The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Daedric of God
Items (217)
Created by Kain-Xavier
    Shoutcraft allows players to increase their Speech skill by shouting. Increasing Speech results in shorter cool-downs between shouts.

New to v1.2
Daedric Artifacts Improved: Dawnguard Version
Created by Zim

Mod Details:

This mod adds three Wells of Urd to Skyrim. These are crafting benches where you can improve the Daedric Artifacts ...
Elemental Staffs
Created by Carnage
Changes Ice, Fire and Storm Staff Textures to Appear Like Their Emitted Elemental Powers.
NOTE: this mod does NOT add any new staffs to the game, only changes all current ones, as above.

The primary textures are 1024x1024 (the size of vanilla textures)...
The Archer's Arsenal ~ Special Arrows and More! (v1.5)
Created by Kali
-- No Requirements :D --

The life of an archer in Skyrim can be rather boring and monotonous. Shoot, kill, shoot, get the point.

The Archer's Arsenal is a lore-friendly mod that aims to enrich the skill of archery, providing more ways to g...
Created by tygabor
Are you a true Dragonborn? Shouldn't you be wielding a weapon deserving of that title? Now you can! The ancient enemy of dragons and compainion to the Dovahkiin, Kroniid! In the dragon tongue it means Conquerer, it was created by the Aedra in Aetherius to ...
MAGIC EXPLOSIVE Daedric Arrows pack
made at the forge, and all arrows are purchasable at the. solitude fletchery = archer shop in solitude next to the blacksmith

Arrows in this pack.are as follows
the numbers = cheat codes

Explosive Daedric arrows + Timed Explosive Daedric Granades 5...
Lord Destino,Dremora follower!!
Created by ~Marc~
Bringing to you,the Dremora lord,Lord Destino! Dark Elf,who has conquered and slain most of the demons,and lowers of Oblivion,has now escaped,and risen.This time he seeks to kill all other Daedra opposing him,and taking his power in Tamriel,but there is on...
Auriel's Bow Improved
Created by Zim

All mods in the Improved Artifacts Collection can be found on the Nexus []. Also included on the Nexus is a single merged ver
Apocalypse Equipment
Created by Torch311
This mod adds what I will dub "Apocalypse Equipment" (While I didn't realize it until I was making a name, all the equipment does sound a bit apocalyptic). These sets include armor and weapons, each with their own enchantment. Anything marked as "Forgeable...
The Terror Dome
Created by Dirty Bryce

Not yet finished!!
Still worth getting though!!
The Terror Dome...
the home to legions of monsters
Can you kill them all?

Battle threw 4 levels of pure b...
Tea Junkie's Fire Bow
Created by Tea Junkie
This is the bow of the Gods! Set fire you your enemies with this deadly bow that can only be found in 1 place....
Hatsune Songblades
Created by Halcyon
I proudly present the Songblades of Hatsune!
This project is a Tribute to Hatsune Miku, for nurturing and inspiring the music community. A community which reminds me of the Skyrim modding community. This blade is a celebration thereof.
This custom-made...
[BUSO] Enchant Materials Pack 1.1.0
Created by China
Enchant Material Pack Includes :
  • BUSO Enchant Material Chest

Locations :
  • (Eastmarch) Cragwallow Slope
  • (Eastmarch) Windhelm Hjerim
  • (Falkreath) Bloodlet Throne
  • (F
Dragonbone Weapons Loot
Created by IhmeHihhuli ™

This mod simply adds the Dragonbone weapons to Leveled items loot (on vanilla you cannot get dragonbone weapons as loot). You will start getting them at level 50 (daedric weapons are level 46).

The mod has an effect on:
- merchant...
Ninja Armor And Weapons
Created by fpsquadrasnipar

✓ Zero Weight.

✓ Armor Rating Equivalent To Glass (Light).

✓ Weapon DMG Equivalent To Morrowind.

✓ Weapon Attack is Swift and Silent.

✓ All items are NOT enchanted...
Dawnguard Ebony Weapons & Armor
Created by MontyX
"Requires Dawnguard"
Craftable at the Forge, In the Ebony Category. Available in Light & Heavy armor.
Dawnguard Ebony Armor, Gauntlets, Boots, Helmet, Pouch, Shield & Rune Shield.
Dawnguard Ebony Sword, War Axe, War Hammer, Crossbow & Bolts.
The pouch ...
Starter Chest - Helgen Keep V2
Created by AXx Brad xXA
This is the second version of the Starter Chest in Helgen
Due to some people complaining about the unfair advantage to the game i added more items to let the player decide how much of an advantage he/she wants
So by downloading this you understand that t...
Aedra Might
Created by Stew
Sorry about heading I changed my name.
The Mod
When the Aedra created Tamriel they left weapons, these weapons have un-thinkab...
More Summonings
Created by zoro4661
This mod adds new summoning spells, a normal spell, a merchant in Whiterun, an argonian woman, a special armor and makes the giant's club and the executioner's armor/weapon playable.

Until now, the added spells are:
-summon Assassin
-summon Blade Sold...
Dovahkiin's Warehouse and Bedroom - Hearthfire Edition
Created by Chokehold
Welcome to the Dovahkiin's Warehouse and Bedroom - Hearthfire Edition.

The Warehouse is the ultimate storage and display property available in Skyrim, now combined with a mansion fit for the Dovahkiin and an Armory to display all of your ...
Marriable Serana - Hearthfires (Addon - Requires main mod)
Created by CoderMonkey
Current Version 1.6.2
Requires Skyrim v1.9 or better + Dawnguard DLC + Hearthfires DLC

The Original Mod Marriable Serana is REQUIRED for this to work.[/b...
Novgorod Player Fortress
Created by cstevenson2014
Player fortress home modelled on the college of Winterhold.

Gate defenses
Underground storage rooms
Servant tower

Tell me what you'd like in future updates.
MEGA Spell
Created by Mighty Snorlax
Huge fire spell that shoots everywhere and sticks to your target. behind smelter in Whiterun...
Created by Kalec84
Versione italiana della mia mod:
Questa mod è stata ideata per rendere i draghi una vera sfida, e non solo grossi lucertoloni spitafiamme...
Ora i draghi potranni lanciare magie, come le evocazioni e le cure, di...
TT Island Fortress
Off the Coast of Dawnstar you see a bridge leading to this exotic Island. But inside, it is far from exotic. You soon
learn that Bandits have overtaken this island. You enter the antechamber and go up the first tower; another locked
building marked "Pr...
[RUS] Powerful Archmage Robe
Created by Bagrus
English version

Каждый получивший робу архимага был немного расстроен тем фактом, что характеристики сильно занижены, ведь даже у подчинённых робы лучше. Я исправил эту оплошность.

Mysterious House
Created by A shot of Jack
A lonesome house west of Faendal's home in Riverwood, You assume the identity of a slaver by picking up a note off the front door that instructs you to pick up your goods.


14 slaves (no gear coz their slaves)
A weapon vendor
2 bar vendor...
Dragonbane Player Home v3
Created by Talmai
Dragonbane Player Home
by Knight_Phoenix

Requirements: none.

This mod adds a player home based on Dragonsreach, home of the Jarl of Whiterun. The home is located near Sundered Towers, which is Northeast of Markath. After trying out s...
Created by #1SkyrimModder
WinterHold Upgrade

Two Houses fully furnished 1 huge yarl's house, and a farm house
3 NPCs 1 Farmer, and 2 Guards
The farm house has lots of treasure and special weapons and is two floors, its nice and cozy :)
The yarl's house is huge and ...
Created by Evil Mr Pumpkins
Location : Hall of the Dead (At the side of the hall) whiterun

Necromancers Hollow Version 1.2 Player home

Note to player

If you dont agree with the location of this mod (Not lore friendly) then dont download it
ive got better thing...
Proudspire Manor Expansion - Armory / Weapon Gallery 3
Created by Cinder
!! New users choose this mod version or mod 1.

This is the exact same as mod 2, but now there is a wood chopping block included in the smithy area. Display case activators have been enabled on this version as well as version 2.

This mod is an alte...
Player Army Members , Basement and Quests
Created by Masa
--04/04/2012 Ver1.0 file have already uploaded.
This mod provides 15 new Npcs and 1 simple basement for them.
15Npcs can trade weapon and apparel and so on, and they use it.
You can invite them to the PT at the same time, and walk through in the skyrim....
Breezehome Fully Upgradable Hearthfires + Dawnguard - READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU INSTALL
Created by Sku11M0nkey
Breezehome Fully Upgradeable Hearthfires + Dawnguard Edition

This is a mod that allows you to slowly upgrade Breezehome from it's humble beginnings as a little shack to a home worthy of a dragonslayer...
Bound Daedric Artifacts
Created by Schnorf

Do you like your Daedric Artifacts, but you cannot carry all of them with you?
This mod adds a Conjuration Spell for every Daedric Weapon!
They work like the normal Artifacts, but can be conjured and dispelt ...
[BUSO] All Armours Pack 1.0.0
Created by China
All Armours Packs Includes :
  • BUSO Iron Armour Pack ( MOD )
  • BUSO Steel Armour Pack ( MOD )
  • BUSO Dwarven Armour Pack ( MOD )
  • BUSO Elven Armour Pack ( MOD )
  • BUSO Orcish Armour Pack ( MOD )
  • BUSO Ebony Armour P
AHAR, ALL Hair Colors for ALL Races... VAMPIRE VERSION
Created by TillaSiren
This file is now outdated please go to
and download/subscribe to the new file

This file will be available in the future as far as I have planned until its downloads are all gone

Better Traps
Created by Mister Molecule
This simple mod increases the damage value of poison and fire administered by dungeon traps.

I found poison traps to be utterly inconsequential, so I made the poison damage 5 times higher and doubled the duration. That means sudden death for the careles...
Thanatos Dragon
Created by SatyrTitan
This mod replaces Odahviing with a new high resolution dragon made from scratch.
If you apreciate my work and wish to donate, you ...
Dragonborn Conjuration Spells 1.4
Created by Voodu
This mod adds seven new Conjuration Spells. One at Novice, Expert, and Master and two at Apprentice and Adept.

**Requires Dragonborn DLC**

Please remember to support this project by rating up if you enjoy this mod.


Novice ...
Castle Orlok
Created by Tal OS
This mod adds Castle Orlok - an immense and carefully furnished player owned vampire castle to the south of Falkreath. It can be reached via the Map Marker, or by taking the route past Angi's camp. The mod also features a mini quest, which lets you find ou...
Blood Falls Keep
Created by cartman310



Blood Falls Keep was a Dawnguard stronghold which was overrun by vampires. You will have to defeat the corrupted Dawnguard champion to claim the keep for yourself.

Blood Falls Keep has everything you n...
Teleport Ring (Vanilla)
Created by nogare321
This mod adds a ring that will let you teleport to several locations in Skyrim from ANYWHERE (make sure you will not be breaking a quest when you teleport), and record the last place you've teleported from. This is instantaneous, unlike fast travel. ...
Serana armor changer 2.0
Created by hypertat1976
Serana will now daywalk outside with out her hood. You can still change her inventory and her level cap is now 100 she will autolevel with you. My character is level 47 so I can not be sure if she infact levels past her default level 50. Feel free to let...
The Tesseract
Created by Starfall Leyline

A Dwemer player-house based on the lore that the Dwarves could traverse the dimensions. As scholars of the Elder Scrolls games will attest, the Dwemer reportedly even visited the [url=
Floating Island Player Home
Created by plutPWNium
Adds a large floating island North of Rorikstead. A nearby Standing Stone will warp you to the island(look on the top of a hill for it). The island has a house, and a pond, complete with giant waterfall, and many chests for storage. The island also has a c...
Dova Strunmah Höll (Dragon Mountain Hall) v2.1
Created by MurphyMurph
Located atop the throat of the world, this home for the Dragonborn brings an architecture normally saved for a small portion of the gameplay into your day-to-day.

In addition to beautiful scenery and imagery this mod provides:

-all crafting stations/...
Castle Draco Riverwood Edition 5.5
Created by Draco1122
Looking for someone to do a videos review.

[color=yellow]Updated to 5.5 Completed May 16, 2015[/color]


[color=yellow]---5.5 Fixed reported issues and cleaned esp and...
Cheater Chest
Created by AlexKos
In Whiterun at Foundry appeared chest of gold. It can be hacked, but the fit key to the house breezhome....
Azura's Stars (Soul Gems)
Created by Bluefiremax
Ever grow tired of constantly having to buy new soul gems?

Wish you could re-use soul gems?

Want more Azura's Stars?

Wish no more, because that's where this mod comes in!

This mod adds 6 more of Azura's Stars to the game which, for those of you...
Elite Assassin Gear
Created by fogfog
|| Warning: spoiler ||
(unless you play in Legendary mode ;D)

This adds an overpowered armor set that has the looks of the nightingales set.
It is not craftable, instead you can find one complete set in dragonsreach.
It is in the back where you have...
Town Portal Spells + Merchants BASE GAME
Created by QC
Have you ever wanted a way to get to that Mercenary you want to take on that special quest quick and easy, or just want a way to quickly pick up your Thane/Follower.
Have you been weighed down by to much Loot and have to near crawl out of a tomb or dungeo...
Legend of the Eagles Nest PL
Created by IPL{Rycerz}Kerk
This is polish version.

