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Lake Dumdeedumm
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Lake Dumdeedumm

Welcome to the Candy Mines! The villages of Dum, Dee and Dumm are nestled along a beautiful mountain lake.

The scenario starts with five coasters, seven flat rides, and three transport rides (chair lift, tour bus and railroad), plus a variety of shops. Employees are well trained, and paid reasonably. Logical work rosters have been created and staffed.

Rides are set to "Classic" status. There has been no crime in Lake Dumdeedumm, and all the children are above average! About 4,200 guests are in the park at the start of the scenario but... the park is losing money! This is where you come in.

Scenario objectives:
Easy - Reach a monthly profit of 7,000.
Medium - Reach a monthly profit of 10,000 for two months.
Hard - Reach a monthly profit of 20,000 for three months.

I tuned the flat rides' animation sequences. Check out their prestige ratings:

Power Moves - 893
Venetian Carousel - 979
Sun Flare - 991
Insanity - 995
Grand Carousel - 1029
Ascendance - 1029
Forge - 1130

Cash is unlimited and scenery is unlocked. Enjoy as a park or play as a scenario. The scenario is challenging. It plays differently than any scenario I've come across.

No Theme Maker Toolkit (TMT) items are used.

Overview video:

POV video of the Kaleidoscope coaster: