town.

NPC that can provide a Escort Mission
Traders Guild Caravan
Hiver Merchant caravan
Slaver caravan
Merchant Nomads
Mercenary wanderers
Drifter solo
Drifter solo (skeleton)
Bounty hunter
Wandering Assassin
Black dog (New 2019/3/5)
※ You must be out of town to undertake the guard duty.

How to Escort Mission
1, Talk to the character traveling in various places and take over the guard duties.
2, We will guard until the object arrives in town.
3, When the escort object arrives in the town, the fee will be paid.
Relationship with the faction to which the escort subject belongs will improve just a little.

* The mission success judgment is done when the escort object enters the town.
The fee will not be paid if you are away from the object at the time of judgment.
* The duty period is one week. Even if it expires it can be redeemed on the spot if outside the town.
* If you want to cancel your mission, please move away from subject.
* The mission success judgment is done also outside the play screen.
(Example) Even if you keep track of the guard object and guard the task for the task and secure it outside the screen
If you arrive safely in town you will be successful and you will be charged a fee.
* The amount of compensation varies depending on the Tech level of the player and elapsed time after the conversation with the target.
It does not change in the state of escort target.
* As a known problem, in a transaction (conversation) of a merchant or a mercenary to be escorted
The elapsed time of the escort is initialized.
Transactions before arriving in town may result in loss of fee amount and loss of compensation fee.

Other changes
I added a bodyguard conversation to a Drifter solo and a Drifter solo (skeleton).

3/5/2019 Update: NPC that can do bodyguard mission
United Cities patrol squad
The Holy Nation patrol squad
Shek Kingdom patrol squad
Flotsam Ninjas patrol squad
Holy Nation Outlaws patrol squad
Bounty Hunters patrol squad
Drifters (solo) patrol

How to Bodyguard Mission
The procedure is almost the same as the guard mission, but the bodyguard is not a delivery to the town, it is a task to protect the target until the contracted time.
* You will receive compensation from the client after the contract time.
* If the client fails to faint or talk, it will fail if the contract time is passed.
* When you arrive in town, the request will be interrupted, the compensation will change according to the elapsed time of the mission.
* Specifications and known problems are the same as guarding mission.

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Timesplitter May 8 @ 12:07am 
Thank you for this amazing mod that I have included in "Kenshi: The World Divided". This Mod Collection has been fully tested and works perfectly. Thank you again for the great mod to add to this collection. :steamhappy: Timesplitter.
NukeHead Apr 25 @ 6:07pm 
how much is the pay?
stilldoll  [author] Mar 27 @ 5:38am 
Yes, it also raises money rewards and faction relation.
Chrono Mar 26 @ 9:31am 
Do successful missions reward reputation as well?
stilldoll  [author] Mar 18 @ 5:04am 
This mod works with Faction Caravans, but the mission does not apply to some NPCs.
AQMED Mar 17 @ 12:22pm 
Does this work with Faction Caravans?
stilldoll  [author] Mar 11 @ 4:42am 
I thought of ways to solve the problem that pay is sometimes not paid, but because of the complicated MOD setting, the update will be delayed.
Thank you for your comment.
Neorro Mar 10 @ 6:18pm 
I Found out why no pay sometimes, when trader arrive in town you canot interact with mod on trader. If trader gets to close to town before or during pay dialouge its like mod pause, this also happens if trader gets attacked right before Town, dioalouge priority. For now one have to wait until trader leave town to get paid if it happens.
stilldoll  [author] Mar 8 @ 3:49am 
Importing is unnecessary for this MOD.
Grumpy Mar 7 @ 8:41pm 
do u need to import to use this mod?