Original english at nexus: Nexus forum[]
Original english at steam: Steam Workshop

For more translat...
Snow Drift Manor
Created by T man
This is a player home located near whiterun. There is a map marker for easy locating. The house is pretty much the same as hyjerim( a player home in windhelm) except with a few additions including a working water well, basement and a bathroom. Hyjerim was ...
All Standing Stones in Whiterun
Created by Beastin

Hey guys,
in this mod, I placed all Doomstones in Whiterun. I had no desire to find all stones, therefore I placed all in one place.

The Location is behind Carlotta Valentia´s house. On the 2nd Picture you can see where that house and the ...
Filthy Rich Merchants
Created by Wraithwain
Dragonborn, are you tired of lugging around all that junk you picked up from that decrepit hole you emerged from? Are you frustrated by the fact that when you decided to unload, you are denied a chance to sell them to the nearest greedy merchant because th...
Dragonlord Castle 2.4
Created by eve.nacona
This is my a castle fit for a Dragon Lord!

I am constantly adding new content! Check out the change log :)

***Designed for use with the "Unlimited Bookshelf" Mod to use the storage room effectively****

Current Features:
- Massive Main Hall with 5...
Better Cities Whiterun
Created by Tsewe

Thanks to everyone for all your evluations and support :)

This mod was previously known as Bigger Whiterun. It is its ...
Increased Merchant Gold Count
Created by i cLust3R
Increased Merchant Gold Count is exactly what you think it is. It increases the gold amount for all vendor types by 10x! So what this means is that blacksmith vendors now have 10 000 gold, instead of 1 000, Street vendors now have 500 gold instead of 50 an...
Phase Spells
Created by Madrilous
Control the world around you with Phase Spells! Transport yourself and your opponents through space instantaneously. Render your enemies immobile and helpless before crushing them into the ground.

This mods aims to bring much more powerful spells to the...
Dragon Merchant with Buyable Dragon Souls!
Created by MrCasual
This mod adds a FRIENDLY DRAGON MERCHANT that will sell you Dragon souls for a varying price. At max speech they're around 7700 gold unless you use enchants for bartering. You need the Merchant perk for them to show up in his bartering window.

Things ...
Bound Armory
Created by M4gs
-Enhanced Bound Weapons Mystic with more damage than the original version of conjuration.
-Give the same improvement of skills that give the conjuration version.
-Get the same perks that get the conjuration version.
-Original Bound Weapons Mys...
Forbidden Magic: Spell Pack 2
Created by HamsterJuice
Check out Forbidden Magic: Spell Pack 3! Get it right here, it's free!
This mod is posted on the Nexus,[] too!

Spell Tome: Apocalypse v2
Created by Mark Krass
(now on the Nexus too)

Adds a Spelltome that allows the player to summon the Apocalypse. You can find the book in Winterhold arcanaeum (library), on the table.
--Huge barrel removed)
--New effect added
--Duration increased to 120 sec
--Spell cos...
Extra Extra Effect For Zer0 (Allows Up to 8 Enchantments)
Created by Guitar Hobo
Who ever said enchanting was hard? You are a level 100 you're bound to be good at it by now.


-100 In Enchanting
-The Perk Extra Effect

Suggested By Zer0
God Weapon Set
The Weapons are located inside breezehome. if you dont own it it the ~ key and type "coc whiterunbreezehome" or look at the door to the house hit the ~ key, click the door, then type "unlock" and then enter
Comment on suggestions.
Rate Please

Make a m...
Ring of Invisibility
Created by Scottbee
The ring provides chameleon invisibility along with a sneak boost and water breathing in exchange for the constant consumption of stamina. The newest patch allows you to disenchant the ring and keep the effect to put on other items and gives it to you when...
Ring of the Cheater
Created by Sean
This simple mod adds the ultimate ring of cheats to the game:
Invulnerability, buffed magicka, instant dragon shouts and more.

The ring is found on the counter of the Riverwood Trader.
The ring can be spawned via player.additem - Find the ID by using ...
SuperNova Follower
Created by Pheenix
Yes its me!

Created just for you An Blood Red Argonian Version of me. Now I too can be your Best friend and guide you on your quest in skyrim

SuperNova is Quite OverPowerd, WARNING! IS a level 81 character! for the giggles I thought why not okay =]....
Skyrim properly pack - More races and more !
Created by Slipcoc
This is the skyrim Properly pack! In this mod I edited a few things I think should be added in skyrim ! Take a look at
(As you see I made lots of pictures. These pictures don't contain all of the things.)

some of the changes ! (some because I made lot...
Sexy Well-Stocked Merchants and Fences
Created by PhearMe
Sexy Crafting Vendors v2.0.0

Please endorse/rate if you like it.

----------------------- IMPORTANT -----------------------
The Divorce
Created by CThomasFlood
This mod basically adds a crafting recipe for making a sword out of the "bond of matrimony" ring you get from getting married in skyrim.

The sword will be called "The Divorce".

The Crafting Recipe will be in the misc section in then blacksmith forge...
Sapphire Marriage and Follower
You can do this with console commands, but if you're a player like me and would rather not ise console commands because of some feeling of legitimacy, this is for you.

I made this mod simply for my current playthrough. It seems that some users are havin...
Marriage Dynamic Outfits (Spouse redress, Hugging features)
Created by flexcreator
Please, read the FAQ before asking questions:

Have you ever wonder why your partner wear the same clothes all the time (if not a follower)?

Well, this mod let your spouse relax and wear different outfits every ...
Sauron Follower
Created by PBnJ Ninja
Hello everyone this is my first mod, ive been wanting to play with all the lord of the rings characters including my faviorte,... THE DARK LORD SAURON!!! he has arrived and is ready for battle!

the down side is he doesent have his epic maiar OP vioce ha...
Kagrenac's Instant Fortress
Created by flatline42
Kagrenac's Instant Fortress - a Flatline Construct

Long ago, when the Red Mountain halls still echoed with the sound of Mer, there worked a great architect by the name of Kagrenac.
Magical Items
Created by MnemonicMonkeys
This mod adds five magical items into the game: Stormblade, Focusing Gloves, Hood of Knowledge, and the Ring of Absorbtion. They are located in Dragonsreach on the table by the alchemy lab.

Stormblade is essentially an Akaviri katana with an enchantmen...
Rings of Effects
Created by Frazzleup
New Update! June - Whenever... (Date pushed back due to even Bigger Bugs found...I have to start the mod from scratch, building from the ground up, wish me luck)

-Lots of Bug fixes

- New Merchant for those who killed him 0...
Created by LG
Divorce your current spouse, so you can marry the right one (HA suuure). Should not affect any other script or quest, as this is a standalone script attached to the Mara's Temple Shrine on the left side when you enter.

This correctly "undoes" everythin...
Quest: In Search of Hrongar's Ring
Created by Nineteensquared
Embark on an epic quest to claim the ring of the ancient Nord hero Hrongar Irontoe! The quest can be started by speaking to the Dark Elf Ararvyne in Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm. Enjoy! If you find any bugs, please report them.

