Age of Empires II (2013)

Age of Empires II (2013)

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Historical Realism Mod for AoE2-Rise of Rajas
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Historical Realism Mod for AoE2-Rise of Rajas

DATA MOD- VISUAL CHANGES ON SCREENSHOTS ARE DUE TO RENEWAL EDITION MOD BY JENARA HODAYC (DRAGON FTW). The main goal was to create a realistic, but still balanced data mod. The only visual change I made was the replacement of the (Elite)Elephant Archer with a Chakram unit (unknown author). This is a more historically realistic unit, and now that the Indians have access to Battle Elephants, it seems to mesh well (see details below).

This technology has far more importance now- In addition to granting Villagers +15 attack against buildings, it also gives them +5 Hit Points and gives Swordsmen-line infantry units +10 Hit points.
The Sappers technology effectively represents the advancement of professional foot armies, including their support roles, in both siege warfare and field battles. I didn't by any means want to make infantry overpowered, but I did try to make Swordsman units more viable in the late game.
These civilizations lack Sappers:
Burmese, Berbers, Byzantines, Ethiopians, Franks, Goths, Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Saracens.
These civilizations have all infantry upgrades (including Sappers) and Champions:
Aztecs, Britons, Celts, Incas, Italians, Magyars, Portuguese, Slavs, Spanish, Teutons, Turks, Vikings.

Main Changelog:


-Gunpowder units have are stronger, have faster projectile speed, but are less accurate and have longer reload times.
-Camel units are stronger because I reversed the RoR 5.8 nerf. Indians/Saracens have been slightly rebalanced accordingly.
-Paladins are stronger vs. melee units.
-Elite Infantry units are buffed slightly to adjust for Sappers tech.


Projectile speed changes:
-Bullet (Hand Cannoneer, Janissary, Conquistador, Organ Gun) speed 5.5 → 8.5.
-Bombard Tower cannonball's speed 3 → 6.
-Bombard cannonball speed 4 → 7.
-Ship cannonball's speed 1.95 → 5.8 Spanish cannonballs move at 8.8 speed.
-Turtle Ship cannonball's speed 7.8 → 9.8.
-Spear (skirmishers/genitours) speed 7 → 6.

Range changes:
-Mangonels/Onagers/Siege Onager max range 7/8/9 → 8/8/9
-Scorpions' max range 7 → 8, min range 2 → 1.
-Bombard Cannon's range 12 → 13.
-Cannon Galleon's range 13 → 14.
-Elite Cannon Galleon's range 15 → 16.
-Arbalest range 5 → 6
-Longbowmen range 6 → 7

Damage/Rate of Fire (ROF) changes:
-Scorpions/Heavy Scorpions: 16/20 attack, rate of fire decreased to 4.1, +2/3 bonus vs. cavalry
-(Galleons)War Galley, (Elite)Longboats, and (Elite)Caravels lose 2(3) in their bonus vs. ships, get +2(3) base pierce attack instead (makes them stronger vs. land units/buildings).
-Bombard Towers +50 attack vs. rams.
-ALL SHIPS (except Gunpowder ships) do +2 bonus damage vs. infantry and archers.
-ALL GUN units do +1 bonus vs. unique units, +2 vs. infantry (Hand Cannoneers do +6 vs. infantry).
-ALL CANNON units do +5 bonus vs. cavalry.
-Mangonels/Onagers/Siege Onagers: 8/8/9 base range, also do +5 bonus vs. cavalry.

Misc/Unique Unit changes:
-Bombard Cannon accuracy reduced to 85%
-Bombard Tower accuracy reduced to 90%
-Cavaliers have 2,3 base armor.
-Condottiero have 0,4 base armor, 10 attack.
-Hand Cannoneers 40 hp, 22 attack, 3.7 Rate of Fire. Bonus vs. infantry reduced to 6.
-Pikemen, Halberdier have reduced attack vs. Camels
-Skirmisher/Elite/Imperial skirmishers +4/+5/+6 vs. archers (increased due to shorter range compared to Arbalests and slower projectile speed). Bonus vs. Spearmen increased to 4 for whole line.
-Slinger attack increased to 6.
-Fire Galleys/Fire Ships/Fast Fire Ships have 5/7/10 pierce armor respectively
-Paladins have 3,3 armor [Makes upgrade more worthwhile with +1/+1 armor gain].
-(Elite)Arambai have 18(20) attack and 0,0(0,1) armor, but benefit from Parthian Tactics.
-(Elite)Battle Elephants' speed increased to 0.88.
-(Elite)Berserks have 1,2(2,2) armor, 10(15) attack, 1(2)base bonus damage vs. camels/cavalry. Chieftains tech increases this.
-Elite Boyar has 8,2 armor.
-(Elite)Cataphracts have 3,1(4,1) armor.
-(Elite)Conquistadors have 18(21) atk, ROF reduced to 3.3.
-Elite Jaguar Warriors have +13 vs. infantry.
-(Elite)Janissaries 20(24) atk, ROF reduced to 3.9(3.8).
-(Elite)Kamayuks have 10(14) bonus vs. cavalry, 5(8) vs. camels.
-(Elite)Karambit Warriors have 0,0 armor, but attack increased to 6(9)
-(Elite)Organ Guns have 20(24) atk, ROF reduced to 4.1. Each projectile does 6 damage.
-(Elite)War Wagons get +2 damage vs. cavalry
-(Elite)Tarkans have 9(12) attack.
-(Elite)Turtle Ships' speed increased to 1.2.
-(Elite)Samurai armor increased to 2,1(3,1).
-(Elite)Teutonic Knights' speed increased to 0.8, have hidden anti-unique unit/anti-infantry armor of 1(2).
-(Elite)War Elephants' speed increased to 0.65.
-(Elite)Woad Raiders have 70(90) HP.
-Imperial Camel has +19 bonus vs. cavalry [increased from +18]
-Mangonels/Onagers/Siege Onagers pierce armor increased to 7/8/10 respectively.

