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*UMC* Germany Completed
Created by Narzgel
UMC - Ultimate Mod Colection
presents: Germany Completed, a overhaul mod for German Reich.

Join us od Discord!
- post any suggestion, view work-in-progress screenshots in the #announcement section...
- Just Monika -
Created by Lucy
Just Monika from Doki Doki Literatur Club as the leader of the German Reich, deleting Nations from the world map....
all sounds are cgeyl
Created by cgeyl
I just replaced all the non-music sounds with recordings of me making those sounds. Since I recorded them like a year ago before Waking the Tiger came out I didn't do the new audio layer thing which was introduced then.

Now some of you might be saying, ...
Country Colour Changer Tool
Created by Cherios
A little tool that appears at the start of the game, as well as in the country laws menu, that will allow you to change your country to a preset colour.

I originally made this tool for my other mod, Greater Possibilites: Blood & Soil, but thought it was...
Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod
Created by Ted52
Discord: https://discord.gg/Mks846T

Initially upload on 7 July 2016 and updated to a merged version on 25 May 2019, Millennium Dawn is the ultimate union of all modern day modding projects for Hearts of Iron IV, uniting the efforts of Millennium Dawn Cl...
Modern Day 4
Created by ModernDay 4 Mod
This mod is merging with millenium dawn, If you'd like to stay up to date with any news related to the mod or would like to join our dev team join our Discord[discord.gg]

Created by DRAFT
Перекрась мир в свои цвета
Я уверен, что почти каждый из вас хотел бы иметь возможность свободно управлять цветом своей страны. Может быть он зависел от ваших политических предпочтений, может быть от на...
The New Era
Created by MrParatrooper

The mod is at current stage unfortunately only in Russian, but do not worry we are working hard to translate the mod and will not disappoint our fans from th...
Created by pranksi
Toolpack is no longer completely dead!
Compatible Game Version: Any Version from 1.7

Special thanks to:
- Dimitrus for the Russian translation
- Kellerbaron for the German translation
- Edward Vostok Dimitri[/i
Die Luftwaffe
Created by ADLER
Adds Luftwaffe historic aircraft builds & Luftwaffe Divisions to the game with unique skins & stats. (1.7+ Hydra

Recomended for use with my DIE KRIEGSMARINE MOD[/url...
#EN language girls und panzer country mod beta
Created by 偌羽
This is a beta version, which means that events are not translated. However, I finished the focus tree and it may be playable in English. To be honest, I am not confident whether I will finish the events part someday. So if anyone is interested in doing th...
𝕯𝖆𝖎𝖙𝖊𝖎𝖐𝖔𝖐𝖚 - 𝕲𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖙 𝕰𝖒𝖕𝖎𝖗𝖊 [1.7.1]
Created by 🖤 Fürstin~
[img]https://i.imgur.com/fVVaDCS.gif[/img]            ...if you like the Mod~ Thank you

𝕯𝖆𝖎𝖙𝖊𝖎𝖐𝖔𝖐𝖚 - 𝕲𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖙 𝕰𝖒𝖕𝖎𝖗𝖊

⠀     Total done: ~70% (in progress)
⠀     Im working with this Mod alone, and in my freetime, so it wi...
#girls und panzer country mod
Created by 偌羽



*UMC* Compatibility Mod
Created by Narzgel
Use this mod when using at least one UMC mod!


UMC - Ultimate Mod Colection

Join us od Discord!
- please do not add me on...
*UMC* Generic Completed
Created by Narzgel
UMC - Ultimate Mod Colection
presents: Generic Rework, a overhaul mod for Generic nations.

Join us od Discord!

- New focus tree: You don't SAY NARZGEL?
Generic na...
++Easybuff - Kaiserreich
Created by MrBlazzar™
Requires the original Easybuff mod to be active.

This edits a few of the files in the original Easybuff mod to have it work for the Kaiserreich ideologies/factions instead of vanilla ideologies/factions.

In order to get this done I had to split the F...
Created by Inkit
+Easy Buff [1.7.*]

Update 190605. Update for 1.7

Github: <https://github.com/inkitter/HOI4_mod/tree/master/_Inkitmod/Easybuff>

# Features:
* For Single Players (Useable in Muti when others use this mod).
* No steam...
-Fuhrerreich- Slavs Expanded
Created by bratspeed4k
The Timeline

Czechoslovakia was proclaimed on the Versailles Conference in 1919, by the decision of the Entente powers. It obtained the lands of Czechia, Slovakia, Sorbia and southern Silesia. Due to various events in the Polish-Bolshevik War ...
-Operation Overhaul-
Created by Lavo

Our Discord server can be accessed here.[discord.gg]

Additionally, the mod is only avaliable in English at this time....
-RGFX- Improved Battle Plans
Created by Kryo
Revolutionary GFX: Improved Battle Plans

- Transparent battle plan textures (You'll finally be able to see rivers beneath all those frontlines)
- Gets rid of the white artefacts around the edges of the vanilla frontlines and fallback lines
-RGFX- White Map Font
Created by Kryo
Revolutionary GFX: White Map Font

Works with all languages.

Can be used together with any of the RGFX mods.


Ironman/Achievement compatible & Multiplayer friendly (doesn't change checksum) [...
000Millennium reskin
Created by PacificKempeitai
Ironman Compatible
  • !IMPORTANT! This Mod Do Not Change Any Files Except The Models, The Issue About Britsh And Polish Are Unsolvable. Sry for that
  • Infantry reskin
[Discontinued] 1942 : The Turning Point
Created by Philippe - Dimitri
This mod adds the possibility to start in 1942.
The Soviets are weakened and the Germans are moving forward to Stalingrad.
I tryed to make it as realistic as possible, the atlantic wall, the battle of El Alamein, the Leningrad siege...

The AI is def...
50 Construction Slots
Created by MrBlazzar™
This mod makes the maximum number of building slots in a state 50 instead of 25.

It also makes it so you can build 40 of a factory instead of just 20. Also I doubled the amount of starting slots for each state type. So cities use to be 6 now they are 12...
50 Construction Slots - Black ICE
Created by MrBlazzar™
Note: This and the normal version for the BlackICE mod have been abandoned due to time requires to constantly update them and the fact that BICE already has 45 construction slots.

This mod makes the maximum number of building slots in a state 50 ...
50 Construction Slots - Kaiserreich
Created by MrBlazzar™
A version of this Mod for Kaiserreich.

Check out my other mods

If you like the mod don't forget...
50 Construction Slots - OWB
Created by MrBlazzar™
A version of this Mod for Old World Blues.

Check out my other mods

If you like the mod don't fo...
50 Unit Corps Limit
Created by UnnecessaryEnemy17

Ever felt that 24 is too few units? Here is the mod for you, increasing it to a grand 50 divisions per corps (general).
Field Marshals now can also handle the 50, otherwise everything else is unchanged.
Suggestions welcome :)...
7 Hour War [ Half Life 2]
Mod is in the process building


This is my second one modification.


- New Ideology "Combine"
- New Flags,Leader ( Combine Ideology and Rebel )
- Events
- Cha...
Bitter Peace - New World Order
Created by Peacekeeper
All images of symbols of organizations and structures of Nazi Germany and its Allied Axis States of 1933-1945 used in Bitter Peace, have a historical and informational character, are part of history or historical...
A Flag Mod: Kaiserreich
Created by OmegaInvictus
A Flag Mod: Kaiserreich

Welcome to A Flag Mod: Kaiserreich. This is a mod intended to change some of the flags in the popular mod Kaiserreich.

A Warning ...
A Turkish Improvement Mod
Created by Bugra Basgan
A small mod which adds leaders fixes the resarch tree and 1.5 DLC Ottoman Empire Creation progress.

Gençler selam ben Buğra Başgan !

Youtube serisi için hazırladığım Türkiye Modunu İstek Üzerine Steam Workshop Yüklemeye karar verdim.

Mod oyuna yen...
Acme Iron Hearts Corp - Overhaul
Created by Synarix
warning: This mod is performance intensive. There are in-game decisions (fired on game-start) to disable nation bonuses. This will make it easier for weaker PCs! These options are not toggleable (for now) and will disable nation-boosting permanently...
Add Technologies
Created by Tnoji
Add technology until 1964


If you use this mod you can not acquire Achievements.
Add USSR Generals
Created by Count Tyme

This mod adds 50+ full color Russian/Soviet generals.

Compatibility: This mod is controlled by event therefore compatible with almost any mod.

Event fires in the first month of the game.

Similar Mods:...
Created by Count Tyme

This is a reboot [updated to 1.6.1] of the popular mod by C8555 that adds 100+ German generals. Event fires in the 1st month of the game.

Compatibility: This mod is now controlled by event ther...
Alternate Flags (Ironman compatible)
Created by ScottDaDott

I didn't like how generic a lot of the communist and fascist flags are so I made this mod to add a bit more flavour to a fascist or communist play through....
Allied Construction Projects
Created by Chondrite
Compatible with 1.7

This mod allows you to construct state level buildings on an allied country's territory. This costs political power and is slower than constructing buildings normally. You use it by requesting requesting a construction permi...
All Hail Britannia: (On Indefinite Hiatus)
Created by DivinumArbores
The mod is henceforth on an indefinite hiatus due to personal reasons. I will continue to support it, so it does not break each update. I won't be doing anything other than that for now. Apologies.

A sma...
Alternative Leader - 𝕮𝖆𝖗𝖔𝖑 𝕶𝖎𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖌 [Daiteikoku Mod][Outdated][Update soon]
Created by 🖤 Fürstin~
𝕮𝖆𝖗𝖔𝖑 𝕶𝖎𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖌

This mod replaces all possible Leaders of Gamerica(USA).
(shes also integrated in the main mod, this is just an replacer for all leader characters)

[img] https://i.imgur.com/VkzLK1c.jpg [/img]
(ive added her in the ma...
Alternative Leader - 𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖑𝖔𝖙𝖙𝖊 𝕻𝖆𝖗𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖞 [Daiteikoku Mod][Outdated]
Created by 🖤 Fürstin~
𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖑𝖔𝖙𝖙𝖊 𝕻𝖆𝖗𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖞, 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝖋𝖔𝖚𝖗𝖙𝖍 𝖉𝖆𝖚𝖌𝖍𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝖔𝖋 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕱𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖊𝖗 𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖔𝖋 𝕺’𝖋𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖈𝖊 𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖉𝖔𝖒.

This mod replaces all possible Leaders of O’france.

(ive added her in the main mod as Leader for Conservative...
Always War Mod (raw)
Created by Akwamemista
Always War Mod

Mod adds only 1 event. If you want to play with total war from start, download it:

Mod is fully compatible with other mods.

Non-agression pacts doe...
American Focus Rework
Created by Mr Tsubodai
(shameless plug)
Check out some other National Focus Projects of Mine:
Soviet Focus Rework: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=833228235
German Focus Rework: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1125715353
Always War Mod [OBSOLETE]
Created by Akwamemista
Always War Mod

New update made AI much more agressive, so now game will be more dynamic.