Version: V.1.3
Lakeview Flora Changes
Created by Saarai90
This simple mod makes some changes to the Lakeview area. I wanted to be able to see the lake from my house, so I've removed some of the taller trees and added other, smaller bushes.

I've also removed the necromancer slightly North of Lakeview and turne...
All Map Markers are Visible. Russian version
Created by jagget
All map markers are visible from start, but not fasttravelable. Russian version.

Places will be fasttravelable after discovering as usual

v1.1: Added markers inside locations (cities, for example)

Whiterun Expanded- large town outside- visual homes only part 2
Created by LordZarmack
this mod adds new walls, a town, iron mine, and a more city like whiterun. lore freindly, and fits right in. il be updating this as i go along.

it could add whiterunfortified at the same time due to me using a xtra file incase of incompatab...
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Whiterun Exterior
Created by Aplestormy
Please check out my other Mod (Towns and Villages Enhanced), that Adds new levels of detail to towns and villages around skyrim! :) (Similar to this one, but for whole villages!)

Follow m...
Bonds of Matrimony - Divorce
Created by Momo
This mod allows you to divorce your spouse, without the need of console commands, smoothly, simply and at the same time without breaking immersion.

A statue, which can be found at the bottom of the pool, below the waterfall at Bard's Leap Summit, allows...
Leveling Merchant's Wallets
Created by Gookiemonster
I released an expanded version of Leveling Merchants Wallets onto steam. It's official title is "Leveling Merchants Wallets Enhanced+" You can get it at

Leveling Merchan...
Home Construction and Decoration
Created by Carlzilla
- Build your home anywhere, not just in pre-determined locations.
- 14 Different house styles/layouts.
- Easy to use mouse based object placement coupled with dialog based fine adjustments.
- Easy to use clutter assistant. Lock an...
Breezehome Basement (+ Secret Room For Vampires)
Created by Turbonegerboll
Hi there, this is a funny thing i made while bored at playing skyrim. It might not sound serious, but trust me, this mod is well made :)

-You need DAWNGUARD dlc to use this mod & you CAN'T use this mod with HEARTHFIRE dlc.-

I'll try to fix this issue...
Riverwood Plus
Created by J0nnyNapalm
Adds some general improvements to Riverwood, including trees, plants, animals, dragon landing places and more. This mod is a work in progress and my first mod of a town, so let me know if you see any problems (floating trees etc). Remember to subscribe a...
Seabreeze Estate
Created by maxmatic

This lovely estate if located on your own private island off the Northern coast of Skyrim. Enjoy sensational views of Soli...
Fall House
Created by WarriorNorse9030
Ok so this mod was inspired by Build Your Own Home by SupernastyPants* and a no load screan tree house** mod I seen once when I was browsing around the workshop. This mod adds a house to Skyrim just up the waterfall from Darkwater Pass called Fall House. I...
Sexy Stones
Created by Lan
Sexy Stones

An overhaul of the standing stones in Skyrim, including: replacement of once per day powers with (generally) less effective spell versions with mana or health costs, new passive effects, and some morrowind/oblivion throwback reworks. This is...
Nightingale Full Armor
Created by Rogue Raptor
An amazing nightingale bow complete with nightingale light armor, bow and armor are completely maxed out. All found in the bedroom of breezehome.

Only one bug atm, the bow does different amounts of damage to different creatures, looking into this.

A Modern Adventurer: Patience
Created by Stew
This just makes it so you cant rest you cant fast travel and time is in real life 1 min to 1 min.
This is fun, it makes you have to explore the map and look around and all that, it is a challange but I bet any one here that they cant use this and complete...
Doomsday Package
Created by Corruption
The Nuke spell is a lethal push to clear your way and the Atom Bomb is......well an atom bomb DO NOT USE IN TOWNS AND DO NOT SPAM the lag is horrible as shown in my video and also shown the atom bomb wipes out the entire hold so careful >.>. ENJOY! XD oh a...
Crossing Dimensions
Created by Whitey
"You seem to have stumbled across one of the Companions journals, but they're no where to be found. Let's take a peek shall we?" -- journal found in Jorrvasker Companion Living Quarters Floor.

A very, very basic mod that is just the first stepping stone...
Created by PhearMe
Sexy House Vendors v1.6

----------------------- IMPORTANT -----------------------

There is a bug in Skyrim (not in my mod)...
SPELL: Conjure Explosive Braith
Created by Hans
This Mod is for "MMOxReview", because he loves this little girl so much. Hopefully he will see this mod. That would be really nice. :D

What the Mod does:

It adds a Spell wich allows you to summon an explosive "Braith" (nice little girl in Whiterun) w...
massacre island
Created by jim5511
massacre island is an island with tons of beasts and other living things that will attack you on sight. This mod does nothing important but is fun if you like to kill things and get you 1 handed skill up and it is located in breezehome near the back as a t...
Dungeons : Temple of the Lord
Created by Lord Dagobert
Dungeons : Temple of the Lord
By Lord Dagobert
December 2012


-Adds a huge dungeon divided in 6 cells, interior and exterior, with 16 bosses (check at the end for the list and their loots).

-All the enemies respawn so...
Marked Incompatible ]  Castle Draco Under Attack.V1
Created by Beric Dondarrion
Castle Draco is under attack by bandits quickly you have to get to castle Draco and try and destroy the attackers
before they destroy castle draco they've gotten past the gates
quickly what are you still doing subscribe and save castle Draco...
Cybertron (Secunda Replacer)
Created by GalaxyGirl
Comment if you like and dont forget to rate :)

Cybertron has some how been transported to Nirn's solar system , maby they are looking for more recources to build more Transformers or add onto Cybertron.

I'm taking suggestions for more moon replacer ...
The return of the World Eater
Created by Darckmatters
This is the follow up mod to Alduin's Kin, if you have not got this mod I suggest you get it finish it before downloading this mod.

You've slaughtered his fellow kin , you've angered his soul ...
Alduin's Kin
Created by Darckmatters
Spectral Bow & Arrows
Created by HyPNOS
Craft, Improve and Enchant a Spectral Bow & Arrows for it! (MISC)
Now with added Skills to Perks.

Does not replace any Bow!
Working Inventory image!
Arrows fire faster/recovera
Mystery Daedric Weapons Hunt!
Created by Eddie Murphy
First mod and I either will be making another mod for the other weapons or will be adding them to this one.
The weapons have a lot of damage to not instant kill but take away half damage and they both have a enchantment.
I havn't added the other weapons ...
The Sword of a Thousand Truths
Created by Halcyon
Important Notice: This sword is based on the South Park's vision of the Sword of a Thousand Truths, not Blizzard's vision thereof, therefore, I did not base it on one of Blizzard's recycled sword models (See: "The Hungering Cold") for the Sword of a Thousa...
Dragon Cliff Manor
Created by Spartan
Dragon Cliff Manor is a player home mod built near the base of the Throat of the World mountain. Probably the easiest way to get to the house is start at Hillgrund's Tomb and go South East up the mountain face. You should encounter a log bridged over a wat...
Master Dragon Aspect
Created by Severed Infinity
I felt that the Dragon Aspect shout was lacking in some area's and could do with a charge, this charge is particurally aimed at the hard settings and help in the tougher area's.

