The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief

The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief

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Episode 1: The Cruise Ship Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)
By The Virgin Queen
A small (spoiler free) walkthrough for the cruise ship area of Episode 1.
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IMPORTANT - There are many known bugs going on with this game right now that will cause you to re-load your last save to continue. So save yourself the hassle of having to re-play potentially hours worth of the game. SAVE OFTEN AND USE MULTIPLE SAVE SLOTS!

Playing the Game:
  • Make sure you do the 1-minute long tutorial at the beginning of the game to save confusion over the controls.
  • Click the floor to move and/or click zone entrances or exits.
  • You can save your game and view your notebook by hovering your mouse over the top right-hand side of the screen. I would advise people to save every 10 minutes or so because of game-breaking bugs that are currently occurring. Do about 4 separate saves to cover your back and rotate through them.
General Tips:
  • Talk to everyone about everything.
  • Examine every object that needs examining - In this area you must examine objects multiple times!
  • When stuck, re-talk to people just incase a new dialogue option has opened up.
  • If you are still stuck, try using objects with other objects and/or with people.
  • If you are STILL stuck (and don't want to use the in-game hints), use this guide
About the Guide:

I am doing each zone individually, which I will then combine into an Episode guide at a later date. Once all three episodes are completed I will then compile everything into one giant guide.

I'm trying to make these walkthroughs as spoiler-free as possible while remaining useful. You will find the bare minimum amount of information here, but it should still help you out if you are stuck. Please get in touch if you find my descriptions far too vague to be useful and I will tweak them. I will also add pictures and/or videos if people request them.

I am always open to comments/suggestions/assistance - Just get in touch :)
The Cruise Ship

Examine each object MULTIPLE TIMES. A lot of the objects need examining three times, so if you are stuck, go back and re-examine an object you previously examined and look at it again.

  • Talk to Legrand
  • Examine the area
  • Talk to Constable Oliver
  • Walk to the woman in car, examine her luggage twice. Have conversation with Miss Mayers.
  • Talk to the Doctor.
  • Talk to the Baroness. Pick up binoculars and use them.
  • Board the ship using the gangway.
  • Examine the area, make sure you examine the cylindrical object opposte the bottom of the stairs. Retrieve flashlight.
  • Walk into the dark area and examine the chest. Open the chest.
  • Examine shards by the stairs
  • Pull the cloth directly behind you on the shelf, it is right next to the crane controls.
  • Use the flat iron on the box in front of your feet.
  • Cut through the cloth using the saws in the box you just opened.
  • Now use the crane controls.


  • Walk back into the area with the stairs. Pick up pipe on the floor by the car.
  • Before exiting this area, make sure you examine the box in the far right hand corner near the lockers.
  • Go up the stairs. Use pipe on door to exit.
  • Talk to the Doctor.
  • Go to the side deck.
  • Talk to Constable Oliver.
  • Go to the forecastle.
  • Talk to Constable Oliver.
  • Examine the water bottle next to him on the floor.
  • Go back to the side deck and proceed upstairs.
  • Examine everything here - the dirt, door, venting grate, lifeboat, axe, and pipes.
  • Go back downstairs and into the ship. Proceed down the stairs inside and enter the Medical Center.
  • Talk to the Doctor.
  • Receive bullet. Enter Legrad's Cabin. Talk to Legrad.

  • Go back upstairs and enter Baroness' Cabin.
  • Examine the blood spot on the bed three times.
  • Examine the white tape recorder three times. Retrieve reel from desk.
  • Examine notepad on desk and complete the pencil rubbing (hold down the left mouse button)
  • Examine under the bed (walk towards the fireplace to change the camera angle) and pick up the feathers.
  • Examine the Baroness' luggage on the table multiple times.
  • Read diary multiple times.
  • Examine the large white vase next to the desk by the bed multiple times. Retrieve feathers. Examine the vase one last time.
  • Examine all other objects in the room multiple times - painting/vent on ceiling/lock & chain on door/large suitcase-wardrobe thing/mannequin.
  • Exit Baroness' Cabin and talk to Butler.
  • Enter saloon. Talk to Captain. Talk to Lady Westmacott.
  • Examine the ice bucket next to the Captain. Take the ice tongs.
  • Return to Baroness' Cabin and use ice tongs on large white vase. Retreive pillowcase.