Now, all coutries have war with their neighbours at the start of the game.

Mod isn't compatible with most of other mods, which change history file. If you wan...
Created by Sanchos004

Author lost motivation to update this mod.
Or no?

Mod released! Version 1.7

This mod adds four anime countries.

Animeland - neutral country, in which you can choose any path. Your main target as eithe...
Afrika Korps
Created by Doruk
A Mod That Replicates WW2 African Camping Historically Much As Possible.
Currently Alpha.
-Addition to German Focus Tree
-New Historical Division Templates
-Unser Rommel Music
-Afrika Korps Unit Model
##Future Plans##
Advanced Difficulty Settings
Created by Chondrite
Compatible with 1.7

This is a difficulty customisation interface that gives you various ways to buff the AI. How is it different from the vanilla difficulty settings?
  • You can change these settings any any point during yo
Adorable heart-English
Created by 世羽
#anime mod
Adorable heart' is created by 世羽 from China,and this mod has combined the Japanese anime ,comics ,gal games and light fiction‘s characters and storylines with the world‘s historical facts which is existed in the original works.
This mod...
50 Construction Slots - The Great War
Created by MrBlazzar™
A version of this Mod for The Great War

Check out my other mods

If you like the mod don't forge...
Adorable heart
Created by 世羽
【Adorable heart(钢铁萌心)介绍】


 ☆ * .  ☆
  . ∧_∧ ∩ * ☆
* ☆ ( ・∀・)/ .
 . ⊂   ノ* ☆
☆ * (つ ノ .☆


Apocalypse The Second World War Soundtrack
Created by NEKOkan_HLM
Apocalypse The Second World War Soundtrack from the National Geographic documentary series.

Music Composer: Kenji Kawai

01 Apocalypse
02 Shoah
03 The Trap
04 Farewell To Peace
05 The Attack
06 Neutral Theme
07 Farewell To Peace(...
Apres Moi Le Deluge
Created by General Runtime
Après Moi, Le Déluge

Today marks the 70th year since the outbreak of the Republican Revolutions.

The Continental System established by Emperor Napoleon weathered the storm, battered but victorious. The malcontents of the world licked their w...
Armoured Soldiers
Created by Skykip
This mod introduces a new type of unit for your army: the armoured infantry.


-A new unit type, armoured infantry.
-3 Tiers of a new equipment type, infantry armour, which is necessary for recruiting these soldiers.
-3 New technologies in ...
ARS:A Random Story
Created by N0v0uT
(Want to add or remove something from the mod? Enter the discord and talk directly to the developer: https://discord.gg/km8SwVm)

(This mod is officially dead, all mod files can be used freely by other developers) -Novout (Owner)

SoundTrack: https://s...
Atlantis Mu Lemuria
Created by Thursasprengir
NEW VERSION HERE: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1457520560

NOTE: A team is being put together to resurrect this mod... more news in the future!

Do you remember Occultis Orbis Terrestre (OOT) from EUIV? This mod is an extentio...
Asian Anniversary
Created by Chetson
These are four new generic political leader portraits for Asian countries, meant to expand upon the one offered in the Anniversary Pack.

Portraits based on:
V. K. Wellington Koo, Republic of China politician and diplomat (1888-1985).
Chen Bingkun, Old...
Axis Occupation Overhaul
Created by esmaerla

This mod is a Work in Progress mod based on a possible Axis Victory and the resulting territorial divisions.

This mod aims to let the player recreate the Reichskommisariats (Integrated zones with limited aut...
Balkan Powder Keg: Yugoslavia Nations Expansion
Created by Anime Путин

Balkan Powder Keg is a new user created expansion for Hearts of Iron IV. It expands upon the existing nations that were releasable under Yugoslavia and ...
Battle Royale
Created by Ra'zac
Battle Royale v3.0.7

Welcome to Battle Royale! In this mod, countries will repeatedly declare war on and annex their weakest neighbors until only one remains! You can choose when to begin the chaos, to give yourself time to prepare.

Once the battle r...
Beautiful States
Created by Gerrade
This mod update cycle is random. if you want slower update, checkout monthly version
> Click Me <

Makes states Better, More, Fix
Perfect for OC...
Beta Factory Icons
Created by redleslie50
A simple mod which replaces the icons of buildings. The icons were found in the game files next to beta-stage pictures so i presume these are from the beta as well.

It is Ironman compatible

Belarus Extended Mod - Millennium Dawn
Created by a124kun
This is a submod for Millennium Dawn mod focusing on Belarus.

I'm also planning on publishing the same mod for vanilla game, but later (i...
Beautiful Tech Tree: Millennium Dawn
Created by MajesticLemmings
Welcome to Beautiful Technology Tree: Millennium Dawn!
For the last year, Beautiful Technology Tree has been in the works. I've spent possibly countless hours, or somewhere in the hundreds of ...
Better German Puppets
Created by ClydeFrosch
BETA 1.7.1

This mod makes some puppeted countrys to a Reichsprotektorat, Reichskommissariat, Reichland or Reichsgau (depends on autonomy).


Soviet Union --> Reichskommissariat Moskowien
Mongolia --> Reichsprotekto
Better Map Mod (deceased)
Created by Narcisstic Scissors

This Mod (among other things) makes it possible to recreate the borders of the German Empire as Germany, or properly reshape Europe after the Great Patriotic War as the U.S.S.R. This also allows you to fully Spl...
Better Post-War Europe
Created by Skelsa



Since Paradox is unable to give us proper post-war borders/states of Europe even one ye...
Better States
Created by justcheat67
Welcome to Better States!

Better States is a mod that gives you greater territorial possibilities in Europe and the Balkans - it is now possible to recreate the borders of 1914. And even further:

- added Nancy, Western Belgium and Ostfriesland to all...
Bicycles for everyone (1.7)
Created by Legendarymarvin
Adds a decision for everyone to get the (formerly) Japan-exclusive Bicycle-Unit.
The AI will not take the decision.
You need support equipment researched to be able to use bicycle battalions....
BlackICE Event-GFX
Created by maverick
Updated for v4.*.*
With Hydra 1.7.*

Event-GFX files for Blackice
New-event GFX added for Blackice

This mod enhances the event-gfx for Blackice Historical Immersion Mod.
Larger pictures.

Errors, CTD's, problems etc report to the main Blackic
British Overhaul - Colonial Update
Created by Natto
Do you also find the effort put into the vanilla British tree absolutely shameful, for one of WW2's 'big three'?

Excellent! British Overhaul is a mod intended to rebuild the experience of playing as Britain from the ground up, with considerations to hi...
Chaos AI
Created by Mechano
Have you ever thought, "damn, I wish the World War 2 was even more chaotic and had an even higher death toll!"...
Then this mod is for you! Millenium Chaos adds detailed scripts to cause wars all over the map, as well as allowing the AI to justif...
Chef Mussolini
Created by Sawbora
From the people who put Hirohito on a diet, comes the mod that puts il Duce in some traditional italian garments, and gives him the appropriate facial hair. Check out my [url=http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071435358/myworkshopfiles/?appid=39436...
Chihiro in The House - Old World Blues submod
Created by Anna Graem
A simple mod that replaces Mr. House with Alter Ego....
Code Geass 1936
Created by Mat
Dark times are coming. In Europe, France prepare a major war of unification against the League of the Three Emperors. Japan and New Zealand prevent Britannia's Pacific Supremacy, and the Bolivarian United Front resist in South America. China raises and men...
Code Geass: One Britannia (WIP)
Created by Nikorasu-chan
--------------------------------------------Welcome Fellow Geass Users!-----------------------------------------------

Code Geass: One Britannia - Beta 1.0.0...
Coloured Buttons
Created by Gundahar
Colours the important buttons in the main UI and some others. Prevents miss clicks and vitalizes the somewhat plain UI.


● Works with Ironman & multiplayer

● Should work with all other mods that dont change these specific but...
Competitive Multiplayer
Created by amynase
*** New Pacific Scenario Released! ***

Do you ever want to play a perfectly balanced Multiplayer Match of HOI4?
Ever want to host a world championship to find out which player is the most skilled?
Then this mod is right for you!

The mod creates two...
Continents are Countries
Created by Choo_Choo_Oreo
This isnt no basic Continents becoming countries, No, no, no. I added some flavor and debuff you can get ride of through political desions. You can release sub-continents for buffer states or puppets to stop the scum bags from the other continents from dic...
Coring States
Created by CrouchingLemur
Coring States
Mod version: 1.0.2
Mod state: Complete, crashes for some people, no known reason

Short description
Tired of having so many non-core states? Want to use all that manpower, building slots? Then this mod is ...
Coring Button
Created by Discoaster

Welcome to the Coring Button mod

This simple mod allows you coring conquered states using newly added scripted GUIs mechanic.
You can use this option on the provinces taken dur...
Deutsches Reich
Created by RoccatRene
This mod is supporting the historical atmosphere of the German campaign with realistic imagery and background music.

It contains new wallpapers as well as realistic names of newspapers.
In addition genuine scenes from the "Deutsche Wochenschau" (Germ...
Dynamic country colours
Created by Jaeugh
If you hate fascist Russia with red soviet color...

This mod changes country colour when it changing government via cosmetic tags. Most of majors changing their colour being democratic/neutral, fascist and communist.

Country list
This count...
Expanded Technology + Industry + Equipment
Created by Greatexperiment
Good Evening!

This is my old technology mod, and the original core of Road to 56. These days it is kept as a stand-alone for those who want to use it, but otherwise is now included in R56.


Expanded Vanilla + 1933
Created by ian.khadal
Expanded Vanilla is an HOI4 mod (seriously?) that intends to extends the timeline and also (WIP tough) to globally expand the HOI4 experience with various historical events and focus trees.

Version : Alpha 0.8.d "Indigo"
German March Collection
Created by Isaacasm

This mod compiles a variety (83) of marching songs from throughout the history of Germany, and brings them straight into your game- with full english localisation, for ...
Heart of anime (动漫雄心)V3.0
Created by ku111[Верный]

Created by FE AR
In the far north of Alaska and western Canada is the country of Hundland, a country run entirely by dogs. How did they get there? How did they set up a government and an industrial base in the frozen north? These questions will never be answered.

Jozef's Pip-Boy E2 UI Mod
Created by Jozef
Say, has the word gone around? Well, it's true. You wouldn't be here otherwise, would you? Yes, it's the one and only RobCo Pip-Boy E² that holds the nation in its grip!

The RobCo Pip-Boy E², Executive Edition, gives you the ability to efficiently admin...
Make Peace, Not War - MD Compatiblity Version
Created by Skelsa

This version of "Make Peace, Not War" is for Millenium Dawn. You don't need the original version of "MPNW" and this version will get updated sporadically to receive the changes of the main mod.

