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Bitkit's Clothing [Discontinued]
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Jan 30 @ 11:57am
Feb 2 @ 11:12am
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Bitkit's Clothing [Discontinued]

We've moved back over to Ark and will no longer be working on this mod.
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Jan 30 @ 12:21pm
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bitbit  [author] Feb 28 @ 7:50am 
We've moved over to Ark.
illkillroy Feb 27 @ 7:53pm 
@bitbit no more rp server? is the mod dead or just working on stuff?
Mar Feb 24 @ 1:33pm 
Hi there me and my friends are creating a scripted series for atlas and we would really appreciate some new outfits like fancy dresses and military coats (Redcoats) pretty please we would give a massive shout out and help pay a little towards your server if thats possible :D
bitbit  [author] Feb 7 @ 2:32pm 
We have more than roman items @papamiao. We have tribal clothing, all vanilla Atlas armor as skins, viking helmets, a witch hat, a scarf, samurai helmets, and we are working on alot more
Papamiao Feb 5 @ 5:24am 
Atlas Rome Version? Uh
bitbit  [author] Feb 2 @ 12:09pm 
@HornReaper Yay! Tysm for the feedback! Please let me know if you experience more issues. I'm a new modder for Atlas, so Smug_Kitten and I often make rookie mistakes and forget to click a checkbox sometime
Hey just to let you know the armor seems to have reverted back just nerfed a bit :D, and everything seems to work fine on my 16 servers, Thank you <3
bitbit  [author] Feb 2 @ 11:13am 
There is, but I am not that adept at graphing just yet. I am working on getting everything paintable, but it may take awhile as I have no idea how to do it
ah no worrys, as long as i can use fur armor agian :D Thank you verry mutch, Mutch Aprisated ps is there a way to paint the sumurai helmet <3
bitbit  [author] Feb 2 @ 10:40am 
Update incoming <3 Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing if it will revert your items back, but it shouldn't happen again. Apparently, I named the fur armor skin the same thing as the vanilla one, so they were overlapping