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The Evocatus Projekt - required mods
The official and up to date mods collection for "the Evocatus Projekt" Server
All the mods included in this collection are required to join the server.

More informations :
Items (26)
Created by Not A Banana
Official support channel for Weapon Redux Pack:

This mod's aims is to bring back most if not all of the guns missing to .63 back into the game in a placeholder state, as well as some other guns from the game files that have ne...
Created by Cleetus
Build Anywhere
Current version 1.5 (07-MAY-2019)

Allows ghosts to be set anywhere for placing objects and building of components where the vanilla game normally would not. There are some limitations, for example if you cannot see the trigger p...
Created by Not A Banana
BuilderItems is a mod that allows server owners to have a much wider range of options when placing details on the map.

This is not the editor itself, but a mod to give you more options with the editor! You still need to download and use comm...
Created by Cleetus
Disable Base Destruction is a simple mod that disabled destruction of base building elements from the outside. This still allows Deconstruction from the inside.

Server Owners:
NOTE: This is required on both client and server to function. Requires equal...
Evocatus Server Tools
Created by mistaputt
Nothing fancy,
Just a server side mod for Evocatus Server. (

Useless for others....
Created by Liven
This mod aims to rebalance zombies health to be less random.

There is now différent z categories (from naked old man to full military) witch have différents health
so you can observe and choose witch z you can attack or if you sh...
Created by Dr_J0nes
This Mod brings AI Trader, Tradercitys and Safezones to DayZ!
The standard Currency is the Ruble Item. You can Buy and Sell Items at the Tradercitys or just relax at the Safezones. The standard Tradercity-Locations are at Green-Mountain and Kumyr...
Created by thurston

This mod allows you to be able to move whilst you have your inventory open!

If anyone finds any bugs or problems with it, contact me on Discord: Thurston#3469 or leave a comment!

If you also want to see what wa...
Created by Kashū カシュー
This mod fixes the inventory AND physical stacking mechanics of the MetalPlate, WoodenLog, and WoodenPlank. This fixes the problem with players exploiting into bases by stacking the items, as well as replaces all instances of these items created by choppin...
Created by OP
The goal is to bring a few items to the game to make bases feel a little more like "Home"

Lockers -
- Lockable Storage for clothing and items. Slots for bulky clothing and a weapon that you can visually see inside. You can Lock the locker wit...
Created by Jacob_Mango
This is a Community framework for DayZ SA.

One notable feature is it aims to resolve the issue of conflicting RPC type ID's and mods.

For help on using this mod in your own projects, follow this README on github the Community-Framework github [url=ht...
Custom NBC Suits
Custom NBC Suits

This Mod adds new NBC Suit Textures. That server owners can add to their servers.

Will be updating this more in the next few weeks.

Currently In:
-Full OCP NBC Suit
-Full Yellow NBC Suit
-Full Blue NBC Suit
-Black NBC...
Evocatus Billboards & Signs
Created by mistaputt

This mod adds 6 new Billboards and 3 new wood signs to the game.
It is designed to be used as a base to be extended with your own mod.

I made it in the first place to suit my needs on my server,
but then i thought it m...
Sneaky Stashes and Stuff
Created by Jest


We are proud to release Sneaky Stashes and Stuff! This mod uses current in-game models and custom ones, adding more than 30 new place able objects ranging between Base building structure...
Gold Nuggets
Created by Sni
Gold Nuggets for RP / Trader Server

ID´s :


Have Fun...
Created by Arctic.Fox 🐺
Negan's Lucille
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.. You are IT!

Content was created for GermanDayZ[] but now for all The Walking Dead Fans!


BaseballBat (S...
Code Lock
Created by Room Service
Consider joining my DayZ server! Information posted below.

This is a completely re-vamped, UI-based, Combination Lock.
When placing the lock onto a fence, a UI will appear allowing you to set a code for that fence, same goes fo...
Created by DeanosBeano
Wip Alpha 0.1

Allows for better friction on ChernarusPlus ,Cars can now really go 4x4 Offroad .

Feedback always improves everything its like Bacon
*****Updated to 1.03****
Have Fun.
What does it do ??
It enables all surfaces on Chernaru...
Evocatus Wallet
Created by mistaputt
[!] Initial release, tested but not yet bullet proof, may need some more attention, this release is mainly for test it in real conditions on my server But feel free to try it if you want.
Dark Backpack Retextures
Created by Indianawinny
The Mod
This is a simple retexture of the Taloon (Camping) and Mountain Backpack. It includes black, dark green and olive versions, 6 new backpacks in total.This mod needs to be loaded on both client and server. Any mod modifying attributes of th...
Straat CamoPack for DayZ
Add camo for multiple item in-game, please, if you have some idea for camo, just tell me...

ADD camo:
-ACU (US Army pattern developped by Darpa pattern in 2002 and since deployed)
-CBK (Darpa 1972 developped/conceptual "Black Night" camo based pattern...
Modern's Drink Pack
Created by Modern
Modern's Drinks!

Any servers can use this mod!

I will be adding more Drinks in the Future!

Current Drinks:


Created by Not A Banana

Support channel for this mod:

MoreGuns is a well named mod that attempts to increase the armory of DayZ even further than it is now, while maintaining as high of a level of quality and polish as currently ...
Created by mangokrill
This mod simply brings back player temperature from 0.62

Player body temperature is not in the current game. Heat comfort is what the current temperature indicator shows. Your heat comfort is dictated by your clothing/wetness and environment temperature...
Created by Phephe
just simple retexture to the dust mask

added a texture for the gp5 mask...