What's different with t...
Millennium Dawn: Alternate Style Reborn
Created by Gubra Lagima
Changes country colors in Millennium Dawn. Working with May 2019 update. Screenshots are outdated...
Ming Empire 1937
Created by Cемнадцать
[IMG]https://steamusercontent-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/921422926064354355/9713F7B575E49B8421ECC41ED3101A8841E4F942/[/img] ↑↑↑ If u like this mod Rate and Favourite PLZ !WISH U HAVE A NICE DAY

It is mainly about what people in the Ming Dynasty wore in...
Neutrality +
Created by Skippy
Version: 1.1
New States for German Expansion
Created by hanzuslongus
This mod changes the shape of some states that were historically annexed by Germany during WW2 (western polish states) so it looks more like on the map, and much more.

Unfortunately, this mod is most likely not compatible with any mod that changes stat...
No Division Limit
Created by Instinct

No division limit for the latest patch 1.5 CORNFLAKES

Video of the mod in action from a HOI4 Youtuber

It's just like what it was before the
Osterreich Reich - What if Austria unified Germany
Created by Wawrip
Welcome in Osterreich Reich! The mod which answers the question "What if Austria unified Germany?"

<Mod isn't complete, I need people who could add new music, new loading and menu photos and National Focuses for Germany, Prussia, Poland, Hungary, Romani...
Player-Led Peace Conferences
Created by Neutrino
Currently supports patch 1.7.0 and above but will work just fine on previous versions.

This mod gives players full and direct control of peace conference proceedings in wars they are involved in.

IMPORTANT: You may need to press "Pass" a couple of t...
Red World Music
Created by Kaiser1871
The official music submod for Red World. More songs will always be added....
ScarletRomania - Touhou Mod
Created by IHP2-77
Wanna play Hearts of Iron 4 as Remilia Scarlet? Then this is the mod for you! Features include:

- Dedicated National Focus Tree comprising of 62 focuses
- Commanders and ideas from the Scarlet Devil Mansion
- Names for surface ships such as "NMS Cranb...
Scorched-earth defence
Created by Micteca
For English
Although this MOD is Japanese, since sentences are few, I think that there is no hindrance to playing.
This MOD makes it possible to remove and destroy buildings, and to be able to perform scorched earth tactics.

Strike Panzer (Anime)
Created by MasterDrew89
Hello all. This is a mod that was originally created by Kyuu but was abandoned due to time restrictions. After the mod was taken down by Kyuu i asked Kyuu permission if i could continue the project. With his approval I started working. I removed some of...
The New World (currently outdated)
Created by Wuggabun
This is a mod about alternative world.
The music used in this mod are:
Awesomenauts - Gnaw Killing Spree Theme
Awesomenauts - Gnariachi Killing Spree Theme
Kirbys Dreamland Theme
DuckTales Remastered Theme...
The Portrait of Generalissimo Chiang
Created by Portrochen
The mod is a portrait of Chiang Kai-shek, the Generalissimo of Chinese Armed Forces during WWII, who later became the first President of the Republic of China.

Due to gfx change only, the mod is ironman compatible....
Touhou Project mod
Created by ❤TohruChan❤
Touhou Project (東方Project) mod.

Mod version 0.1
Updated GUI.

In future:
Touhou portraits and names for leaders.
Touhou music.
And maybe something else.

Thanks for subscribing.

WW's Buttons+
Created by Wunderwaffle
WW's Buttons+

Replaces the default toolbar buttons.


Achievement & Ironman & Multiplayer Compatible - Cornflakes v1.5

[Touhou project mod] Remnants of the Apocalypse
Created by Nc
A touhou overhaul(東方) mod for HOI4.
English localisation will be in consideration until it's almost completed.
The details are in Chinese for now....
[Discontinued] Battlesound - Sound Modification
Created by Røde
Ironman & Multiplayer Compatible! (Does NOT change checksum)

A pretty sweet sound mod yeah?

Compatability Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1182633909

A new modern combat sound mod has been merged into Modern Day 4: ht...
Zero Two-Japan
Created by GervantSF
This mod is for Darling in the FranXX fans who want to have Zero Two as a Japanese leader
Leave suggestions for character and country and I will hopefully add them
Youtube Player
Created by Cherios
Reworks the in-game web browser to be smaller and less 'in the way'.

Also adds a button in the bottom right that opens up the web browser to Youtube.

Known Issues:

Cannot use youtube settings button, so you're stuck at default quality. (Though giv...
Yukari voice
Created by Kyrie
Youjo Senki | Redux
Created by Omry
Youjo Senki | Redux

A year ago I've uploaded a mod called Youjo Senki V1.
The mod was a great success reaching almost 2k subscribers, but because I worked alone I've lost all motivation almost immediately after release.

Now, a year ...
WW's Map+
Created by Wunderwaffle
Map+ v3 features
  • New terrain texture
  • Less unit icon grouping
  • Continental color tint removed
  • Wide gradient borders trimmed down
  • No fog
  • Naval/Air mode border recoloring
  • VP names
WW's German Icons+ WW1
Created by Wunderwaffle
German WW1 themed command flags and standards

Unnecessary large amount of icons for the German Empire.


For German WW2 themed command flags and standards, go to:
World War Hold 'em
Created by taytay
Have you ever thought that Hearts of Iron IV is missing something crucial but can't figure what exactly that is? Well, think no more because everything you ever asked is in this mod! You will finally have the complete Hearts of Iron IV experience that you ...
Winter Wars: A Scandinavian Expansion
Created by Elfangor567
Compilation Mod: Season Pass

*NOTE* - I will be in Africa for the Peace Corps until 2022. I will do my best to ensure that updates will eventually happen, but please be for
What if the Teutonic Order reformed in 1936?
Created by Poxteria
After Hitler rose to power, a group of benefacto Christians, who were dissatisfied with Hitler's ideals, decided to try to return some of the Teutonic Order's material possessions back under their sphere of influence. Whether it be by the grace of god, or ...
What if BORDER GOREEE won WW1?
Created by frühlover88
PSA: Does not need update! Works fine in 1.5.2!
Have you ever wanted to hurt yourself even more while playing Hearts of Iron IV?


Anyway now you can by using this mod!

It gives every state to a random country, and gives each country a random i...
White Peace Extended
Created by Tetori
Ever get disappointed that you can't offer a white peace to an AI while stuck in a stalemate? Now you can!

This mod allows you to start a peace negotiation with all the enemies that you're currently at war with to request a white peace.

When enterin...
Welt Reich
Created by Farage

--What is this?--
This is an Alternate History mod, Set in the year 1960 where Hitler has won WW2.
The mod is in a very, very early alhpa, to the point where it isn't even playable yet (not th...
Warped Portraits
Created by JtheStar
I edited almost every single portrait in the game.
If i missed any please tell me which ones i missed!...
War of the continents
All nations are playable.
NOTE: flags are glitchy
When starting the game, ignore the errors that pop up. Those will be fixed later.

If you pick 1936, you get to have the middle east in the game as a country, but if you pick 1939, you get tons of polit...
Vive L'Empire - An Alternate History
Created by Leldy
Version 0.1.05


Welcome to our mod, Vive L’Empire. Vive L’Empire is a new alternate history mod th...
Victoria 2.5 (Merged with Dawn of Revolution)
Created by Emperor Scorpio
This mod is now merged with Dawn of Revolution:


The mod team's discord server is here:

VDV Guy for the USSR
Created by Lew
Mod includes :

+ USSR gains Alexander Buinov as a General
+ USSR gains Random Ukrainian VDV Army Ad Guy as a General
+ Music

Vanilla: Fixed+ (DISCONTINUED)
Created by Dziurkacz

Despite the great effort put into the development of Hearts of Iron IV, many things still need improvements. This mod is designed to complement gaps, errors, perform delicate balance improvements and improve ...
Vaterland - Restoration of Austria-Hungary
Created by sarahfawks
Vaterland - Restoration of Austria-Hungary

Millenium Dawn - Submod
Version 3.1

Update 3

> Reworked Military Focuses for Germany
> Rebalanced AI chances to accept or refuse returning territory
> Removed Econom...
Unlimited Ideologies
Created by CommanderCapra
Removes the limits placed on each ideology and allows all ideologies to be boosted by any country.

Important Changes:
Fascists can force change government
Neutral can actually do things
Democratic and neutral can justify war and get better trade, eco...
USSR Reworked
Created by LunatheCatte
[IMG] https://i.imgur.com/CfFRLwI.png [/img]
The Mod
This mod Completely reworks the Soviet Union and gives it a brand new focus tree, because i thought the old focus tree was a bit lacking, also the mod adds some new releaseble...
Unique Leaders & Portraits
Created by 󠀡Starkchaser
Basic Overview
This is 'Unique Leaders & Portraits', a mod where we aim to remove the need for generic portraits and randomized leaders by adding leaders for all ideologies for every country. We also plan to add generals/field marshals to all c...
UES Unbuildble Cornflakes
Created by CrystalDev
Edited Cornflakes update. Changed Easter Island a bit...
Ultimate Expanded States Cornflakes Patch
Created by CrystalDev
As Cifotis and MrLukeNL are no longer maintaining the original UES, I've decided to at least make this mod work in Cornflakes.

I've also fixed the lakes and added more impassable states while I was at it. Fighting in Siberia is much more realistic.

Tsarevich of Russia
Created by Collins
Updated to no longer complain about game version 1.5.4

Are you tired of those darn commies? Want to play as a strong country that has a monarchy? Do you want to see some non-aligned action? You've come to the right place.

In a nutshell:
Tsarevich of...
TrueLeader 1.4.4
Created by ❱ XoixDE ❰
This is the TrueLeader-mod version 1.4.4 !
Version 1.1.0 - Changelog
A certain in-development HOI Mod
Created by Snozzy

Eventual total-conversion-ish mod based off the Toaru series (A Certain Magical Index / A Certain Scientific Railgun)

To do list:

Custom states ✅ (Vatican and Academy City added)
Times of Peace
Created by RookieCookieNamNam
Times of Peace: A peacetime rework

Are you annoyed that after a world war, every nation is mass producing military equipment instead of restructuring their industry to rebuild their nation?
Do you dislike the fact that nobody is demobilizin...
Created by Yard1
Had some fun with Scripted GUIs.

Fully functional singleplayer Tic-Tac-Toe game with an AI opponent (original Python code by Al Sweigart). To play, click the added button near the time speed control.

Should be compatible with any mod, as no files are...
The War in the East
Created by amynase
This is a Singleplayer Mod that focuses entirely on the Eastern Front of WW2, the rest of the world is blank.

Players are only supposed to play as Germany, the Soviet Union gets VERY op buffs so it offers some real resistance to the player, this is inte...
The Swedish Stormakt
Created by WalleBalle

Stormakt is Swedish for "Great Power". The word usually refers to the era when Sweden was a major player in Europe from the 17th to 18th century.