To make this shout more appealling to use I removed the 24 hour (once a day...
Quest: The Bigger They Are
Created by ThirteenOranges
A great hero of the Companions lies dead before he could defeat his greatest quest, the slaying of the great giant, Barlok'Gosh. Take up the arms of Holfir Giant Slayer and travel dangerous roads and caves to find Barlok'Gosh and finish what he started.
Epic Endeavours
Created by Ice9000
If you like this mod please show your support by rating up :). The more people who subscribe the more feedback I will get to continue growing this mod, and as usual report any bugs in the comments below so I can remedy them for next release.

NOTE: Now u...
Raptor Follower
Created by Phycopanda
This mod is basically Moonpath to Elsweyr, so first and foremost I will say that nothing belongs to me and all credit goes to Muppetpuppet, this means it's basically as if you downloaded the original.
More Summonables
Created by Metacide
Important Notes:
Various merchants stock these spells. Phinis Gestor at the College stocks the most powerful, but you must be a high enough...
Additional Follower Pack
Created by joe1017
Adds 4 new followers to the game. Kai (Dragonsreach Entrance) Pavio (Bannered Mare upstairs) Malgow and J'zuarh (both in dark brotherhood sanctuary)...
Skyrim Cruises LTD
Skyrim Cruises LTD arrived in port at Riften City. You have a selection of 2 Cruises: Mountain Vista or Nordland. To sign up, visit the ATM machine inside the Cruise Ship at Riften port. Then visit the Captain's Deck and use the controls. Mountain Vista ...
Liberty of the Seas Shopping Mall Mod
Liberty of the Seas is a Shopping Mall Mod.
Located in the sea north of Dawnstar, it has 3 levels, automaton vendors, Fence Vendors, Guards, and Patrons.

v.1.0 - M7 May 17, 2013.


Level 0:

- Bank with Automaton Teller, Safe Depo...
BreezeHome Should be like this This is the updated version
Created by LaMania32
Dovahkiin dropped a pc of gold coin which fell right trough the floor so he discovered an opening under BreezHome. He hired a few Nords to dig and they found an Ancient dwelling right underneath the house, since it was a large primitive cave system Dovahk...
Shatterhorn Castle
Created by Hans Draak
Battlehorn Castle from The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion was a good addon to that game, I liked the idea so much that I wanted to have that experience in Skyrim. Enter Shatterhorn Castle a castle designed to give that full 'I'm Lord of a Castle!' experience, wit...
Castle Draco Imperial Outpost City
Created by Draco1122
To repeat for those who missed it this mod is broken. I have tried many fixes all have failed. two new Version that work are released posted on nexus and steam.. Castle draco Riverwood edition both on steam and the nexus. and Castle Draco High Rrothgar Edi...
Enhanced Whiterun
Created by modelmode
The front gate of Whiterun has an alcove on top that you can't get to... Until now. That spot always seemed like a wasted opportunity to me, so I fixed it to my liking and hopefully your's too.

This is ver 1.0 of my Enhanced Whiterun mod.

This mod h...
Hearthfire multiple adoptions
Created by TMPhoenix
Primary download page is on Nexus Mods:

My Dovahkiin may be a master hunter of trolls, a dragon slayer extraordinaire and a bandit basher without equal, but secretly he's a big softy at heart. When travelling S...
Winterhold Improved
Created by Rwalker123
Winterhold Improved adds more houses and walls around the city to make winterhold feel more like a city. I have got most houses done so far including the player home. You get the key to the player home at the abandond house. Please comment any suggestments...
South Dragon Bridge
Created by MadFrenchie
--------"SOUTH DRAGON BRIDGE"--------

"The Thalmor landed in the town of Dragon Bridge, for you to discover why."

Run For Your Lives
Created by Arthmoor
A small mod that makes citizens in a village or city run indoors during a dragon or vampire attack.

This was born out of frustration at seeing the citizens all trying to be a hero and rushing headlong to their doom attacking dragons and vampires. Instea...
Hearthfire Constructing Sets
Created by Shadow.mane2001
**Requires Hearthfire DLC**

Who has not started a new game of skyrim, instantly head to Falkreath to get one's own home? Who has then built a small house simply for storage? Then have to head off and gather all the money, ore, hunting trophy animals?
Nightingale Horse & Armor Set
Created by MontyX
This mod is Designed for you to earn the horse, through a Quest. (No more easy to get horses.)
Standalone, Does not Replace any other Horses. Does not require Dawnguard.

The Spell Tome is located in The Nightingale Hall. (see pictures)
Use the spell t...
Airstream Levitation Spell
Created by Observe
Custom Spell let's you levitate up to 100 feet distance

The Spell Tome will appear in your inventory (in Books section) when the mod is first run.

Note: Some people would prefer requirement to purchase from Merchants, others would like a Quest to ob...
New Shout - Inferno Storm
Created by Silverbird
This mod will add a new shout (I believe the very first mod to actually do so) to your character, called Inferno Storm, the same as used by Alduin. By activating a blue pillar on top of the Throat of the World, this shout is added to your inventory.

It ...
Faster Magic Leveling
Created by Frisky Frisco
This is a simple mod I made that doubles the speed at which magic skills level. These skills are: Destruction, Restoration, Illusion, Conjuration, and Alteration. No enchanting because that already levels WAY to fast :P

Anyway this is a handy mod for yo...
Spell Spam - No Charging Time
Created by Lulle5000
This mod sets the charging time of all spells to 0. This let's you spam magic everywhere! The charging time for the annoyingly long master spells are also shortened alot. The mod also affects NPCs so you won't be too overpowered.
To install, simply press ...
All Items Area
Created by redthax
In this area you can get every weapon and armor in game.. And ofc magic.. Basicly everything! Plus.. You can teleport to player owned house! The "portal" is located under the stair in the whiterun house....
Tougher Bleak Falls Barrow
Created by md_czer
Makes Bleak Falls Barrow more interesting. This adds more enemies, plus a few surprises....
The Secret of Dragonhead
Created by manny_gt
Fight against tons of hard leveled monster! The best dungeon for heavy leveled players!

* CTDs FIXED (Special Thanks to JustinOther from the Bethesda Softworks Forums) *
* Corrected english translation of...
Assassin Squads
Created by Chosokabe
Assassinate the Dragonborn!Squads of assassins will TRACK you down to try to KILL you. A contract has been put on your head.

