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DarkEdge's Cross Extinction
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Jan 25, 2019 @ 9:23am
Jan 27, 2019 @ 3:54pm
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DarkEdge's Cross Extinction

Commissioned by TheDragonQueen for use on the DarkEdgeTV Sub Servers. Open for anyone to use.

MOD ID = 1634834823



This mod adds Extinction dino spawns and items to non-extinction maps. This does NOT add Titans or Corrupted dinos, as this was build for a specific server, and they requested those not to be in. Unless they request them added, this will not change.

The extinction table allows you to craft necessary items related to Extinction. Not all resources were added, since many extinction resources are just replacements for other items.

This works on any map that uses Island, Ragnarok, Center, Aberration, or Scorched Earth spawners. Which means it will work on Aberration and Scorched Earth maps, a long with other maps that use these spawners.
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Greenie Boi May 10 @ 10:11am 
if you tame dinos from this mod, then disable it, do those dinos despawn?
Crab (&Friends) May 6 @ 8:30pm 
Does this work on Ragnarok?
Nini Apr 9 @ 3:15am 
eine super Mod wäre froh wenn es sie länger gäbe und aktualisiert würde:steamhappy:
Cloax Mar 1 @ 8:19pm 
@Carcer Vimes thast wierd, works on my rag server. However, managarmrs are VERRRRRRY RARE and when you can find one it is NEVER max level, i think i found like 1 140 or something around there in like 5 days now
Carcer Vimes Feb 28 @ 7:07pm 
So, I decided to use this in my Crystal Isles Server. Funnily Enough, None of the dinos that this puts into the world, have attack animations enabled. Even if you tame a Managarmr or a Velonasaur, it can't do anything but be ridden and move. 'C' functions aren't even fully coded.
Cloax Feb 25 @ 11:09am 
Is there a way to make manas and owls spawn in somewhere not the murder snow? its literally impossible unless u have FULL ascendant armor, an otter and curry to survive. Im not gunna go through that for a mana
Purple Feb 18 @ 1:25pm 
crowcodile there if you are on single player then there is an option to allow flyer leveling which you need to enable
_Mewle_ Feb 16 @ 6:14am 
Where to gachas spawn on the Island? Thanks!
Crowcodile Feb 13 @ 2:57am 
Is there a chance this mod will be compatible with classic flyers in the future? The snow owls are sooo slow
Bishopsuey Feb 11 @ 7:42am 
Any chance to get .ini parameters to re-adjust spawns? my ragnarok map literally is full of those druidika-like things and i really would like to reduce them.