The intention of the mod is to appeal to people interested in this period of history...
The Road to 56
Created by Greatexperiment
Good Afternoon!

Road to 56 is a frankenstein of mods that has been riveted together for your convenience and pleasure. Here are the lovely deta...
The Rise of Rome
Created by CaS35


The Rise of Rome is a unique mod for Hearts of Iron IV which primarily focusses on historical accuracy rather than fiction. The year is 250 BC. Vast empires all...
The Eternal War
Created by Admiral Fiddle
Inspired by 1984 and The Road, The Eternal War presents a bleak dystopian future following a devastating nuclear war.

As their nation-states collapsed around them, the old world governments panicked and did the only thing they could. They retaliated. I...
SyndieNapoleon's Permanent Night Map GFX [1.7]
Created by SyndieNapoleon
Does all the same things as the original mod, except now that dark night is permanent, 24/7, giving a crazy apocalyptic vibe. Updated for 1.7.

I was not able to remove the moons blue glow so i suggest playing without the day/night cycle enabled.

SyndieNapoleon's Dark & Gloomy GFX [1.7]
Created by SyndieNapoleon
This mod changes the political map to be somewhat less cartoonish, and changes night time to actually look dark, instead of the vibrant blue tinge it is in vanilla.

In the far away view, the colour pallete of all countries is now less vibrant and more ...
Supreme Council v2
Supreme Council is a non-intrusive cheat/tweak mod. It only helps the player and not the AI!
It adds over-powered units that uses special techs and equipment, creates a building that adds resources to your territories and also includes some bonus toys thr...
Super Government-Military Staff-Research and Production
Created by Watterzold
Use this mod with at least one of the other "super" mod. This mod alone doesn't do anything.
For now the only updated mod is Super Germany. Soon the others.

This mod simply give you a huge buff to the advisors, army chief etc......
Super Germany
Created by Watterzold
Dont use the Continuous National Focus called "NAVAL PRODUCTION" or your production of ships become negative.

You have to research at least one type of ship because the production cost (-99%) work. For example, when you start a game you need to re
Subjects of the Reich
Created by bashar

"User discretion is advised"

Main Features:
* Choose your führer-event: Traditional Hitler, Occult Himmler, Valkist Dressler or Socialist Strasser!
Unique flag and traits for each führer. (Will fire in the beginning of 1937. ...
Subjects of the Kaiserin
Created by bashar

NOTE: This mod is for playing Germany and taking the focus "Oppose Hitler" and then the monarchy path.
NOTE: After the "Return of the Kaiser" event you can now choose which leader to get Wilhelm II, Wilhelm III or Victoria III...
Steel Method
Created by Makord

"Steel Method" - is a global modification, which will immerse you in a completely diff...
Strategic View Adjustments
Created by Chondrite
Compatible with 1.7

This mod adjusts various parts of the UI to make assessing and organizing your forces easier.

For an achievement compatible and a more multiplayer friendly version [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sh
State Transfer Tool
Created by Dziurkacz


Tired of using console to fix some borders? Maybe you just finished great ironman game and want to change some ugly bordergore? This mod is for you!

SS-Division icon
Created by ZhugeCunfu
Add 6 additonal army icons for Nazi SS.Division.

List below:

1st SS-Panzer-Division L.A.H
2nd SS-Panzer-Division Das Reich
3rd SS-Panzer-Division Totenkopf
5th SS-Panzer-Division Viking
12th SS-Panzer Division Hitler youth

Update L...
State Coring Tool
Created by pranksi
If you are interested in similar "sandbox" tools, go to this site for a mod filled with tons of possibilities!

Multiplayer version:
Spanish civil war customizer
Created by rightnight0102
This MOD is customizing for ai Spanish Civil War(SCW).
There are three settings at Setting Events (1936 Jan.).
First , SCW happens or NOT.
Second , SCW timing.
Third , strongth of Spain’s two political factions.

If you ignore setting events , select...
Soviet Military Songs
Created by AbS
More than 3 hours of soviet pre-WWII, wartime and post-war marches. Music configured for playing since it's creation year, so don't expect Katyusha before 1938. Sorted for war-time and peace. Playing only for comminist-governed nations. Ironman compatible....
Songs of the Soviet Union
Created by Americon
This mod adds additional Historical music to the Soviet Union.
It won't overwrite existing music in the game, and is Ironman Compatible

*these songs are best enjoyed while drinking vodka*

Current Song List :

-Anthem of the Sovi...
Soviet Army
Created by Karl Nicolussi-Leck
Soviet Army



Simple Non-Aligned Fix
Created by Mainulainen

Are you annoyed that your favourite monarchist system (which let's be honest is terribl...
Señor Hilter Expanded
Created by WalleBalle


I was excited about the new easter egg until I learned it was bugged and otherwise unintuitive.

So I set out to make a mod that simplifies the process and actually makes i...
Roman Empire: Resurgence
Created by RedComet
When Mussolini first came to power just a few short years ago, many thought he would reign supreme. They were mistaken: in 1934, a rebellion broke out in the city of Rome, and rapidly spread thought southern Italy, Malta, the Dardanelles and Tripoli. In 19...
Saber Wars
Created by Kumiko
NOT Ironman compatible, though it doesn't affect gameplay. My guess is that the history files break the mod, but I had to change those if I wanted to change the leader's name. Oh well.

Lily is Chamberlain, regular is Churchill, Mordred is Mosley (fascis...
Rise of Slavia
Created by Lew

Unlike in our Timeline, Poland doesn't stop fighting the Soviets after the Battle of Warsaw. Poland decides to help Kolchak and the Southwestern White Russian Armed Forces during the Russian Civilwar. With this Action, the White Czechoslovakia...
Rise of Evil 1923: Reuploaded
Created by KLUCK
Rise of Evil is an older mod that was originally on the steam workshop but has been thus been removed. I found the english version of the files and reuploaded them. Just here to make people happy

Credits to Zeder for og mod
Thank you Mr.Blazzee for fix...
Reverse World! (No longer Maintained)
Created by A Cornelis?
1.4.2 - Is likely to work even if it says it's outdated.

What does the mod do?
The title describes it pritty well, Everything is upside down!

You can play with this mod as you would normally...
Azunyan Reich
Created by Kimochi
The K-Ons have assumed control of the Third Reich.

Between ethnic cleansing, SS enlisting, and lebensraum reclamation, the girls stumble through daily teenager life: concerts, college applications, holidays, and vacations. With junior club member Azusa...
Central Powers Restored
Created by Ryan
Formerly German Empire Borders (And More!)

This MOD changes the map to allow for the restoration of the German Empire, Austria-Hungary and post-WW2 borders.

New States
Eupen-Malmedy, Northern Schleswig, Eastern Rhineland, Vilnius...
BlackICE Historical Immersion Mod
Created by maverick
BlackICE - Historical Immersion Mod
Black ICE is a mod which aims to overhaul HOI IV in order to make a more immersive, historical, and challenging experience for the player.

Update: v4.1.3
HOI4 HYDRA 1.7.1 checksum: 87C8

Created by Lukas8145
In the Big Europe Mod, the rest of the world is cut off, and Europe is resized to twice as large. Fight through decades of grueling history, and take part in several of the 20th century's great wars taking...
Code Geass: Rise to Power Overhaul
Created by Cazzalad1801
THIS MOD IS CURRENTLY NOT BEING WORKED ON. IT'S DEAD. I'M WORKING ON ANOTHER CODE GEASS MOD OVERHAUL WITH SOMEONE ELSE, HERE IS THE LINK: steam:/openurl/https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1368969047&searchtext=code+geass

"All men .....
Cold War: The Iron Curtain - A Letter of Resignation
Created by Stuffi3000
This mod has no content anymore

If you stumbled across this mod, you probably made a good choice. I have to say, it's great! Any I’m not only saying that because I worked on it a lot.

But this description is a lot different than others...
Cold War: The Iron Curtain - Music
Created by Kreunz
Music for Cold War: Iron curtain. DON'T POST STUFF ABOUT THE MAIN MOD ITSELF.

Kreunz - Most of the stuff
Gatts - Helping with the mod
Dregorin - Fixing the entire mod
All of the people who sung/played the songs...
Colored Events
Created by Count Tyme
Replaces boring black and white default pictures with color pictures.

Mod is compatible with all mods.

Ironman (achievement) compatible

Colored Puppets
Created by Dziurkacz

Colored Puppets is a mod that aims to increase the clarity of the map by changing the colors of puppets for a color that fits their controlling state.

The simple design and use of the mechanics rarely used
Colourblindness Mod
Created by Partario
An ironman-compatible mod that makes important colours in Hearts of Iron IV easier to see.

There are a lot of red and green bars in this game that are very small and unsaturated. This makes them hard for colourblind people to see and sometimes means I ...
Cold War Iron Curtain: A World Divided
Created by swf541
An update is currently underway. Our core developers have stayed with the mod and we are making excellent progress. In the Discord we have a live feed of development progress that tracks all commits made to the development platform and frequentl...
Country Annexing Tool
Created by pranksi
If you are interested in similar "sandbox" tools, go to this site for a mod filled with tons of possibilities! (including the Country Annexing Tool)

- New b...
Cowboyist America
Created by horeS
What if the west was never won?
Adds in a new country with a new focus tree, cowboy themed tech and custom leaders.
Tag: CBA

Updated to version 1.5.4

Gonna roll out some updates real quick...

Last Update:
-Trying out a new country color
-Now ...
Custom Puppet Flags
Created by Yakez
Any nationalistic sybolics used for educational purpose only.

This mod add custom flags to cosmetic tags of German puppets:

Designed to be used with historical Third Reich flag. Flags done in the same style a...
Dawn of Arabia
Created by Kriplaik
Dawn of Arabia focuses on restoring the old islamic caliphate with Saudi Arabia.
* Focus tree for Saudi Arabia to claim all Ar...
Decisions: Speeches Audio
Created by vpl300
"Rhetoric makes use of nature’s secrets in the same way as painters who try to imitate it: their most beautiful work is false."
- Giacomo Casanova, 'The Story of My Life - A Selection'


Version: 1.4 (Release Note...
Demand It!
Created by deadorbit
Demand It - a mod for people who want things and want them now.

With this mod, you get a GUI with three options, demand a state, demand vassalization, and demand tribute.

Demand A State - cost 250 political power, will send a demand to the s...
Created by Adriano5
I made this mod because i like to continue playing after the end of WWII, but it is not at all realistic that countries remain fully mobilized and producing divisions as if there were no tomorrow.

This mod was made for roleplay purposes

When at peace...
Despacito 2
Created by alex
What if Despacito won WW1?

