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BB_Taloner (UnStackMod)
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Jan 26, 2019 @ 4:49am
Apr 10, 2019 @ 3:29pm
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BB_Taloner (UnStackMod)

This Mod need to be 1st on the list in mods (1st loaded before other will be)

I created this mod to convert resources from any stacking mod's to normal resources
becouse WC give us Experimental option to stacking resources

new structures with engram on 1st lvl:
BB - Resources To Talon - to convert old resources to Talon
BB - Talon To Resources - to convert talon to resources (normal not moded)
BB - Apex To Talon - change spino sail, sarco skin etc to talons
BB - Ammo To Talon - change Ammo to talons
all cost 1 stone

what You need to do:
- add this mod (1st on the list in mods)
- change resources to talons
- delete old stack mod
- change talons to resources (if you dont like to use this mod after change resources)
- leave mod and use talons for storage resources / used them for trades (like Auction Mod) or delete it (all unchange talons and BB structures will be deleted)

there are two kind of Talons:
1st one with coin background
2nd one withe name 1,000x (to make them u use 1,000 coin-background Talons) to convert it back use E on them in the player inventory
every Talon witch have E on Icon (center-down) can be consume in the player inventory by pressing E key on them

Talons now weight 0,0001 / pcs
change slots:
BB - resources to talon - form 1000 / 2000 to 400 / 800 (normal / hidden)
BB - apex / ammo - form 1000 / 2000 to 400 / 800 (normal / hidden)
BB - talon to resources - form 1000 / 2000 to 6 / 800 (normal / hidden)
now placement only on floors and ceilings only
repair plant Z fruit
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Feb 14, 2019 @ 3:50pm
Spawn Blueprint
< >
Boooryss  [author] Oct 25 @ 2:11am 
Hello Friend
i'm glad you like my mod

Regarding faster conversion, I use the Forge mechanism to do this, and unfortunately, if I will set a faster conversion, the server will have lag if more people use it at the same time,

I would have to change the conversion method to immediate, I tried to do this but failed :(

As for adding new resources, I do not plan (I have mod files on another computer to which I currently do not have access)
Lithium Flower Oct 19 @ 3:17pm 
Hi there! I'm sooo very glad to come across this mod. Thank you for making it. There's a ton of stack mods and nearly none of them have any choice to uninstall one if it doesn't work properly or is no longer updated without losing your precious resources. This is desperately needed.

I had two questions: is it possible to make the conversion from talons to resources faster? It takes a very long time. I tried setting up multiple talons to resources boxes but only one of them works.

Second: I wasn't able to find an option to convert unfertilised eggs and kibble in the resource list? Is it possible to add those to the resource list?
Boooryss  [author] Jan 19 @ 12:29pm 
Ciężko stwierdzić co nie działa po Twojej wiadomości, zakładam że pomyliłeś struktury
miejsce na 6 slotów ma Talon to Resource
400 slotów ma Resource to Talon
w 1 zamieniasz talony na surowce w tym 2gim zamieniasz surowce na talony
Sparda Jan 19 @ 10:51am 
J... G... nie dziala juz przy pobieraniu 6 slotow miejsca na H... to jak tylko W....
EldoRhaan Jul 24, 2019 @ 5:39am 
As an admin, it's really usefull as when you convert it back to normal ressources, you get the modded one, when you add a stack mod.
BLiNNeMaNS Feb 8, 2019 @ 2:50am 
well, whatever you decide, if i were you i wouldn't complicate the mod too much.
At the moment in its current form it's the golden goose a lot of server admins have been looking for.
Especially now that a lot of modders are switching to atlas, the chance a stack mod has to be switched to one still getting updates got bigger..
great job ;)
Boooryss  [author] Feb 8, 2019 @ 1:46am 
after we convert resources form old mod we use talons on our server as a payments in Auction House Mod, (normaly u can put auction only with 1 stack of resources so if u have no stack set it will be for example 200 Hide in 1 auction, with this mod u can use talons and set up to 1mln Hide in 1 auction) this is a reason that i will change waight on them
BLiNNeMaNS Feb 8, 2019 @ 12:16am 
maybe instead of talons you can take out, make them fixed items attached to the chest instead.
(that way you don't have to alter the weight as the items can't be taken out, so no weight exploits will be possible and will only work for switching mods as intended)
GuideToParadise Jan 27, 2019 @ 9:26am 
No new engrams at level 1