Every day of the week you will face a variety of attempts on your life. They can range from assassin groups, Squads of Elite Ass...
Stone of Barenziah Mod
Created by Merador
Tired of looking for the last stone of barenziah or can't get one, because it is bugged? Or you just don't want to collect the 24 stones because you are too lazy?
This mod can help you!

It will add a small room under Riften with all 24 stones. "player...
Dragonland 1.1
Created by ALP
### Deutsch ###

Hey Leute,

in dieser Mod findet ihr eine kleine Insel namens Dragonland.
Welche Ihr über ein Boot, das vor Einsamkeit, am Lagerhaus der Ost-Kaiserlichen
Handelsgesellschaft angelegt hat, betreten könnt.
(Bild dazu gibt's oben z...
Molten Core
Created by HighWarlordBob

DISCLAIMER: The concept of Molten Core and all that that entails belongs entirely to Blizzard Entertainment. This is simply a fan recreation of the dungeon. My partner and I are not benefitting financially in any way from thi...
Advanced Aetherial Forge
Created by tygabor
I was disappointed with the options you got with the vanilla aetherial forge, there wasn't even a single weapon. so I decided to add a few good weapons to the list.

This mod adds:

-Aetherial Blades: 10 points of shock damage, shocks have a chance of...
Oghma Infinium Ad Nauseum (OIAN)
Created by Authority
This makes the Oghma Infinium not disappear after use and allows it to be used unlimited times as long as the mod is enabled. YOU STILL NEED TO COMPLETE THE ASSOCIATED QUEST TO USE IT, but that is a small price to pay for the power of unlimited knowledge....
Storvagorm The Bridge to Whiterun
Created by Ozzymänder

My first mod for Skyrim, also available on the Nexus.
Storvägorm is a long Dragonbone bridge linking Riverwood and Whiterun.
You will find a book telling the amazing story of Storvägorm in Breezehome (in French).

Current versi...
Creation Kit DLC master file load fix
Created by Daegan Jukes
## for the latest information that includes the SE version & CK SE download info visit the guide -

see here:
That is n...
Dragon Bridge Manor
Created by joe1017
A big house just across the dragon bridge. 8 Rooms including kitchen, storage room, alchemy and enchantment room, library, master and guest bedroom, a training room and a religous room. Outside there is two imperial guards who can follow you (if you choose...
Vuldun Order Tower
Created by cartman310
This was going to be an update to the Vuldun Tower MOD but I thought there was to many changes so I have done it as a separate mod.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-The Story-

Many, many years ago a mage named Dusil and a few followers w...
Created by EvieK
Ah, WHAT TO DO when you're incredibly powerful and have no dragons left to conquer and enslave...or at least past the majority of the main quest line so you don't get killed with every dragon encounter...

General Tullius Imperial Villa [No DLC; A Player Home]
General Tullius mentioned you in his Will, regardless of the outcome of the Civil War. You inherited his place in Skyrim, complete with all its Marble interior and exterior, suitable for anyone of Imperial blood.

This Player Home has the usual refine...
The Collectors House
Created by Whitecrow
Player house built for those who like to collect and display

Changed all the bookshelves script to work with Da5id2701's Unlimited Bookshelves Mod, he has been working on the item shelf concept alot longer than me and there is no point in reinvent...
Better Breezehome
Created by Mystery
This is a simple mod which redecorates the whiterun house called breezehome to be more spacious and noble.

-It doesn't add billions of ugly rooms like other mods, it keeps the same shape and doesn't alter the exterior
-it now has correct house upgrad...
Sea Dragon Oasis
Created by Agile Rose
I've been inspired by all the available house mods. So I have decided to try making one. The Sea Dragon Oasis is a beautiful manor that combines aesthetics and functionality. It's located in the far Northeast ocean on an iceberg. Traveling to the College o...
Whiterun Armory
Created by federan
Note for new subscribers: This is a pretty old mod. There are maybe better mods out there. Remember this is one of the first 9000 workshop submisions (2012)

In the past, a Jarl in Whiterun ordered the construction of ...
Summon an Army
Created by vincentDragonborn
This is a mod that allows you to purches several spell books from Rolgarian, a merchent in the Falkreath hold. The spell books all allow you to summon different kids of warriors to follow you in battle with a max of 15

There are 6 different types
Ancient Sheikah Armor
Created by CallMeCal
Don't forget to Rate and Favorite if you like my mod! :)

''Have you heard the legend of the ''Shadow Folk''? They are the Sheikah...the shadows of the Hylians. They say they swore allegiance to the King of Hyrule and guarded the Royal Family...''...
Unlimited Enchanting Effects
Created by Elderblade
this mod changes the last effect for the enchanting skill tree to have unlimited effects other then two, well to be exact it adds 50 effects, but who in the world will add more then 50 effects, lol.

now it shouldnt mess with any other mods you have, may...
Boots of Speed
Created by SpugerBone
They make you run fast. There are three pairs in your bedroom at breezehome that make you run at different speeds. The fastest pair let you run across water. You can also learn the enchantment, although you can't apply it yet and I don't know why. I'm inv...
The 51st Priest
Created by G20
A small dungeon by the name of 'Valrhune', located between Windhelm and Winterhold with map marker. A challenging fight will give great rewards with: 50 unique unenchanted Dragon priest masks and a fifty first mask with special enchantments. Other highly d...
MAGE'S TRAVEL CHEST: Comes with: Armored Mage/Monk Outfits, Iron Chef Outfits & weapons, Heavy & Light Armor Presets
Created by splynter
The Mages Travel Chest: A chest full of Mage & Monk outfits, Iron Chef outfits & weapons, and Light Armor & Heavy Armor Presets. The Mage & Monk outfits have all had a Light Armor rat...
Increased loot in chests! More types, and better chances!
Created by The Solar Canine
This mod simply edits the loot tables within the chests in the game, I increased the chances of existing loot in the chests some, and added other types of loot to the chest, usually at a low chance such as enchanted weapons and armor in tables that did not...
An Adventurer's Abode
Created by sLACKsNS
Hello to all!!
This is an ambitious player home/ cave mod located in and below Whiterun.

This is my first Skyrim Creation Kit creation and was designed with the intent of giving a little more to look at when inside a player home. This mod features an a...
The Merchant's Guild
Created by Teh_Reel_Batmun
The Merchant's Guild is your one stop shop for all your shopping needs. Well respected merchants from all over Tamriel have come to the Guild to provide you with a shopping experience like no other. Never again run from city to city buying different thing...
Dungeon of Fun
Created by Sparkey96
Just a simple place I added with a bunch of loot and things to find. You can access it from under the first bridge in the entrance of Whiterun. Enter Whiterun and jump under the bridge just before the blacksmith.

Anything that should be added/changed le...
Acamar's Tomb
Created by EvilPeanut
Venture deep into the history of Skyrim with Acamar's Tomb.
+ New tomb dungeon
+ New books
+ New keys
+ New quests

TIP: Read the book found under the fish rack in Riverwood to get started!