-Animal Changes- ATTACK HP FOOD
-Rhino 150 8 400
-Elephant 150 8 500
-Bear 150 8 200
-Dire Wolf 80 6 0
-Wolf 25 3 0
-Crocodile 60 7 50
-Komodo 50 7 0
-Tiger 50 8 0
-Jaguar 45 7 0

Civilizations that have access to (Elite)Genitours:
Byzantines, Goths, Portuguese, Saracens, Spanish

Other Civilization-specific/Tech tree changes (see full changelog in the word document):
-Berbers- No Bombard Cannon
-Britons- No Heavy Cavalry Archer, Onager, or Fast Fire Ship, Have Bombard Tower and Elite Cannon Galleon
-Burmese- No Bombard Cannon
-Byzantines-(Italian Architecture) No Bombard Cannon, have Heavy Scorpion and (Elite)Genitours, +1 pierce armor for Knights.
-Celts- No paladin, Have Theocracy, Furor Celtica grants +50% HP to siege units
-Chinese- No Bloodlines, Faith, Siege Ram, Galleon, Champion, or Elite Skirmisher, but have Hand Cannoneer, Bombard cannon, Block Printing, Fast Fire Ship. Chemistry is free
-Ethiopians- No Sappers or Bombard Cannon, have Halberdier upgrade free again, Torsion Engines does not affect Ram Area of Effect damage, but gives +1 range to Mangonels/Onagers additionally
-Franks- No Halberdier or Theocracy, have Ring Archer Armor and Arbalest, Knights +30% hp but other Cavalry unaffected
-Goths- No Guilds or Heresy, no Heavy Cavalry Archer or Gunpowder units (except Cannon Galleon), have Siege Onager, (elite)Genitours, Plate Barding Armor
-Huns- No Galleon or Halberdier, Trebuchet accuracy boost changed to Trebuchet HP boost (+33%).
-Indians- No Capped Ram, Crossbowman, or Halberdier, have (Elite)Battle Elephants, Elephant archer unit changed to Chakram ranged infantry:
(Elite)Chakram -Heavy, Long-Ranged Infantry Unit:
Cost: 60F 45G \ 20 seconds training time \ Hp: 60(70) \ Attack: 6(8) \ Rate of Fire: 2.25 \ Frame Delay: 7 \ Range: 6(7) \ Armor: 1,0 \ Speed: 1.02. Upgrade cost remains same.
-Italians- No Thumb Ring, No (Heavy)Cavalry Archer, Have Heresy, Have Halberdier
-Khmer- No Hand cannoneers, Husbandry is free, have Siege Onager
-Koreans- Team bonus grants +1 range for mangonel-line again, Shinkichon grant additional +1 range and reduces minimum range to 1
-Malay- No Onager, Have Hand Cannoneer
-Malians- No Gunpowder units, but have Halberdier and free gold shaft mining techs once again
-Mongols- No Plate Mail Armor, Have Ring Archer Armor, Drill tech does not affect Rams' speed.
-Portuguese- No Thumb ring, Have Paladin, Heavy Cavalry Archer, and (Elite)Genitours
-Saracens- No Arbalest, have (Elite)Genitours
-Slavs-Have Faith
-Spanish- (Italian Architecture) No Hussar or Light Cavalry, no Thumb ring, have (Elite)Genitours, have Crossbowman
-Teutons- Have Heavy Cavalry Archer
-Vietnamese- (Far East Architecture) No Heavy Cavalry Archer, Have Hand Cannoneers, Sappers is free. Villagers +5 HP from Dark Age. Paper Money costs 600w 800f 50g.