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AtlasPlus (v3.0.1)
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AtlasPlus (v3.0.1)

ModID: 1632631187

AtlasPlus is a mod in which the vanilla objects and structures have been changed.

All Items and Structures can be PickUp

Mod includes :
  • Wood, Stone, Thatch Structures (All have more Health)
  • Stone Structures Have Old Crafting Costs
  • Bow and Arrows with Old and +Stats
  • CrossBow and Arrows from Bow
  • Metal Hatchet, Pick and Sickle with more Durability
  • Glass Structures (Ceiling, Door, Roof, Walls)
  • Smithy, MortarAndPestle, Loom, Tannery, Forge (All Vanilla Items can be Craft Inside)
  • Food Larder, Preserving Bags, Feeding Trough with Higher Spoiling Time, Bigger Stacks
  • Lantern without Durability
  • WallHook
  • Large and Small StorageBox with More Slots
  • Grill with more Slots and without Meat an Fish Autocraft
  • CookingPot and Campfire
  • New Medium and XL Gates and Gateways in Wood and Stone
  • 4 Barrels for Alcohol (Beer, Met, Red Wine, Rum) and the Skill Brew Master (Snap on Vanilla Pipes)
  • Many New Recipes for Cooking
  • Ship Wood Structures that can Place on Land
  • Ship Cannon, Large Cannon, Mortar, Catapult, Ballista and Ammo with more Damage
  • AmmoContainer for New Ammo and Vanilla Ammo
  • New: GentleWhale and MeanWhale FriendlySeamonster (Eleminatet the Aggro and the Damage on Ships) Must add in json File
  • New: WhiteShark in the Ocean (Experimental)
  • Fix for Gunpowder and Fertilizer Bug
  • Wood Post for Lamps / (Gibbet + HangingNoose (Vanilla and Mod))
  • Gibbet (Can PickUp)
  • HangingNoose (Can PickUp)
  • New Craftable Ressource Rope (Crafting with Hemp)
  • Street Lamps
  • Dock Lamps
  • Skull Torches 3 Variantes. Can Change with T
  • All Torches and New Lamps Auto ON/OFF at Night and Day Cycle
  • Storage Boxes Crates
  • Storage Boxes Crate Stacks
  • Storage Boxes Crate Stacks Cargo (Snap on Vanilla Cargo Saddle and items has reduced Weight and higher Spoil Time)
  • Storage Boxes Barrels
  • Storage Boxes Bags (Only Food and with higher Spoiling Multiplier)
  • All new Storage Boxes have 2 or 3 Variantes, Can Toggle with T
  • Additional Workbench for Only Atlas Plus Items
  • Snap Points for Small and Large StorageBoxes
  • Small Stall (Deco)
  • Planter Boxes (3 Pieces) 1 for Windows, 1 for Walls and 1 Standalone, can Variante Toggle with T
  • Water Pipe System Overhaul (Better Snaping, No Encrochment Check on Snap Points, can without undergrund Pipe place on ground etc.)
  • Well as WaterReservoir with 6000 Volume and Snaps for Pipes and extra Snap for Barrel Hight
  • Crop Plots with Slower Mini Game and Snapping on Foundation

Upcoming features :
  • Overhaul from Vanilla Ships
  • New Structures for Overhaul Vanilla Ships
  • New Wood Structures
  • New Glass Structures (The old ones stay in the mod)
  • Many More
  • Bug correction

This mod is stackable.

Other Mods from Creator:

Access to Experimental Build and TestServer Only for Supporter


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Tino  [author] May 21 @ 11:39am 
@Starbuck : No. Is not planned.
Starbuck May 21 @ 7:56am 
Is there any ini config for Cargo Saddle Weight Reduction?
Because 90% is way too OP
Nyt May 15 @ 6:31pm 
Is there a way to disable the increased damage ammo? We like the current balance we have on our server cluster and there are concerns about this aspect of the mod that would impact that balance.
Tino  [author] May 15 @ 5:54pm 
press Q for Other Snap Points.. Large Storage Boxes snap NOT Only Backwards.. LS Have 4 Snap Points
McLovin May 15 @ 3:26pm 
Is there a way to turn off snapping temporarily or a keystroke that bypasses the snapping? I'm trying to place Large Storage Boxes and they're snapping backwards to the Large Storage Boxes on the other side of the walls.
Tino  [author] May 14 @ 9:35pm 
@Vengeance : You have to do that in Game.ini. In principle, as with Ark. I have to see if I still have the settings of my Atlas server. If I still have them, I can post them.
VENGEANCE May 14 @ 7:25pm 
@Tino you said in a previous post "You can make this with Settings in the ini.. With SupplyCrate Override setting.."

Can you go in to more details about how to achieve this?
Is it the game.ini, gameusersettings.ini? your own ini for the mod?

What do you need to set SupplyCrateOverride to?
Kerendri May 13 @ 1:58pm 
Hast du mal darüber nachgedacht bau und plazierbare gestrandete Schiffe zu machen. Als Deko oder als Haus?
Tino  [author] May 10 @ 12:12pm 
@SLB2k11 : Das Zauberwort ist warten.. Das dauert zwischen 3 und 9 Real Stunden bis einmal fertig ist..
SLB2k11 May 10 @ 12:01pm 
@Tino Nicer Mod auf jedenfall, aber mal ne Frage wie soll das Rum , Wine , Met , Beer Brauen funktionieren? Bekomm es einfach nicht hin Wasseranschluss ist dran alle Sachen im Fass , Leere Flasche in Fass und im eigenen Inventar versucht aber passiert nichts.