Thanos Update

Ya all know what this game needs? - Despacito 2

Presenting brand new mod:
-Hand made Portraits
-Great Story Line
-Great Music
-Brand New Loading Screens
-Play as Luis Fonsi and spread desp...
Deutschland uber Alles | ALTERNATIVE GERMANY
Created by Kagari
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    Currently includes:
  • Fascism branch
  • Beta communism branch
Deutschland Erwache - National Focus Overhaul
Created by Toasted_Toaster
THIS MOD HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED IN FAVOR OF DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE 2: TOASTED GERMANY. YOU CAN FIND IT HERE: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1437909463
German National Focus Overh...
Deutschland Erwache 2: Toasted Germany
Created by Toasted_Toaster
Sequel to one of the most popular German Focus Trees | 200+ NEW national focuses | Mixed Historical and Alternate Historical Paths | Technology bonuses dependent on warfare | Industrial rehabilitation tree ref...
Dita's Community
Created by MrScroup
A mod that adds self-proclaimed state of the best WarThunder youtuber, Dita.
Features ㅇㅅㅇ
# Unique national focus tree with new graphics
# Overpowered russian bi...
Doki-Doki of Iron
Created by Proletariat
This is my first mod. Mostly unsupported now but it should work with any version because it doesn't change too much. Adds entirely new anime-themed soundtrack, loading screens, and leaders for the Majors as well as some minors. I'll be expanding and updati...
Draconian France
Created by Kimochi
Dragons have crossed over from the dragon dimension into our world, and have assumed control of... France.

As their neighbor to the east, Germany, rapidly re-militarizes, the people of France urgently seek a strong government able to counteract the Germ...
Emoji Leaders
Created by Spooky
Aye, this is the Emoji Leaders mod! While playing HOI4, I realized the leader portraits weren't
family friendly enough for YouTube so I changed some of the leader portraits to more
family friendly portraits!
Ironman Compatible Version: https://steamcomm...
Empire Of Warrington - A Northern England Mod
Created by ConFlakes
Updated Version - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1103742215

Hello Expansionists of the great Hearts Of Iron IV. This mod allows you to play as a new nation just officialized as a country from a revolution.

BIO: The Empire of...
End of a New Beginning [Official]
Created by powerblo0702

Current Mod Version : Terra Orbis, 1.0 Hotfix 3

Supported Game Version : 1.5.*
Discord Server[discord.gg]
English Ming and Qing China
Created by MrBlazzar™
English translation of the mod Ming and Qing China[http//s]

Entre deux Guerres / Between two wars
Created by Neophyte
Warning : This mod is currently in Alpha in 0.3a version. Please consider that like the start of the development of the mod.

This mod places you during the interwar wars at the controls of the country of your choice.
You can start in 1919 and 1924 and...
Equipment Conversion Enhanced + More Variants
Created by Lstor
This mod is a compatibility combination of CrouchingLemur's 'Equipment Conversion Enhanced' and 3ntf4k3d's 'More ...
Entre deux Guerres / Between two wars - Final Release
Created by Neophyte
Finally, after many and many months, The Between Two Wars Mod is now released !

This mod places you during the interwar wars at the controls of the country of your choice.
You can start in 1919 and you have your all time before the WW2 to prepare for ...
Created by Nicolas
This mod was made possible thanks to the new Scripted GUI system created by PDX developer shultays, please check his tutorials on PDX HOI4 forums if you want to add GUI features to your mod.

FAQ/Tutorial can be found here:
Exceed the Cap
Created by AfTerMaths
This mod will make the points cap exceed the original.

These are the list of the changes.
  • Trust Value from 100 and -100 to 250 and -250
  • Diplomatic Opinion to 250 and -250
  • Political Power Max 9999
  • Max Command Power 1000
  • Max te
Expanded Difficulty Modifiers
Created by Greatexperiment

This mod adds strengthen options for all countries in the game! It also tweaks the difficulty settings somewhat.


If you try to get two mods together that change the static settings, they’ll try to make it work ...
Expanded Engineering
Created by xcomman

This mod expands the "Engineering" tab with major advancements that were influential and can be reproduced with

the in-game mechanics in some way or another.

A total of 51 new technologies have been added so far. These are ...
Expanded National Laws
Created by Greatexperiment
Good Morning!

This mod adds a bunch of new laws, and some events/decisions, to help define your nation's character. Now your (glorious / awful) government will show the world how (strong / charasmatic / confused) it really is!
  • J
Expanded Soundtrack
Created by BasedPeter

New update adds Finnish songs

Are you ready for some real historic sound?

Bringing historical tunes to the front, this mod adds 20+ new historical, thematic songs, marches and hymns that will rally your virtual...
Führerreich [LEGACY]
Created by CIA
Hello everybody. As of 8/8/2019, this workshop page will no longer be updated past Fuhrerreich Version 0.3.1. as the Fuhrerreich Team has decided it would be simpler to put workshop management under a shared account, like Kaiserreich.

Credit to Chairman...
Faction Commander
Created by amynase
Are you ever annoyed by how terrible your allies' AI is?
No more! This Mod allows you to take full control of a whole faction instead of a single country.
To achieve this, the leading country in a faction will receive events that annex all faction membe...
Faction Manager - Revived By Roblue
Created by Aiydem
Ever wanted to disband, leave or kick members from a Faction?
Well this mod gives you the power to do so!

This mod changes nothing with vanilla game & should be compatible with all kind of mods

I added Ideas to enable all this
each of the idea's tr...
Fantasy Atlantis Mu Lemuria
I will not be working and updating this mod....
Flickering Flags Fix
Created by Chairman Meow
IMPORTANT: As of Kaiserreich Alpha 0.4 (Pax Americana), this mod is not required in combination with Kaiserreich any longer. Using it may cause compatibility issues! Turn this mod off when playing Kaiserreich!

This mod intends to fix the flag flickering...
Flying Saucers and the Socialist Future of Mankind
Created by General Runtime
Flying Saucers
And the Socialist Future of Mankind

"In the year 2117, Earth finally achieved full communism, but at great cost. The nuclear bunkers had only saved a fraction of humanity, and these survivors emerged to find emissaries from anot...
Formable Nations
Created by TheCrafterESP
1.5: Rule Britannia
Formable continents are not working properly. It will be fixed in a future patch.

Instead of having an inconsistent way of forming nations by events, this mod uses decisions which let the player know the prere...
Fuhrer Mana
Created by taytay
An example mod that shows a new feature in HoI4. Requires 1.5.2 version of the game (currently an open beta, go into game properties > betas to switch to it) to run.

Check the dev diary for more information!

Fuhrerreich Music
Created by CIA
Hello! Welcome to the Fuhrerreich Music mod for Hearts of Iron 4, meant to act as a complimentary mod to the newly released Fuhrerreich: Legacy of the Great War mod. Adding hours of new music to the various major powers and nations of Fuhrerreich, this mod...
Future Fantasy world
Created by Flutterzance404
This mod is a submod of Millenium dawn base on FWH serie
from my one of my videos

idk if I will keep this mod in the workshop due to some complications,
but I need help from you for that I fixes errors.

== features ==

- new countries : in eur...
Gangir Duel Mod
Created by Embro
Gangir Duel mod is a mod for ground competitive multiplayer games for Hearts of Iron 4.
This mod is ideal for tournaments or for those who just want to measure skill with a friend.

In mod, there are two sides of the conflict, Blue Player and R...
German Kaiserreich Reskin
Created by Hoffman
Unit reskin for German Empire, compatible with Ironman and any mod. Doesn't require any DLC.
Based on WWI german Sturmtruppen uniform, marines and paratrooper skins are based on Kriegsmarine and Fallschirmjäger uniform.
German Uncut Patch
Created by vydazy
German Uncut Patch - 1.5.2 Cornflakes - Includes the South-American / Argentinian Crypto-Hitler and supports every language selectable in the game....
GFLMod Girls Frontline Mod(test)
Cheat Population
Created by Patator
Cheat for the monthly population growth...
Hearts of Neptunia
Created by Ethane
Hello and welcome to Hearts of Neptunia.
My goal in this mod is to make the most changes and make HOI4 more like neptunia by anding nep and crew to it.
I've added some songs, around 10, changed leader portraits, and flags.
This mod isn't as developed as...
Hearts of Iron: Puppet Overhaul
Created by Engineer Skip
Should be MTG compatible

Hearts of Iron: Puppet Overhaul adds new autonomy systems to the game, replacing the default fascist system with a more appropriately named military system, making the reichsprotectorates unique to germany. It also adds a non-al...
Hearts of iron WWII
Created by Von Hermann
Hi everybody I present you my mod hearts of iron wwII
it only works with version 1.5.2 this is a beta

this mod reworks all the major focus trees for more historicity
for :
Hearts of Iron: 1984
Created by bees
Nuclear warfare has ravaged much of the world, and from the ashes came the new world order. The three remaining super-states vie for global domination: Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia, and between them lies the Disputed Zone. An armistice has been declared,...
Hearts of iron 1934 FR / ENG
Created by Von Hermann
hello everyone I came to announce bad news
the last dlc have more than disappointed me on the part of paradox...
as well as the latest gameplay additions
in short,there are too many things to review and I do not have time for that right now

however I...
Hearts of Ice and Fire - a Game of Thrones mod
Created by JackAlNXT
A total conversion that modernizes the world of Game of Thrones and bring it into the world of HoI4. Fight in the War of Five Kings, hold back the Wildlings, unite the old Valyrian lands, invade the Iron Islands or wage war against the Dothraki Khalassars....
Hearts of Darkness: The Victorian Era
Created by vivid2011
New devblog as of 10/14 on our website!

As of 7/17/19, druebey has been removed as lead developer of the mod, due to a lack of updates or developement. I will return as mod lead, and continue to develop the mod on my own time. This is a passion pro...
Hearts of Darkness IV
Created by UnkeptSecrets
Have you ever been playing Hearts of Iron IV, and watched as the beautiful night strolled in? All the stunning lights of Paris, London, and Tokyo, with you watching them shining brightly forever? Neither have I, as day comes and strips away the dark! Thank...
Halo: Covenant Invasion Of Earth
*****************************PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION************************

Welcome to the devolopment of Hearts Of Iron 4: Covenant Invasion Of Earth Mod.

Thank you all for showing great support and love for the mod even though it wasn't even s...
Guns Trucks
Created by McNaughton
Updates always kill this area. Mod is self descriptive and replaces artillery, anti-tank, anti-aicraft, trucks and mechanized with graphics and names matching historical usage. This mod should be achievement safe.

Also, even though the mod will say it i...
Greater Possibilities: National Ideas GUI
Created by Cherios
# NON-GUI VERSION OF THIS MOD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1221177144 #

Originally made for Greater Possibilities: Blood & Soil.