==== Changelog ====
Version 1.1:
- Added navmesh
- Fix...
ColloseusX's Lore Friendly Zombie Mod


Follow my MOD Dev Blogs:


Current Sky...
Mythical Creations - Weapons (Dawnguard Edition)
Created by Ferret287

Hey guys, got another mod for you. The mod duplicates over 90 different weapons and gives them the stats of dragonbone.


This mod does not add 'God weapons', it simply gives duplicates of other weapons ...
Unlimited Enchantments For Unique Weapons v1.3
Created by Nicodemus

All Unique/Artifact weapons now have unlimited enchantment charges.

Unlimited Atronachs or Reanimations - Conjuration
Created by Eeshton
This mod edits the "Twin Souls" perk to allow you to summon unlimited (it's actually 100000000 but I think we can agree that noone is going to use more than that) atronachs or reanimated zombies. This mod renames the "Twin Souls" perk to "Unlimited Souls"....
Potion of Oghma Infinium
Created by Urubu Herbivoro
All right, for those that are finishing the game by the 456th time and don't want to wait until level 15 to get the Oghma Infinium to use my "Oghma Infinium Turbo Edition" mod (, here's the ul...
Console Books
Created by lightstar
Are you tired from the Alt-Tab function for looking some items codes from the internet?

Are you stick in some quest and you want immadite fix using the console?

Do you want to check all the game items while you are in the game?

Then here is your s...
Hearthfire Cheat Chests
Created by princess.stomper
A simple little mod that adds 3 chests - one to each location - containing a door to a warehouse containing (hopefully) all the items you'll need to build and furnish your home. Since the listings I found on various websites of how many ingots, clay bricks...
The Infinity Sword (WIP)
Created by DEvasto
It has been whispered of for centuries, longer perhaps; A sword of great power that finds its way into the hands of a champion, during times of great peril to Tamriel. It has been called by many names: The Flame of Red Mountain, Alduin's Tongue, and others...
Build Your Own Home
Created by SupernastyPants
Welcome to Build Your Own Home, the mod where you do just as the title suggests. This mod exploded to be the 3rd* most endorsed house mod on Nexus ( ). And now I can finally upload it here.

Yes thats right! YOU bu...
The Book Masters
Created by buk
Created By Simple Reaction Studios

**UPDATE** Due to a request, I have added two new books to Artius books for sale. The books are called "The Books of Books", and "The Book of Books for Special Purpose". Book of bo...
Instant Mastery - Speed Leveling Cheat
Created by Voodu
Ever wanted to create a new character but hate the idea of grinding out all thoes skill levels again?

Want to be a master of enchanting or smithing without hours spent at the table or forge?

Want to max out your skills without dealing with messy co...
Dismemberment Spell
Created by Sorrien
This is a spell mod that adds a destruction spell to the game called dismember. It blasts the target to bits, leaving only bloody bones and a satchel containing their inventory behind. The mod comes with a custom spell tome that can be found in Ilinalta's ...
My Own Castle
Created by yeti_uprising
This mod gives players their very own castle just west of Whiterun.

It comes complete with:

-Castle Guards
-Shooting Gallery (stationary targets and Live animal targets)
-Bow and arrow merchant
-Gateway to all player homes in other cities
Skyrim Tycoon - Reloaded (1.52)
Created by Joubarbe
Link to the Nexus file[] (try to download loose files if you have any bugs)
You must complete the first quest before having a fully functional brewery.

The Reserve II
Created by Lithxe

Located a short horseride east of Whiterun, The Reserve II is a player home meticulously designed for convenience and extravagant living. Featuring three main wings all branchi...
Skyrim Spells And Powers By WarriorKeKe
Created by JertsuPelaa

The purpose of this modification is to bring the player a feeling that he is truly a powerful mage. When you get to higher levels in Skyrim, you quickly get bored at the vanilla spells. That is the reason why I created this spell-bundle, ...
Skyrim Community College - v1.4
Created by rko381
A Legendary Hero needs a legendary school to help hone and perfect skills. East of Whiterun, the Skyrim Community College stands, with 18 trainers, 18 merchants, and a diverse storehouse of free gear for new students to begin their adventure...
Nightingale Armor with DragonArmor Stats
Created by KainAsylum
Retextured versions of Nightingale Armor WITH DRAGON ARMOR STATS (Light or Heavy, White or Dark) and the ability to wear a circlet under that hood as well as the ability to craft a circlet. All unenchanted.

You can only forge this if you have the Advanc...
Arrow Speed Enhanced - Dawnguard Edition
Created by casline
This mod increases the arrow speed, depending on the type of arrow. With faster arrows, you may need to aim lower than you usually do, since they arc differently. Once you figure out the new aiming, the higher speeds make moving targets easier to hit.

Ultra Dragons
*NOTICE* -- "Ultra Dragons" is currently being rebuilt, to something along the line of the new version of "Mega Dragons". The changes will be more universal, meaning the speeds of dragons won't be assigned to the individual actors; version updates of other...
Starter Chests by AscendedFalmer
Created by ascendedfalmer123
This is a mod mainly for myself, but I will be taking suggestions from commentators as time goes on.


This mod aims to enhance the tutorial mission of Helgen Keep by adding a few containers of balanced, lore friendly starting gear. I wi...
Artifacts of Power 1.0
Created by Jwblaze
This Mod so far adds two items of great power there will be more if you ask me what you want, sooooooooo...............Lets get on to what and where things.

The Dagger of Great Power is near whiterun where a mammoth named: Keeper of the dagger of great ...
Nahlot Dun - Bow of Silenced Grace
Created by Grey

Brother bow: (Dawnguard)

Sister bow to 'Nahlot Dinok', an ancient bow found in the clutches of the Wise One, a powerful king amongst the Falmer tribes, deep within the ...
Light Daedric Armor
Created by Bombo
this mod makes a craftable, light version of the Daedric armor.
if there are any bugs please let me know....
Nano Mods - More Boss Gold
Created by VV
This one will give you more gold when you loot boss level fallen enemies and their chests.
Usefull for beginners....
Midas Magic Evolved v17.1
Created by DaRealSlenderMan
Adds 250+ spells to midas magics system. Spells meshes are beams, custom creatures, scripted spells, custom effects, bolts, storms, and more! Spell Meshes are custom!!! :)
From tsunimas to walls of winds, or even burn your targets in brimstone or fire t...
Arrow Speed Enhanced - Vanilla Edition
Created by casline
This mod increases the arrow speed, depending on the type of arrow. With faster arrows, you may need to aim lower than you usually do, since they arc differently. Once you figure out the new aiming, the higher speeds make moving targets easier to hit.

Gain skills 5 times faster
Created by One Old Gamer
After playing through the game many times I finally decided to give myself an increased skill gain for yet more play throughs :)

This is a simple mod which increases the rate that all skills increase by 5 times.

