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Creates snow fields in mountain areas. It's supposed to look a bit realistic by avoiding snow on high slopes and taking the direction of the sun into account. Also, the snow doesn't 'fade out'. Snow doesn't fade, it melts with a hard edge. Feel free to modify the script to adjust it to your needs.

Map on the screenshots?

Innsbruck by DenesBerky

Compatibility with other mods

Works with NEP mod in case NEP is activated first (only the fields disappear). Looks strange with the other snow mountain mod. Didn't test any others - expect strange results.

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Bumbling Brit Sep 1 @ 9:20am 
What is this script called and where do I find it?
cpu | skully  [author] Sep 1 @ 9:11am 
The Mod contains only one Script. Only the Last few lines control the snow.
Bumbling Brit Sep 1 @ 4:37am 
This looks beautiful! I am finishing up a new map and I want to recommend this mod to be used with it. I have questions, though!

How exactly can I change the parameters for the height level snow appears at? Specifically...

What is the script called?
Where can I find the script?
What line do I need to change?

Keep up the great content!
juri.martin Jul 14 @ 11:53am 
coole mod
cpu | skully  [author] Jun 14 @ 12:49pm 
The mod only modifies one file in 'res' and only adds two lines of code. Yep, it's really THAT simple. There are a lot of variants that different people would appreciate, yet making this thing easily configurable is impossible. I also came to the current parameters by try'n'error, and I am sure there is room for improvement for everyone.
Stormlover_51 Jun 1 @ 4:45pm 
Sadly this beautiful mod is mostly useless for medium elevation maps (unlike the other snow mod that produces snow fields on medium hills.)

The author (skully) says "feel free to modify the script" yet there is no documentation in the mod explaining how to change the snow level.

If there was a "medium hills" version of this mod with a lower snow level I'm sure many would use it. Until then, the only option is the regular snow capped mountain mod.
fanny.perrin May 1 @ 1:26am 
What is the graphique mod ?
Nicky Mar 26 @ 1:10pm 
Anything that can be done about the missing fields of NEP ?
Ayce Mar 13 @ 12:54pm 
I'm with Stormlover. How do you modify the script. I tried it on both medium and hilly maps, and see nothing. I do have the other snow mos shut off.
Enrico Mar 3 @ 8:54am 
Does this work with Transport Fever ReEnvironment