This mod will add several new ideas in a new custom GUI, allowin...
Great War Addon: Russian Pack
Created by Comrader
Submod for The Great War: Russian Edition

Works only:

- With patch 1.5.4
- With mod Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War
- Compatible with other my submods


-New portraits and new leaders of ...
Great War Addon: Germany
Created by Comrader
Submod for The Great War: German Leaders

Works only:

- With patch 1.5.*
- With mod Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War
- Compatible with other my submods


-New portraits of the German leader...
Great War Addon: Austria-Hungary
Created by Comrader
Submod for The Great War: Austro-Hungarian Leaders

Works only:

- With patch 1.5.*
- With mod Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War
- Compatible with other my submods


-New leaders of the Austr...
Gotterdammerung (1944)
Created by Von Hermann
September 1943:
In 1943 the German army was in its apogee but the situation begins to lean towards the allies with the defeat of the axis army in Africa and the encirclement of the German troops in Stalingrad it is time for the axis of repatriate his mat...
Created by CommGesen


Welcome, player!

I present to you Morgenstern - a collection whose task is to embellish the graphical component of the game, add and fix various ...
Girls und Panzer Leaders
Created by mahou shoujo
Welcome to the Girls und Panzer Leaders Mod!

This mod changes the leaders in game to our favourite tankery girls!

The mod covers all major powers and Finland.
Leaders changed include any major starting leader, as well as many election leaders and so...
Greater Possibilities: National Ideas
Created by Cherios

# NOW AVAILABLE IN CUSTOM GUI: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1379124352 #

Originally made for Greater Possibilities: Blood & Soil.

This mod will add several new ideas in the country menu tab, a...
GuP Portraits danpat
Created by 단팥
This mod, is essentially, backup&updating of Archezz's mod 'Girls und Panzer Portraits mod'
: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=699504604
Now with Archezz's permission.

This mod will be updated if Archezz stop updating, or if bug i...
Modern Day 4 Generals
Created by TimIZ
Abkhazia 2
Afghanistan 11
Albania 8
Algeria 6
Angola 12
Antigua and Barbuda 2
Argentina 81
Armenia 24
Austria 16
Australia 29
Azerbaijan 9
Bahamas 4
Bahrain 4
Bangladesh 17
Barbados 7
Belgium 14
Belarus 28
Belize 6
Benin 3
Bhutan 2
Modern Day 4 Added Decisions
Created by TurtleTurtle
It seems the mod is compatible now??? yeah i know right! anywho, md4 decisions part 2 electric boogaloo is underway! Albeit i dont know where we stand with the mod merging with Mill Dawn, we shall see, if you ask for it enough, maybe i can be a part, who k...
More Division Icons
Created by Aurel
This mod expands the selection of division icons.

- makes all base unit icons available as division icons
- adds new icons

Ironman compatible
Can be removed savely without breaking savegames. Custom icons will be replaced by standard ico...
More Historically Accurate
Created by Amadis
This is a simple mod I made in my spare time.

I added a few things to the base game in order to make playthroughs more historical, and though some errors might pop up here and there, from what I've tested, it is fine.

Here are the main changes :

More Manpower For Everyone(1.7.*)
Works For 1.7.* Fine!
This mod simply changes manpower laws for countries.
More XP
Created by Colonial Red
Sets the xp limit to 2000 and the base command power to 400....
Warship girl Portraits mod
Created by Vicar Laurence
Based Chinese Moblie Game Warship girls Made by Moblie Fantasy.

Just Changed Portrait,but Ironman Incapable.

Change Country leader portrait

Great Britian
United State of America
Weltkrieg 2036: Legacy of the World Wars Alpha v.0.25
Created by KaiserHagen
Weltkrieg 2036 is a sequel to "Weltkrieg: Rise of the Kaiserreich" and plays nearly a 100 years later. Note that this mod is by far not finished and is missing a lot of content. Focus trees, events, etc. will be added through the nex...
Weltkrieg: Rise of the Kaiserreich (Discontinued)
Created by KaiserHagen
The development of this mod has been stopped. Here's a link to the Github Repository[github.com] for everyone who wants to continue this mod. You are also allowed to upload your own version of...
Weimar and Österreich
Created by Collins
Update #3.7! More focuses! Histroical bookmark info updated! New leaders! World tension! Better Austrian AI!

Yes, this is yet another what if mod. But wait! What if... Hitler never rose to power in Germany! Crazy, right?
Well get this, he rose to power...
Created by Vawser
Supported Version: 1.5

A total overhaul mod for Hearts of Iron 4, experience the orc invasion of Azeroth during the First War up all the way up to the Scourging of Lordaeron.

Valkyria Chronicles
Created by Bradley

-This mod is made japanese . So Only Japanese is supported -


"Thank you Nasu...
UES buildable cornflakes
Created by CrystalDev
Edited Cornflakes update. Changed Easter Island a bit...
Timeline of Histeria (Alternate History) +National Focuses
Created by PRFC
Now includes national focus changes (more changes coming soon)
Version 1.7
Thanks for checking out the mod this is version 1.7

This is a mod based on alternate history
A few real historical events have been used but changed or escalated

Alt time l...
The World of the Silent Sun
Created by ⚜ Voltaire
What if Stalin died in the Revolution? What if F.D.R succumbed to polio in 1930?

These questions and more are what spurned the idea of the "World of the Silent Sun", a solmen world where the Soviets and Japanese face off in a cold war with the ...
The Ultimate German March Collection
Created by Lord Mop
The Ultimate German March Collection - Der Ultimative Deutsche Marschkollektion
Der Größte Deutscher Musik Mod

FULL LIST OF SONGS HERE: https://pastebin.com/SrARu19x (Current to 09/06/2019 or 06/09/2019 for Americans)

The Sun Sets
Created by Ermedo

The Sun Sets is an alt-history mod set in a world where the British Empire never existed. The timeline diverges in the 1660's when Richard Cromwell manages to retain power over the Commonwealth of England. During a civil war 30 yea...
The Russian Struggle
Created by Lew
What if Russia went Monarchist again ?

Thank you Logandp7 for the Potraits !

New :
- New Focus Tree for Russia.
- New Ideology Colours.
- New Leader for non-aligned Russia.
- New Flag for non-aligned Russia
- New Music

Discord Server: http...
Super Russia
Created by Watterzold
Dont use the Continuous National Focus called "NAVAL PRODUCTION" or your production of ships become negative.

You have to research at least one type of ship because the production cost (-99%) work. For example, when you start a game you need to res
SS Angriff
Created by ADLER
Adds SS Divisions to the game with unique skins & stats. (1.7+ Hydra)

Mod adds:
Over 100 SS units recruitable from countries around the globe when they are captured or aligned, including the Americas & South Africa. Many are histor...
Soviet Focus Rework
Created by Mr Tsubodai
(shameless plug)
Check out some other National Focus Projects of Mine:
American Focus Rework: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1431777218
German Focus Rework: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=11257153...
Smeshariki: The Great War
Created by YaZaDonbass
Долгожданный фикс, в котором, помимо фикса вылетов (мы очень надеемся, что вылеты действительно были исправлены все, а не какие-то отдельные из многих), есть решения, ивенты, музыка, а также небольшие изменения фокусов.

Про мод - он не является...
Restitue Imperium Romanum
Created by Lavernius Regalis
Back from the dead!

Serving as a sequel of sorts to the popular Hearts of Iron 3 Byzantium mod (found here[forum.paradoxplaza.com]) f...
Release Foreign Territory
Created by Sniff2001
Release Foreign Territory

★ No DLCs Required
★ Supports 1.7.1
★ 100+ Nations and capitals!

Release Foreign Territory is a mod I've worked ...
Red World Addon: New Generals
Created by Parnjt

Old Portraits
DR Congo

Red World
Created by Kaiser1871
What if the Soviets Won?

Red World imagines a modern scenario in which the Soviet Union won its cold war against the United States. Despite becoming our globe's sole superpower, the Soviets face a daunting task of maintaining unlimited contr...
Realistic Nukes + (Radiations, Colonization, 1.6.* and new compatibilities!)
Created by Xeno
Realistic Nukes + (Now with Radiations, Colonization and working 1.6.* Series)


This mod aims to make Nukes something useful, not as "rocks" as before.

This mod adds some t...
Random Country Placement 1.7
Created by Aгcane
Now compatible with 1.7
Randomizes country placement, map resources, manpower, factories, infrastructure, ideologies.
Removes vanilla ideas, leaders, focuses, etc.

Ragnarok: 1937
Created by Executor
TL;DR Germany vs the World. Build up your army quick.
Also available: Ragnarok: 1939

Enjoy playing as Germany, but finding the difficulty lacking? Looking for a mo...
Quam's Graphics Mod
Created by Drill Sergeant Quam
Quam's Graphics


[img] https://i.imgur.com/4L31XzQ.png [/img] MULTIPLAYER VERSION

Ladies and ...
Puppetting the USSR (no new states)
Created by The_Fokin
New version! 1.7 support!
v. 2.4a
  • Advisors added\restored for some nations
  • Localisation fixes

This is a version of the mod without any additional state...
Puppetting the USSR
Created by The_Fokin
New version! 1.7 support!
v. 2.4a
  • Advisors added\restored for some nations
  • Localisation fixes
Inspired by and some assets used from a mod by [url=http://...
Puppet Manager
Created by Dziurkacz


This mod adds new Puppet Manager based on newly added scripted GUIs mechanic.
It consist of Puppet Country Manager and Puppet States Manager both awailble by simply ...
Puppet Flags & Colours
Created by stefffff
Please rate and comment

Puppet Flags&Colours

Hello and guten Tag to my mod: Puppet Flags&Colours

well t...
Puppet Diplomacy
Created by BiggvsDickvs
This mod allows you to restrict your subjects economy and military.

✓idea with restrictions
✓decision that changes the german focus tree to generic if Germany was puppeted
✓military restrictions that limit the econom...
Prussia and A Divided Nation
Created by Goth_Rung
After WW1 the Entente decided to seperate Germany into the kingdoms that made up the German Empire. Adolf Hitler has come to power in one of the kingdoms and formed the German Reich and is attempting to annex the last of them. Prussia is the last bastion o...
Project FLAGS
Created by Abbus

All of the Vanila flags revisited. (DLC & Official Formable Nation included)

- Offensive symbol which include Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Militarism, Religious, Third Positionism, Falangismo and Ex...
Poland Is China
Created by boatfullogoats
This mod is simple. It turns the shape of Poland into China.

Why? Take this for reference: https://i.redditmedia.com/MPQsYySJRV7mXhFBvuj_ma6_4JAw3Adss_u-Pb7ryqg.jpg?w=750&s=c3605fe279f8981eef36256c66d1f3f8

* I dont pay notice to your communist fed p...
Player Led Border Conflicts (outdated)
Created by thesuperdanb
(Updated code for 1.5.4)

This is a modified version of https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1324935399

_____ Changes _____

Only player is allowed to start border conflicts.
Player can trigger conflicts with everyone including ...
Persia Rising
Created by Master Splinter

This mod creates a completly new and unique focus tree for Iran (Persia) that features about 74 decisions. It also includes unique events and news events, starting changes and balance as well as visual changes to the map.

