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The Oxide Fun
Created by nano393
Medic still can't explain why this is the best medicine.

3 LODs and paintable....
The Ocular Protection
Created by Colteh
I hope you've noticed that even though medic doesnt even have a medical liscense and has most likely done horrible things to his patients his motto is "Better safe than sorry"!

428 tris, 1 LOD, Paintable lens

Special thanks to Doctor Aibaleet for giv...
The Inkblot Hypothesis (Animated)
Created by mr. 3nygma
They call you a psycho, but do they really know how it all started ?

Made with the shreds of the head cloth of executed lunatics, this mask will bring out the crazy in you, for the mask portrays an ever-changing animated pattern of inkblots that account ...
The Ocular Upgrade
Created by Will T.TVR
''There ain't no fancy-pants technological shortcut ta make ya the sharpest shooter on the battlefield, son. But I'm workin' on it.'' - Engineer


- Team colors
- 256x256 textures
- Self-illumination
- Only 155 tris!
- Gold-Starred...
The Intelli-Watch
Created by {BOIZ} Rubbing
With the revolutionary technology integrated into the brand new Intelli-Watch you can feel slick, and stylish while backstabbing your way through enemy lines....
The Magnetic Horseshoe
Created by Rotzlöffel
Updated Version, now with new textures and more power!!!!

- 3 LOD
- team colors...
Psycho Birdie
Created by EmAr
Companion for the lonely pyros! This bird's heart is as warm as hell fire!...
The Re-Gene
Created by infinitewrath
"Have you ever wanted to genetically alter your teammates so that they could do a better job, from gils to exoskeletons The Re-Gene has you covered"

I haven't been able to figure out what this guns uber charge would be like that would allow it to set itse...
The Twisted Torcher
Created by dpg212012
UPDATE: Check out the Twisted Torcher 2.0 where we have taken all the feedback and added new details and an all blue version!

- Specular mask added

Twisted Torcher gives you multiple ways to fry!...
Stream Shooter V.2
Created by Rotzlöffel
Never was shooting people and streaming movies was never so easy

- 3 LOD

The Wheezy Wastelander V2
Created by Evil_Knevil
Reuploaded with the new importer tool.

Special thanks to Psyke for making the backpack icons.

Link to the original:
Abe's Gun-O-Matic Hat
Created by E-Arkham
Top of the morning to you sir, and KER-POW! Right in your face with bullets! Convenient off and on buttons usable by even ham-fisted retaliation-minded individuals.

Fits the Engineer, and also the Pyro since he is secretly Abe Lincoln.

And the S...
"Duckfoot" The 4-Barrel Flinklock
Created by Dennis G
How can you go wrong with 4 barrels!?

Thanks for all the comments, Sorry for posting on all the classes, I think it could fit any class depending on its actual function ingame. All of your ideas and suggestions are highly appriciated....
LeVar's LaMent (OLD)
Created by Norman3D
Thanks reddit user "brooklynbrett" for the great name! :D

Now paintable!!

You can find the gold starred version here:
The Kiddy's Kindler
Created by FissionMetroid101
When Pyromania was released, I was disappointed with the lack of kiddy secondary weapons, and always wanted to see one exist. After a dream I had a little under a week ago with this weapon in it, I have been designing and working on this item.

The knob ...
The Spine Chiller
Introducing our new line of cool (metaphorically) and ice-breaking (literally) products!

The Icemann™ product line is our latest series of ice-breakers.

Is it a pick? Or an Axe? Or a Pickaxe? We don't know for sure, so we'll let you decide. But, we ...
The HellHound
Created by Trump Tank
"Double gun, double fun!"

Nothing more deadly than a dual-cannon flamethrower. Born in the belly of hell, this weapon is dangerous, too bad consumes a lot :D

That is a part of the pyro's hell pack which includes the lil_baphy hat.

the Victorian Blast
Created by Deity Link
Let your opponents have a taste of the steampunk victorian era with this powerful shotgun!

This is a new version of the shotgun I made last summer for the Steampunk Contest of Game Banana.

give it a try:
Deathdealer's Depth Diver V2
Created by Primrose
Because playing with fire got boring.

Version 2 of the Deathdealer's Depth Diver! With updated textures and a newer model, some fixed rigging. Works better with hats and miscs now!

2 Lods!

Concept redrawn by the very talented [url=htt...