Epic Creatures of Skyrim
Created by Patriarachnid
Hello, people. Just thought you'd like to know that Epic Creatures of Skyrim 2 is out. It's still got everything this has, plus a crapton more.
Check it out here:

(Note: If you want to inst...
Epic Creatures of Skyrim 2
Created by Patriarachnid
The sequel to the popular "Epic Creatures of Skyrim", Epic Creatures of Skyrim 2 contains more gigantic monsters, more awesome spells, kickass armors and is generally better than the original.

Dawnguard is required for this mod now.
If you don't have ...
Dragon Nests
Created by ashleymk99
(Random dragon roaring fixed! :D ) Ever wonder if dragons have a family? Or a place to go to after a long day of terrorizing towns? This mod adds dragon nests to the world of skyrim. If you are in the colder regions of skyrim, you will see frost dragon nes...
Skyrim More Creature and Monster mod
Created by DaRealSlenderMan
Adds Many new types of monsters and creatures, adds them to the leveling system to make the game a whole lot harder. This is a work in progess and many updates are made becuase sometimes i edit the modle or texture of custom creatures ive made to make them...
Port Telgarth
Created by Lord Dagobert
Project: Port Telgarth
Author: Lord Dagobert
Version: 1.0
Release Date: 7/08/2013
Category: New Lands

Come one, come all! Port Telgarth, a majestic middle-sized city (as big as Skyrim's cities) lost in the sea of ghosts, just opened its doors to ...
Ring of Carry a Ton!
Created by Infamous_Garr
Simple Mod i found Handy while making Houses in Hearthfire or moving gear from one home to another. A Ring for sale at the Riverwood trader that allows you to carry much more than the average Skryrimian...Skyrimion? anyway enjoy, and please rate up if you...
Here There Be Monsters
Created by Araanim

"Monsters are tragic beings.  They are born too tall, too strong, too heavy.  They are not evil by choice.  That is their tragedy."...
[Abandoned} Stronger Dragons
Created by tharp76
This mod is done, I have no plans to update it and would rather use other peoples mods and would suggest you do to, I'm trying something new with a mod series on Nexus after taking a break from modding, please just ignore this one.(1/22/2018)

Mercenaries (Unlimited Followers)
Created by rmbackslash
(FIXED !!!) Hire as many Mercenaries and Mercenary archers you can afford. They act like followers, guard trade, individual or group commands!

Talk to "Saad" near the Guard Shack in Whiterun (south entrance). He will contract mercenaries to you. These M...
Daedric Corset
Created by Ghost of Raven
Craftable Daedric Corset for female characters.

Updating the female daedric armor to be add a little more curves and a little skin showing. This adds a new armor to the game under the daedric smithing menu at the blacksmiths called Daedric Corset. This ...
Marked Incompatible ]  Fetish Wardrobe - Female Body Size
Created by Turbosnowy
This mod will make women in Skyrim have the default body shape to be compatible with my Fetish Wardrobe mod.

This means that companions etc will be able to equip items from the Fetish Wardrobe and they will fit perfectly without the need to wear a cats...
Goddess follower 1.6
Created by jackGa
The mod is Prefect on Skyrim SE!!!

English ver

++Due to skyrim bugs you will have to save/load game before you can actually hear the char new speech.

Change Log:
She can change other outfit now

Project Reality:Climates Of Tamriel - Lite Version
Created by jj.con

-Adds 506 new weather systems
-Adds 2024 new and unique days, night, dawn and dusk
-Adds a massive library of new cloud visuals
-Adds fork lightning visuals and new thunder sounds
-Adds natural and fa...
Quest: Sea Of Ghosts
Created by ThirteenOranges
The Sea Of Ghosts are the cold and dangerous waters on the northern coasts of Tamriel. Among the mists and fog lie many secrets, treasures and stories long since forgotten. Travel these dangerous waters with the crew of The Winter's Warmth, exploring many ...
Garrett's Retreat v.2
Proffesional Modeler/Texture Artist


Powerful Destruction Concentration Spells
Created by ArcadeParty
Do love spraying fire in your enemies face, but annoyed when it takes ages for them to die?

I loved the novice level concentration spells. I though being able to shoot fire, frost or continuous lightning out of your palm was the coolest thing ever. Sadl...
Deadly Daedric Arrows
Created by ScottB_

This is a reward for getting Daedric Arrows.

Damage - 500 (Not the arrow itself, but the explosion. The arrow itself still has a damage of 24.)
Explode - Yes
Freakin Glow - Awe Yea

This Mod only changes D...
Follower Map Markers
Created by annihilatt0r
This adds map markers to any follower that is on the list. The markers act just like quest markers.

Proudspire Manor House Cat
Created by DangGiblets
Finally, a pet fit for the Dragonborn! A baby Snowy Sabre Cat pet for Proudspire Manor in Solitude!

He doesn't even come up to your knees, and will never attack. He is 100% passive, even when provoked. He will just wander Proudspire Manor. Find him in ...
Lots More Followers
Created by jaizel
Lots More Followers version 1.6 / by JNL

*** Adds 70 quality followers with diverse behavior to the world! ***
*** Populate Skyrim with new interesting characters! ***

Men and women are coming from across Tamriel -- they are adventurers seeking glor...
Cybertron (Masser replacer)
Created by GalaxyGirl
Comment if you like and dont forget to rate :)

Cybertron has some how been transported to Nirn's solar system , maby they are looking for more recources to build more Transformers or add onto Cybertron.

I'm taking suggestions for more moon replacer...
Hearthfire Building Materials God Chests
Created by Vincent
Adds respawnable chests full of everything one could possibly need for building your houses in Hearthfire.
Not only are building materials included, but materials for all of the trophies are included as well.
Money Room V2
Created by Jiro Yakuza
Finally, money room V2 is here!
A secret room with gold, ingots, diamonds, deadra hearts, skeleton key,...
But the room is locked and protected by 4 guardians!

You can find the key in Markarth in the house named "The House of Horrors"

For more info...
The Chest Of The Gods
As you can see this mod adds a few items in the game and a chest...
Go to dragonsreach and enter the Jarl's Quarters and up the stairst (half way)
thier is a chest cal the God Chest and in it we add...

-ADD 2 God S...
Breezehome Basement
Created by Glisern
due to studies this mod can be considered dead. use at your own risk

Mod took another direction. It will no longer be what you could call a "game breaker cheat mod".

Key to basement f...
Unique Books of skyrim
Created by G20
112 unique book covers to be collected and displayed and possibly even read.
The new books are scattered around Skyrim, some are easy to find whilst others are more tricky or available in shops. Some of the books are extremely exotic looking whilst others...
Created by Evil Mr Pumpkins

Class type living space :( Any ) ideal for...
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Longer Dragon Battles 4x
Contains 3 items