  • Head downstairs into Legrand's Cabin.
  • Examine the plant pot in front of the Medical Center multiple times. Pick up stones.
  • Go back upstairs and into the saloon. Grab a coffee from the buffet table and examine food.
  • Talk to Lady Westmacott.
  • Exit to the Afterdeck. Talk to Miss Mayors.
  • Go to the Side Deck and onto the Forecastle. Talk to Matt. Play (and win) a game with him. Receive slingshot.
  • Talk to Ms. Miller and Professor. Talk to Miss Miller again.
  • Talk to Constable Oliver.
  • Proceed to Saloon and make him a plate of food from the buffet table.
  • Talk to Lady Westmacott.
  • Return to Forecastle. Speak to Ms. Miller again.
  • Use stones with slingshot and break the water bottle next to Constable Oliver.

  • Talk to the prisoner.
  • Examine the crate with the bullet hole three times - it is in the far right hand corner behind the upside down chairs.
  • Examine the locker on the right far, the one closest to you. Retreive toolbox.
  • Open the toolbox and take the wire and screwdriver.
  • Use the screwdriver on the crate with the bullet hole and receive bullet.
  • Go to Legrand's Cabin and use the wire on the door.

I know this screenshot doesn't show one of them aligned correctly, but this still opened the door for me.

  • Examine desk and take the bullet. Examine the police file, pipe, and glass bottle.
  • Exit the desk screen and out both bullets on the microscope. Examine them using the microscrope and line up the bullets so they match. ACHIEVEMENT.
  • Examine bathroom, photos, enlarger and blankets until there is nothing else left to select.
  • Examine the forensic box. Examine the small sachet and receive cotton swab. Examine everything else in front of you, including the green manual in the drawer.
  • Exit Legrand's Cabin and go to Baroness' Cabin. Use the cotton swab on the blood stain.
  • Return to Legrand's Cain and re-read the green manual in the forensic box.
  • Select the two ingredients from the shelves in front of you. Pick up the pipette and use it on the glass bowl full of the solution. Now use the blood sample on the pipette.
  • Go to the Medical Center.
  • Examine the tape recorder by the sink. Examine the drawer immediately beneath the tape recorder and remove the reel. Use this reel on the tape recorder.
  • Examine the cupboard and then examine the gloves twice.
  • Examine everything else in the room. Exit the Medical Center.

    ACHIEVEMENT (this should be between 1-4 achievements depending on how well you investigated through this entire episode, but currently the final 3 achievements are broken so you will only receive the one for finishing the game.)


    Achievement Guide
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ksence May 30 @ 12:07pm 
I have finished all the searching I can do in the Medical Center. When I attempt to leave, I am attacked. Apparently this is the end of the game?
italohamm' Dec 7, 2017 @ 5:33pm 
good coment but isnt resole the clue."
Megalomaniakaal Dec 20, 2016 @ 2:34pm 
Came to see if guide had info on where he puts the second bullet after picking it up from the table, but alas, no. Phantom menace, the bullets just dissapeared!
redsoul41 Jan 21, 2015 @ 10:29am 
Awesome guide! No spoilers at all! :D ..
Prigubert Dec 12, 2013 @ 4:32pm 
I can`t open the door with the wire :(
LanQuaiFong Nov 19, 2013 @ 7:34am 
There seem to be so many bugs in this game - honestly I have never before in my whole gamer's life encountered something like this....
I have been in the medical centre and talked to the doctor but I HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE BULLET from him. Now I am stuck and cannot go on because the doctor is gone and I cannot get into the medical centre anymore.
Is there a solution to this I just do not find or is it just another annoying (to say the least...) bug???
Darkin Nov 13, 2013 @ 8:06pm 
abandoned game after couldnt find slingshot in inventory. it strangely disappeared....
Slaytanic Nov 12, 2013 @ 1:23pm 
A Big thank you for the Guide.:Clementine:
LogThatData Sep 8, 2013 @ 11:45am 
Your guides are AWESOME :CyberVision:
breXtn Aug 5, 2013 @ 11:17pm 
Thanks for the guide. The part after you get the slingshot where you "Proceed to Saloon and make him a plate of food from the buffet table", I think it should be recommended to Proceed to Saloon and talk to Lady Westmacott then make Constable Oliver a plate of food from the buffet table.

When you make the plate of food, you automatically go to the Forcastle and give the food to him so if you didn't speak with Lady Westmacott when you were there, you have to walk back the Saloon then back to the Forcastle.