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DUI - Squad Radar
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Jan 28, 2019 @ 11:09am
Oct 16, 2021 @ 7:12am
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DUI - Squad Radar

A UI showing unit positions and names of units in your squad

This clientside mod shows a compass in the bottom middle of you screen and a list of people in your current squad. It is made with SQF commands which recently have been added to Arma3 and were not available back in the days of Arma2 or early Arma3. Meaning no weird workarounds with map elements are needed anymore which just eat more frames.
A strong point of this UI is its customizability and its many features are all settable with CBA settings. This mod is made as an alternative to STHUD (not the full STUI suite).

Squad Radar
A compass showing all nearby units in your squad. Additionally you can show your bearing in number format above this compass. Has support for occlusion, different ranges, colors, icons and so on!

Shows who is in your squad, which role they have and in which team color they are in.
Support for SQL, Medic, AT, Engineer, Demolition expert and Autorifleman!

Similar to the hexagon indicators the vanilla base game offers, but much more customizable!

Buddy system
Choose a squad mate to be your buddy, they will get a unique icon in your namelist, radar and indicators, so you can find them easily.

Wanna know who someone is, just look at them. Nametags show the name, rank and group of the unit you are looking at.

Highly customizable
Tons and tons of CBA settings available, set the refresh rate of the radar, scale things up and down, you choose, this is your personal preference and style!

Arma 3 Layout editor support
Enable the layout editor support in the CBA settings and move around the radar and name list to where ever you want them to be. Scaling also supported!

Currently English, French, Czech, German, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Russian are supported. You can help expand this list or fix things up!

ACE3 Support
Playing with ACE3? Support in terms of unit classes and ACE interactions have been added!

ACRE and TFAR (both versions) Support
Additional support for popular radio mods, such as indicators when someone is speaking

SQF Bytecode support
DUI comes pre packaged with SQF Bytecode, that is all scripts are precompiled and pre optimized to run faster during game play

And more in the future!

Special Variables
DUI has a special variable mission makers can use.

Array of objects in missionNamepace. Every unit or vehicle in this array will be tracked on compass. Be aware that this might be a performance issue if too many objects are added. Be also aware that you do not add a unit that is already in your squad, or else you have 2 icons for that unit.

Q: What does DUI mean?
A: I leave that up to you ;)

Q: Possible more icon, color or compass styles in the future?
A: Sure, I am very open for suggestions and people helping to make some

Q: I found a bug, where do I report it?
A: Best post that to the GitHub page, makes things easier to organize

Q: Can you add this feature?
A: Head over to the GitHub page and request it in the issue tracker, or make a pull request. Everyone is welcome :)

Q: Hey, I am from server XYZ can we use this mod?
A: Sure! Keep the license in mind tho

Q: How do I use the buddy system?
A: Be in the same squad with your person of choice, look at them and be close to them. It will appear in your scroll wheel menu. If you use ACE3 however, you have to ACE interact with that person!

Q: Does the namelist support more than 12 people
A: Yup, not sure why you have that many people in one squad, but yeah. As long as your screen has width.

Q: Can I move the UI elements around?
A: Yes! Best refer to the bottom of this post[]

Q: Can I safely delete PBOs I do not want?
A: Yes! The "main" PBO and the "radar" one are required however!

Known Issues
People running custom FOV settings will have a distorted compass. Sadly that has to be fixed by BI. If you want to use the compass component then you have to reset your FOV to the standard settings.
Here is the bug report ticket to BI detailing the issue, it is however very old and will most likely NEVER be fixed:

Some icons have small artifacts when rotating. This is an issue that is caused by the script commands used. BI would need to fix that or the vanilla icons would need an edit
Ticket, it is however very old and will most likely NEVER be fixed:

BI Thread[]
GitHub Repo[]

Thanks for testing during development
FPArma[] (Discord[])

Copyright 2019 diwako

This work (diwako_dui or the like) uses the license Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)
For your Steam accounts safety, do not reupload it to the workshop as it violates Steam Subscriber Agreement section 6B.

Copyright 2019 diwako. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named diwako
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TacticalMetalhead Nov 29 @ 12:28pm 
Is there a way to disable DUI features on a specific entity or unit? For example, X Players have the Radar enabled, and Y Players do not
diwako  [author] Nov 18 @ 12:43am 
The icons are all just some images, if you have a graphics designer in your group, you can pretty much just edit them. and if you feel generous you can create a pull request to the repository so they are added officially into the next release
Cypher Nov 16 @ 11:01am 
Diwako, would you be willing to add one more option to the "Icon Style" located in "DUI Squad Radar - Main"? My group really likes the Icon Style called "Just the Tip" because it has nice clean solid outlines around the icons, but we don't like that the directional arrow is black (hard to see on the black radar). I would really love if you added a variation that makes the tip color the same as the icon color. The default Style doesn't have outlines on the icons. Please =)
@Kubozka change your FOV back
Kuboszka Oct 20 @ 10:30am 
Guys, my radar is in the shape of oval not a circle. How to fix it ^^" ?
bissonlulu8 Oct 9 @ 2:38am 
would LOVE the simplist addition - the little 'N' for North in the compass having its own colour setting.

I support this suggestioh from BENDY, very useful if you use mostly the compass in is basic form !
I play with this DUI from its beginning and salute hit as one of the most useful item :steamthumbsup:
[BRE]Daniel/Tanks608 Oct 7 @ 8:16pm 
So used this for years happily, the last time i used it however the squad icons for individual squad memebers stopped showing up. the Radar at the bottom and the nametags worked but the visual indicators did not escape for a split second when i leave the menu. Anyone got any ideas what i might have acciedently clicked?
Bendy Sep 25 @ 6:49pm 
would LOVE the simplist addition - the little 'N' for North in the compass having its own colour setting. Most compasses have a diffeent colour for North.
It helps when you have blurry vission, or in the heat of combat you dont want to focus on the compass, just see in a kind of peripheral vision very quickly.
Currently I use "Ye Old Times" but would be good to use the other compass designs
BK Aug 28 @ 10:24am 
Hi, do you know how can make that the DUI show every unit faction instead of just my squad ?
JakeURb8ty Jul 29 @ 8:18pm 
Great mod especially when my system had low fps and i needed help seeing where my squad was looking. I toggle it off now most of the time. Helps with situational awareness that would be in my peripheral vision.

However be warned it breaks the intro video to Old Man scenario. With it enabled all I see is a black screen while sound plays.