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change coin weight to 0.01.
Old gold coins will also improve.
Gold coins will not disappear when mod is removed.
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Grace O'Malley May 15 @ 4:53am 
Be Legendary 4x4 Lite PvP ROE
We have a 4x4 friendly Atlas server for those wishing to escape the dregs of official. Very helpful people here. Over 90 islands.
2x XP, extra xp for kills & building, 15x Harvest, 25x Tame, Hi level spawns. All engrams available other custom settings.
We have a great group of exceptional builders who have made beautiful villages. Great ship builders. Pirate companies, trades, economy and more!

No griefers. PVP must be done in ROE See Rules Of Engagement in discord:
Private discord channel made for each company. Much More.
Great building and rp mods, economy.

Mods Used:
Davy Jones
Riddick78 May 12 @ 4:47am 
4x4 The Abyss Ait by Swiss-Gamer
More info on TS: closed-section
thugash Feb 17 @ 2:50am 
Same here @Davy Jones
Grace O'Malley Feb 14 @ 4:02pm 
Same with ship resource box put coins in says reduced weight but when we return it show ship overweight even thought it lists lowered weight. If I take out all the coin and put it back in then the weight goes down on ship. Just letting you know dont want any ships sinking. but if it happens take out gold and put back in and its fine.
Necrodemus Feb 11 @ 12:33pm 
Atlasholics Anonymous
[NA] PvE & PvP (ORP) 4x4 Hx10/Tx10/B&Mx10/MODS

New Server - Active Admin 16 Grids
Hosted in Central US
Powerstones & EndBoss
Boosted Stats
Come Have a Look

Server Link Copy & Paste

Discord []

A1-A4 (PvE)
B1-B4 (PvE)
C1-C4 (PvP)
D1-D4 (PvP)

Automated Atlas
Peachy Ship Decor
Peachy Atlas Furniture
Peachy Atlas Decor
Editable Server UI (WBUI)
Cargo Box
Well and Water Pump
LC Atlas Lantern
Bookshelf - store yer goods
Gold Coin Converter
XuXiaoXian Feb 9 @ 11:01pm 
@ossiwozzy might try consider the other mod he make
Ossiwozzy Feb 1 @ 9:47am 
yeah we are having the same problem, also since we started using this mod everytime the server restarts Atlas gunpowder and fertilizer, changes to Ark Gunpowder and fertilizer and thus becomes totally useless, we are not using any other mod on the server so it has to come from this mod might want to have a look at this, we are currently considering to remove this mod from the server as its also breaking the fertilizer inside crop plots
bekador Jan 28 @ 1:29am 
When I put the gold into a ship reccource box it counts with its full weigth towards the ships load, even ehen the chest shows the lowered weight.
Cipher Jan 26 @ 2:00pm 
Thanks again it's working ;) But the coin weight is 0.04 that's cool still alot more realsitic that's for sure ;)
Cipher Jan 26 @ 10:39am 
Sweet gonna test this today ;)