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DarkEdge's Cross Extinction
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Jan 25 @ 9:23am
Jan 27 @ 3:54pm
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DarkEdge's Cross Extinction

In 1 collection by Pikkon
Eastgate Vanilla Ark
21 items
Commissioned by TheDragonQueen for use on the DarkEdgeTV Sub Servers. Open for anyone to use.

MOD ID = 1634834823

This mod adds Extinction dino spawns and items to non-extinction maps. This does NOT add Titans or Corrupted dinos, as this was build for a specific server, and they requested those not to be in. Unless they request them added, this will not change.

The extinction table allows you to craft necessary items related to Extinction. Not all resources were added, since many extinction resources are just replacements for other items.

This works on any map that uses Island, Ragnarok, Center, Aberration, or Scorched Earth spawners. Which means it will work on Aberration and Scorched Earth maps, a long with other maps that use these spawners.
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Ace Payne May 23 @ 12:26pm 
@Pikkon, is there a way to remove/disable resources from the Extinction Bench? If we disable the reources they still can be made in the Extinction Bench..
Zemaus May 22 @ 8:16am 
Anyone have a pretty accurate idea of where snow owls spawn? Ive been through most of the north without seeing one and dont know if im passing it or not.
HWS_Wolf May 19 @ 12:33am 
Corrupt dinos would be cool to have spawn but again will this work with the Cross Aberation Mod or no?
RedTitan May 18 @ 10:02pm 
could you maybe add spawns for the drops? i would enjoy that
Aeskulaph May 18 @ 4:41am 
Yeah I would love to have a mod which makes the titans spawn aswell, perhaps do it like the person below me suggested.
Cheryl May 17 @ 1:07pm 
Add the Titans and Corrupted but make them turned off by default and make it so the config option can turn stuff on/off would be great :)
Boats_21 May 16 @ 9:02pm 
Great mod!! Doesn't overload with extinction dinos. Great
123 May 15 @ 2:44pm 
How do I disable the metal/element conversion feature?
Tigg3r00 May 10 @ 3:45pm 
Can this be run with Cross Aberration on a "regular" map like Ragnarok?
Tigg3r00 May 10 @ 3:43pm 
Where is the building in the thumbnail from? Is it on a map? I'm stuck in low graphics and these images are realllly vivid.