Partial surrender
Created by DubViking
This mod uses Decisions to allow any country to trigger peace requests to countries they are at war with.

Two new levels of peace are introduced between the "vanilla" version "White peace" and "Surrender":

A country can now ask enemies for Conditio...
Party Manager
Created by _peahead
As of 18/02/2019, I'm working on an Overhaul version of this mod so a lot of work will be going into that as it's going to be an overhaul.

Allows you to choose which ideology has which party and stuff like that.
Also adds the ability to add ideology tr...
Paradrop Everything
Created by Ivan
This mod allows you to use the parachute ability in any land troops.

Now you can finally recreate the famous and totally historical invasion of the UK by the germans,where trucks,tanks and even horses were parachuted in the main island....
Panzer Waltz
Created by AlliedG

This graphical mod replaces the leaders, generals and admirals with metal maidens, beast tank girls, characters and players from the Android/iOS game Panzer Waltz developed by What's Up Lab and published by Happ...
Panteleimon Ponomarenko
Created by Secretblaze123

If you want this meme to fly higher then paradox dlc prices please favorite and upvote this mod.

I want to see this peice of shit with 5 stars.

OWB Submod Equipment Overhaul
Created by Commodore Calculus
Updated version by a different author:

Images are from a previous version, updated location of the upgrade buttons slightly to be less. Edgy.

- Adds equipment ...
OWB Division Namelists
Created by bratspeed4k
This mod adds custom namelists to "400-men-divisions" for Old World Blues.

Here is the list of them. Everything in brackets is not shown in game.

-NCR Infantry Company (Regular infantry)
-NCR Reconnaissance Company (Non ranger recon unit)
OWB - Enclave Reborn
Created by Jef

Enclave reborn adds an entirely new nation to Old World Blues. This Enclave faction is the last rally of the remnant forces, determined to avenge Navarro and reclaim the United States. Is is currently one of the ...
Ottoman Ashes
Created by Captain Gen

Old World Blues - New Vegas Portraits & Generals
Created by Tolkfan
Five new generals and one field marshal (Mr House) for the New Vegas faction.

To recruit the commanders, you require the Platinum Chip. Once you have it, a set of recruitment decisions will unlock (see 3rd screenshot).

The cost is 10pp plus another 1...
Old World Blues - Music
Created by Mechano
1.1 Update:
-Music options now done via decisions
-10 new peacetime ambient songs
-7 new wartime ambient songs

1.1.1 Update:
-Added dependencies in order to allow language translation mods to work properly

1.2 Update:
- Version updates to 1.6.*...
Old World Blues - Courier Six
Created by AllenM99
Courier Six is a submod for Old World Blues that incorporates the protagonist from New Vegas into the overall events and storyline of the mod. This is ...
Non Reflective Water
Created by wildw1ng
Removes cloud reflections

Ironman compatible
Multiplayer compatible
  • This mod removes all cloud reflections changing the water to be darker and more realistic
Old World Blues
Created by Zapdude

War, war never changes.

Old World Blues is a total overhaul for Hearts of Iron IV: starting in the year 2275 and set in the Fallout universe. Experience the postapocalypse like never before with a dyn...
Non Plus Ultra - An Alternate History
Created by Death of Rats
A divergent 1920s in which the Greco-Turkish War, Rif War and Russian Civil had different outcomes. Beta is still beta.


Highlights include;
~ Strong democratic ...
No Outlines
Created by Chiones
Check the other mod too (i think its superior to this one) Smaller Outlines:
No Impassable Terrain
Created by PetarKameni

Umm... Remember when the community wanted Impassable terrain inplemented...
What if no?

You know how theres this "Impa...
Neptunia Island Conversion [Anime]
Created by Remington [SNLF]
This mod is essentially just a reskin of my old "Nation of Neston" Mod, except it now features the Neptunia Girls! Instead of Puritan Neston, Planeptune now exists in its place. I've buffed the nation somewhat from its previous iteration, seeing as how a m...
No Experience Limits
Created by justcheat67
This mod removes all experience limits for army, navy and air. Works with every version and every mod of the game (that doesn't change the limits).

Check out my other mod: Better States! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=947441592...
Natsuki hungary Mod [Discontinued, maybe]
Created by Comrade Commander
So right, this is the result of a free sunday and a inside joke.
Keep in mind that this mod was made for laughs.
So I updated the mod and I integrated the following

-Focus tree (Names broke)
-Updated to 1.5.0...
Nation Renaming
Created by _peahead
If you're looking for a mod that just changes the default localisation files to have the full names, this might be the mod for you.

Currently, all majors and minor-majors are d...
N1les HOI4 - UI mod
Created by xXGamerdragonXx
Thank you all for the ratings, it means a lot to me!

Changes the UI graphics to a more rusty/grim look, please comment if you have any suggestions, questions!


My World War II can't be so cute
Created by 352.Volksgrenadi
The mod background is based on a novel, not animation. But because the author is a student, so the production time can be taken out very little, almost only weekend time, so it is usually about two months to update.
More National Focus Trees will be updat...
Muv-Luv EventHorizon
Created by BlackCan
This mod is unplayable and will maintain unplayable for long time
I'm trying to make a Clod War in MUV universe
But as everyone can see,this mod is neither Clod War or MUV at all

we are alive !
Map need fix, IC need fix
learn to control the AI beha...
Ming and Qing China
Created by Manifest DK
English translation LINK


Millennium Dawn: The Fourth Reich
Created by The Fascist Penguin
Updated to 1.7.0 Hydra!

Have you ever wanted to play as a 112 year old Adolf Hitler?
Ever wanted to reclaim the Rhineland in 2000?
What about conquering Poland right under George Bush's nose?
Well now with Millennium Dawn: The Fourth Reich you can!...
Millennium Dawn: Modern Warfare - SubMod
Created by ADLER
Adds modern weapons, aircraft, tanks & ships. (1.6.0+ Ironclad)

Mod adds:
4 modern ship models
6 aircraft: Drone, Su27, Mig31, Eurofighter, C130 & Vulcan
6 weapon types: AK47, AK74s, Dragunov, Styre AUG, Colt XM & SCAR
10 vehicle...
Millennium Dawn: India
Created by Orphanmaker

Millennium Dawn: India is a SubMod for the Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod.

* Unique National Focus trees (150+ national focuses and associated 40+ national ideas) for India.

* Updated Map with accura...
Millennium Dawn: Expanded American Ideology Tree
Created by Bundeswehr Blitz
Expanded American Ideology Tree for Millennium Dawn


This is a submod for Millennium Dawn that expands the ideology portion of the United States focus tree. It allows the player to turn ...
Millennium Dawn: GFX
Created by FireEXe
This is a submod for Millenium Dawn: Modern Day Mod.
It adds or changes the images of the following things:

infantry equipment for Thailand




Millennium Dawn: Expanded
Created by roemer9
Millennium Dawn: Expanded is an submod for the original Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod. In oder to play this mod, download MD first.

My aim is to create an more deeper scenario with more options, leaders, songs, events, equipment and an overall rework....
Millennium Dawn: Chernarus Submod
Created by ablietski
Adds Chernarus to the theater.


Chernarus is an ex-soviet fictional country from the arma universe.
A civil war broke out in 2009 between the CDF (Chernarussian Defence Forces) and the ChDKZ (Chernarus...
Millennium Dawn UI Submod
Created by Mathias K.
Hello folks!

This submod for Millennium Dawn updates the current User Interface on the world map, to look more... modern......
Millennium Dawn Yugoslavia (not updated!)
Created by 2ndHess_Name
By bug reports please tell me the details because the half nation of the country is gone it doesn't help me to fix the problem. Just tell me wich other mods do you use with my mod something like this will helpful....
Millennium Dawn Rise of the Vatican
Created by Runezmaster
UPDATED FOR 1.5.3! A lot has changed, so let me know of any bugs, conflicts or crashes related to this mod.

This is a mod that aims to bring the Vatican City into power in the Modern Day mod. Use with other mods at your own risk and let me know of any b...
Millennium Dawn More Variants
Created by MrBlazzar™
Updated/Rehashed version of this mod based on this mod

Should be 100% working on all Versions of Millen...
Millennium Dawn Historic Fascist German Flag
Created by mai sentry
Flag historically used by the Third Reich if you want to be historic/edgy. Should also work with millennium dawn classic....
Millennium Chaos: A Modern Day AI mod
Created by Mechano
Have you ever thought, "damn, I wish the modern day mod had more carnage and mass death like World War 2"...
Then this mod is for you! Millenium Chaos adds detailed scripts to cause wars all over the map, as well as allowing the AI to justify war...
Millenium Dawn: Expanded Technology Reloaded [OLD]
Created by Walmart
Mod no longer works will the new MD
Future research has been released. Combat mech has been moved to future research tree. Shielding research is also now in engineering tech tree


This submod for Millenium D...
Millenium Dawn: Decisions Expanded
Created by TheSpacePotato
Expanded Decisions
This mod tries to expand upon the, what I think, is very limited decisions in normal millenium dawn

Rate the mod, if you like it!


The 4th Reich
As Germany you can now create the 4...
Meddle No More!
Created by Khanor
Meddle No More! (Removable foreign influences)
A simple decision mod to retake control of your own politics
- Version 1.0.1b (1.6.0 MtG tested, but will likely be compatible with all future patches/DLCs)

  • A poli
Megumin Union
Created by Kimochi
In THIS fantasy world, the Crimson Mages have assumed supreme control of the Soviet Union, with Megumin as the sole, unquestionable leader.

After dying a laughable and pathetic death on his way back from buying a game, high school student and recluse Ka...
MD-GFX: Red World
Created by FireEXe
This simple mod integrates the images of the vehicles from my other mod "Millenium Dawn:GFX" into Red World.

Millenium Dawn: GFX -> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=925317658
Created by RandomUser
MapFX is a mod primarily for making the game look just a wee bit better.

Steam breaks this description constantly, so I won't type much. Basically, the country colors are limited to borders, the textures are lighter/different, and the borders thinner...
Created by Nosacz Krumtix
i don't know what i'm doing...
Legacy of Aceira [Old Version | 1.7.* Compatible]
Created by Acedia
Welcome to Legacy of Aceira

What were if the World as we know it dont exist, that Scenario is approached in this mod.
This mod features a whole new Alternative History with Storylines, new Countries and much more.

Legacy of Aceira is...
League of Nations
Created by lemonporn
This mod adds the League of Nations by using scripted GUIs.

