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Fluterguy's Diva Nails
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Fluterguy's Diva Nails

This mod adds a feat to allow the creation of dyeable false nails at the artisan table.

Mod ID: 1633355774

This mod is currently used in the server I play on: United Exiles IP: Port: 30015

There are currently 104 craftable items:

Diva Nails (Squared) Short, Medium, Long 8 dyeable color pattern styles
Diva Nails No Bracelet (Squared) Short, Medium, Long 8 dyeable color pattern styles
Diva Toenails (Squared) Short, Medium 8 dyeable color pattern styles
Cat Nails (Pointed) Medium, Long 8 dyeable color pattern styles
Cat Nails No Bracelet (Pointed) Medium, Long 8 dyeable color pattern styles
Cat Toenails (Pointed) Medium 8 dyeable color pattern styles

Crafting Material Requirements:
*All styles require the same materials*

5 Ivory
10 Ash
1 Oil

*Info to admins and fellow modders
All items and recipes use ID#s 23420831-23420934


Future plans include:

Male support *at the moment equipped males will show bare hands.

Changes will happen faster based on the mods popularity.

Flutterguy's Dyeable Pasties
Flutterguy's Customisable Camera
Flutterguy's Persistant Chat Window
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BadAs$ B.. Aha Dec 7 @ 3:43pm 
it was a superb mod it's a shame.
TracingMercy Dec 6 @ 2:39pm 
I'm sorry everyone, my brother is no longer working on mods. He doesnt play Conan and has a very busy life now.
I love what you've done and I have a silly request. I'm a fan of a derketo outfit, or at least parts of it. I think the bracelet and anklet would go great with your nails, specifically the cattier ones, like the long/medium. Would you be willing to add a variant with colorable anklet/bracelet/nail slots? Sabercat here on the workshop has some some weird fusions of armors/clothing pieces like what I describe and I wonder if it would be possible to fuse your nails with things like the derketo anklet and bracelets. If it is I'd love to see this in-game! Thank you, Flutterguy.~
jgnell062 Aug 21 @ 4:15pm 
Great mod, thanks.
Flutterguy  [author] Jun 20 @ 4:07pm 
@ZMD78 Hey there contacted the host for the server I played on and got the address you can log into via the server list menu. IP: Port: 30015 Hope to see you soon! <3
ZMD78 Jun 19 @ 10:03am 
@Flutterguy.. thanks :) but that server wont appear in my server search..Will keep trying thanks
Flutterguy  [author] Jun 13 @ 7:48pm 
@ZMD78 Hey there. Not sure of any other servers out there but the one I play on has it, just search United Exiles. :)
ZMD78 Jun 11 @ 12:39pm 
i cant seem to find any servers that run this mod? can anyone suggest some please
Flutterguy  [author] Jun 4 @ 4:00pm 
Hey there! I am waiting to do an update for this mod because of Fashionista is supposedly getting an update allowing multiple pieces of armor to be added at once allowing for nails to be added to hands and feet slot as well as wearing feet armor such as sandals.
kris Mar 31 @ 3:53pm 
Hey mind me asking were you ever gonna add some of the medium nails to the sandals armors? or would you mind somebody doing it for you giving you the credit?