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[NL] Facial Animation - WIP
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Jan 26, 2019 @ 7:58am
Nov 27 @ 5:01am
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[NL] Facial Animation - WIP

2021//11/18 :If you want to use this mod with other author's mod that displays hairstyles
If you want to use a mod that displays hairstyles, and you are having problems seeing hair over your helmet, try using Dubs Apparel Tweaks. In the Hair Visibility section of the mod options, enable the "Alternate hair draw mode" and adjust the hair layer offset.

2021/08/22 : This mod has been separated into two mods.
I decided to split Facial Animation into two mods because it was becoming difficult to try to add new features.
If you want to use advanced features and better images, please enable the following mod together.

Bug fixes and feature implementations will be done in "Facial Animation - WIP". However,
Changes that affect compatibility, such as adding textures and animations, will be done in "Facial Animation - Experimentals".

This MOD provides the following animations. This MOD is currently WIP.
Therefore, specifications and functions are subject to change.

Added animation
- Blink
- RemoveApparel
- Wear
- WaitCombat
- Goto
- LayDown
- Lovin
- Ingest
- SocialRelax
- StandAndBeSociallyActive
- Wait_Downed
- Mine

Redistribution of this MOD data is prohibited.


Release Note

- Added Japanese and Chinese translations to Mod Config.
- Reduced memory usage when using Experimental.

- Added a feature separating the eye texture into left and right internally due to enable to use CutoutSkinOverlay improving eye rendering for Experimental MOD.
- Fixed a small bug.
- Supported "Mass Lovin" Mod

- Removed Sclera switch in Mod Settings.
- Removed Sclera textures and moved them to another mod.

- Added 1 switch for Sclera in Mod Settings.

- Added an experimental feature to implement "Sclera". I may change the specification later.
- repainted mouth images.

- I modified the coordinates of images in this mod for compatibility with tattoos.

- Add a setting to switch the left and right blind eyes

Perhaps I could have fixed the nudity bug.
I have not been able to play much of 1.3 yet. If you find any bugs, please report them.

Sorry for my late. I am trying to fix nudity bugs.
I will describe a temporary workaround.
Please use the following mod and disable "Force No-cache" in Facial Animation Mod Settings.

2021/07/18 1.3 WIP
I have updated this mod. However, 1.3 is still unstable, please report bugs.
I added 1 switch in Mod Settings. When you use the following mod, please check Mod settings.

- Improved compatibility with Rocketman. Fixed dead pawns' eyes moving.

- Changed methods managing graphics due to preparing a new mod.
- Fixed a bug that occurred when changing the eye and skin color with other mods.
- Deleted a feature to changing eye color a bit in realtime because it occurs bugs.
- Added a new feature to disable eye highlight when colonists have low mood.
- Repainted some images for Male.

- Added a new Face part, "Beauty mark".

- For developper, new features Making Face Part Images for Non-Human Races.
If you are interested, please check discussion.
- Repainted Female Faces.
- Added new feature to load a normal shape images when a non-existent image is specified.

- Changed methods to selecting face types.

- Added new Lid type for Female.

- Added new Lid type for Female.

- Brow, Lids and Eyes, the images separated left and right were merged in order to reduce the time it takes to modify.

- Implemented 1 beta feature that allows for the animation in colonist portraits.
It is disabled by default. Please check Mod Settings.

- Support "Invisible Mode" for DLC users.

- Added a new feature for modders. You can adjustment head sizes by defs.

- All Textures were converted 256px -> 512px.
- Changed a shaders to draw eyeballs and lids because preview version had a bug which it cannot draw them under transparent apparels.

This MOD supports version 1.0 and 1.1 clients now. But, it will support only version 1.1 in the future.

Updated to add support for version 1.1.

- Add 1 Eye Shape for female.
- Add 1 Lid Shape for female.
- Improve compatibility with Combat Extended.
Please sort your mods like following.
Other mods....
- Combat Extended
- Facial Animation
Other mods....
- Improve compatibility with Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats.
Please sort your mods like following.
Other mods....
- Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats
- Facial Animation
Other mods....

Sorry for writing in Japanese.

・Character EditorやEdb Prepare Carefullyで顔の色が変化しない不具合を修正。

Feb 9th 2019
- Fixed an issue about Invisible bald head.
- Fixed an issue about rotten corpse that it has flesh head.
- Fixed an issue about skeleton eyes.

Feb 4th 2019
Thank you for choosing this MOD.
I was surprised there are a lot of feedback about it. ^-^
Sorry, I'm not good at English, so reading comments take more time than I expected.

I have confirmed about some bugs. I'll try to check them and fix them in this week.

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Midnightlex Nov 25 @ 4:29pm 

Im having the same issue as well. It just started happening today and I can't figure out if it was from the new Rimpy update on 11.22.2021 or if there was a change in the mods itself. I have tried deleting and reinstalling Rimpy and unsubscribing/resubscribing the mods to no avail. I have also tried deleting the workshop folders for the two mods and still same thing unfortunately.
Drayco84 Nov 25 @ 3:40pm 
Any idea why RimPy says that [NL] Facial Animation - WIP and Humanoid Alien Races are dependant on each other? (Asking in all three Discussions.)
brobot9000 Nov 25 @ 3:36am 
I love this mod and absolutely adore the animations. They've brought so much life to my colonies that I can't imagine going back. That being said, there's an issue with hats/hair/tattoos: basically for the slim face at least, all hats/hair/tattoos look wrong. They don't scale to the size of the head properly and it's unfortunately become too weird to not notice on my skinny pawns. If there's anyway to correct this, I would be incredibly grateful.

Thank you for all the hard work Nals and for one of the best mods out there - keep it up!
Nals  [author] Nov 17 @ 7:26am 
Added my comments. if you are having problems seeing hair over your helmet, try using Dubs Apparel Tweaks.
Wololo Nov 16 @ 12:11pm 
Too bad there is no github ! I would like to find the previous version.
Sandbag Pro Nov 15 @ 7:59am 
Love the mod, but there's just a small issue with the show hair mod which makes it so the hair renders over the hat which is mildly annoying, but all in all it's a great mod
Wololo Nov 15 @ 5:55am 
Is there any way to use this mod and get a preview of the styling station?

It's painful to have to remove the helmet to see the haircut.
Hohen Nov 14 @ 12:01pm 
Another little thing with the asari, I currently can't seem to get their headMask to render. I'm not sure if I've ever even seen the tag elsewhere. It's basically a face tattoo.
Elly Nov 13 @ 3:00pm 
Having trouble with the facial animations not working if I untick the disable caching option in VFE menu [Yet have an HD pawn patch] and disable forced caching in this mod as well.
It's either losing facial animations for me or having hats behind hair w/ Show Hair mod. Still, sweet mod and I love the faces themselves.
Hohen Nov 12 @ 6:06am 
You're the best! I went ahead and made a rough around the edges patch just to hold us over. Mainly I just copied all the male/female folders and renamed them none. It adds some bloat but it works. I kinda can't play without this mod, lol