By default the League of Nations is created when starting a new game with the historical correct member states, but there is...
Leadership: Faceless No More (Suspended)
Created by Vuxlort
Apologies to all my subscribers but for the time being, this mod is not being worked on. I no longer play HOI IV and I have no motivation to work on this mod as it currently stands.

'Leadership: Faceless No More' is a historical realism mod whi...
Lags- NeverAgain
Created by Dave
This Mod stops the gamebreaking lags, that start at the late midgame.

Gives debuffs to the most minor countries like oman and all south american countries.

Will stop them spamming troops or do other stuff, to prevent lags.

countries affected: Alba...
Marked Incompatible ]  KEBABINI MOD
Created by [TiredWarrior]
Now is the time. The kebabs will take over the world. Let's defend kebab. This mod will help you. It includes a new focus tree for Turkey, new technology pictures and a diffferent history. I recommend you to start the game in 1936.

Please sh...
KR - Kingdom of Afrika
Created by Logan
Alters the independence event for Mittelafrika so that, when it becomes independent, it changes its name to the Kingdom of Afrika, changes its flag, changes Goering's name, and changes Goering's portrait....
Karen Kingdom
Created by Kimochi
Anime girls commandeer the British Empire. What could go wrong?

In an unexpected turn of events, Karen Kujou, an energetic half-British, half-Japanese girl, wins the 1935 UK general election and finds herself in command of the largest empire in history....
Kaiserreich Submod - Victoria Louise for Puppet France
Created by Logan
This mod adds a decision for Germany to install Victoria Louise (Willhelm II's daughter) as the ruler of the German Puppet of France. I plan to add a unique focus tree as well, but I'm not too experienced at it and any help is welcome.

Puppet France uni...
Kaiserreich Old Version
Created by Kallar Duskwood

Please head here to get the new version of the mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1521695605

Why are you doing this?

The old location was owned by a single member of the mod team; on...
Kaiserreich Anime Mod (Obsolete)
Created by rinbro
This version is obsolete. Please see the latest version here:

Jozef's Kaiserreich German Generals Portraits
Created by Jozef
Austrian version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1302458583

Vanilla-style version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1278152133

Changes the portraits of German army and navy leaders to versions...
Kaiserreich Music: Europe and North America
Created by Kaiserdevs
Welcome to the Europe and North America music mod!


Over 250 songs for countries in Europe and North America

This mod is kept separate from the main Kaiserreich mod, and from the other two music m...
Iron Curtain: Arcade Map Mode
Created by swf541
Adds a neon map mode to Iron Curtain...
Created by Janz

Borrowed original land mass & province sheet from COSMOS GAMER.
The rest was created by yours truely.

56 compatible.
Does not work with Kaiserreich.

This is my first mod. I originally did this to learn how to mod then de...
Italian Social Republic
Created by snoekbaars
UPDATED: The Italian Civil War is now accurately represented, with the addition of a new ITR tag for the Republican Italians. They will be created out of the Allied occupied Italian states.

The Italian Social Republic was a German puppet state with limi...
John Smith Leader for USA
Created by Young Calif Stalif
John Smith from the show Man in the high castle is now the fascist leader for the USA

Thanks for getting this mod on hot page!

Check my Nazi USA flag mod out here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1574268733...
Instant Country Unions
Created by Khan Charles
Thank you.

Update: I am no longer adding content to this mod, but any other modder who is interested may take this or any part of the code for u...
In The Name of The Tsar
Created by alex
[img] https://i.imgur.com/aZYiSEW.png [/img]

Welcome to our mod!

Current Version : /

Compatible HOI4 version : 1.7 /

Discord : https://discord.gg/zVsYcAM

Music Mod (highly recommended) : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedf...
Improved Unit Counters
Created by CRO-TGN
Improved Unit Counters

Version 0.0.1 "Slick Jimmy"
Released: 18/03/2018

What does this mod do?

This mod changes the appearance of (on-map) division unit counters. Although these new (and improved) counter...
Improved population growth
Created by Blue Life
This Mod improves monthly population growth & decline, Conscription Bonus(Recruitable population Bonus), Mobilization Speed, Non-Core Manpower Setting.

1. You can choose to growth your monthly population by '0% ~ +100000%'
2. You can choose to decline ...
Improved HUD
Created by CRO-TGN
Improved HUD

Version 0.1.0 "Cherry Bomb"
Released: 23/03/2018

What does this mod do?

This mod changes the default HUD in Hearts of Iron IV to make it more beautiful (subjective) and take up less of...
Improved Division Designer
Created by CRO-TGN
Improved Division Designer

Version 2.1.0 "Lolipop"
Released: 14/03/2018

What does this mod do?

This mod removes limits on your eyes and your gameplay in Hearts of Iron IV.
What does that mean? It...
Home by Christmas
Created by amynase
How to play this mod:
1. Right click HOI4 in your Steam Library
2. Click the bottom option (Properties or Settings or whatever)
3. Go to "Betas" Tab
4. Select "Cornflakes 1.5.1"
5. Let your Game update (or downdate technically ^^)
6. Subscribe to th...
HOI 2, 3 and 4 combined soundtrack
Created by Reeveli
Ironman compatible

This mods is meant to complete the soundtrack from the previous two games by adding 36 songs not included by Paradox in their free update. This mod is a radio station in the game that includes the missing songs songs from HOI ...
HOI4 Historical Flag Mod
Created by Blackfalcon501
"Warning this mod makes use of extremist politcal symbolism such as the Hakenkruez as well as the Hammer and Sickle. This is purely for entertainment purposes and does not promote any political agenda"

*This mod is compatible with ironman and multiplaye...
Historical flags
Created by RoccatRene
The mod replaces the censored flags.

- European flags
- African flags
- Asia-Pacific Flags
- Oceania Flags (Australia and New Zealand)
- North and South American flags

- Works with Ironman, Ach...
Hirohito's waifu voices Japanese Divisions
Created by Pure White Man
It's Ironmode compatible
52 unique voices replace current Japanese divisions.
Inspired mod from ...
Historical Colored Leader Photos
Created by lester1936
Replace leader portraits with colored photos. Also provide extra portraits for modding, especially for cold war.

2018-3-11 update:
Communist China: Mao Zedong ( young and old )
Mengkukuo: Prince Demchugdongrub
Yunnan: Long Yun
Shanxi: Yan Xishan
Hearts of Vaporwave
Created by Zittrich
This mod Aims at making your World War 2 Expirience about 100% more Aesthetic by adding 31 new Vaporwave songs and Loading Screens

Track List
-Sad City // Intervanti
-Nobodys Love // Beerlover
-Dreamcast // Blank Banshee
-Teen Pregnancy // Blank...
Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War
Created by Wolferos


Status: Open Beta
Project Lead: Wolferos
Current Version: 0.7.6b
Compatible with: Hearts of Iron IV "Hydra"
Supported Languages:
- E...
German Generals
Created by McGade85

German Generals 1.03

The aim of this mod is to give flavour to the selection of generals in HOI4. The number of generals is increased manyfold to allow the player to freely select the right general for the right job.

Arda Wars
Created by Erick Poltz
how long? Idont know :(


The mod is not yet finished, I will add the missing units, I will add more unique nations, among other things, national focus are thought very future as well as skins, but I raise it now since t...
Awoo: Momiji Console Graphic
Created by Rei
This is a simple mod that adds Momiji Inubashiri from Touhou to the top of the game's console. Originally featured in Moereich, but is now available as its own separate mod after ...
Colored Puppets & Country specific names
Created by Nekololi
As of today, ANY vanilla country can change color of their puppets and ALL majors and Poland has unique names


Ironman compatible.
Hearts of Todd IV: It Just Works
Created by fanculo

What is this mod
As someone with a thorough knowledge of the Second World War, I felt the revisionist scum at Paradox had gone to long without someone standing up against them. Therefore, Bethesda Sof...
hell mode
It‘s a mod that can make AI much more stronger.
This mod can give you sweat and tear.(*^_^*)
In theory,it can support any other mod....
Marked Incompatible ]  Historical German Flag
Created by Instinct

The Swasticka was the National State flag of Nazi Germany (1933–45)

Yes, I know this isn't the 100% correct flag (the real one is off center abit) but who the hell likes off centered flags?

Ironman Mode co...
Hot War
Created by Gemini
Hello Commanders,
thank you for visiting this mod page.

Welcome to my first mod for Hearts of Iron 4, I've made it for experimenting with everything inside the game code and it's very early alpha.

Here's the pseudo-lore, it's set in a (rather) moder...
HoI4: Partisan Mod
Created by Micteca
Help translate!
The parts newly added in the 1.6.1 update are not translated from Japanese!

Even if resistances are actively active, it is enough to ignore the factory just by destroying the factory ... Do not you think it is ...
Houndland: Man's Best Friend
Created by plox
Man the Guns patch notes:

- Renamed the old Confederacy to "the Southern Union" and changed their flag (due to the CSA now existing in the actual game)
- Tweaked events regarding the Second American Civil War

What began as a fun opportunity to lea...
Make Peace, Not War
Created by Skelsa

Hearts of Iron 4, like the prequel, doesn't allow conditional surrender and thus requires you to march through every enemy capital, even if you just want to capture the Falklands as Argentina. When you reach lategame eventually and...
Map overhaul (DISCONTINUED)
Created by NichlasFighter
Glad to introduce this new mod (almost)
previous versions of this had been released but were scrapped relatively fast

this one was made with perfection


Not compatible with any other mod thats changing the particle effec...
More Variants
Created by 3ntf4k3d
This mod allows to create variants for the following equipment:
- Infantry Equipment
- Support Equipment
- Artillery
- Anti-Tank
- Anti-Air
- Rocket Artillery
- Motorized Rocket Artillery
- Motorized
- Mechanized
- Amtrac...
Old World Blues: Shattered Wasteland
Created by magnum2016

Old World Blues: Puppet Overhaul
Created by Engineer Skip
Version 0.4
Mexico compatible! New flags, autonomy, and icons. note that this mod is still being integrated and as such will probably drastically change when it's been finished.

This mod overhauls the vanilla autonomy system for Old Blues, replacin...
MD4: National Songs -- Discontinued
Created by [BGP] Rafael
Due the Millenium Dawn-Modern Day 4 merge this mod was discontinued, it's contents however were moved to a new mod that will keep beeing updated and can be found here:

Infection - A HOI IV Scenario
Created by MrKmproductions
How will you survive?

Infection - A Hearts of Iron IV Scenario is a mod that implements zombies into the game.
Play as any nation and attempt to survive the horde... or play as the horde and crush the human resistance!

Updates to this mod remain o...
Leaders Enhanced Edition
Created by Cacau19

- updated Portrait_Romania_Ion_Antonescu
- added 2 new traits for Ion Antonescu (Iron Guard Proponent, Dislikes Soviet)

Aim to completely revamp leader portraits and possibly add more leader traits and stuff.
Alpha status for now.

See Chan...