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Improved AI Research
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Jan 20, 2019 @ 11:53am
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Improved AI Research

Improved AI Research
This is my personal AI mod that tweaks AI behavior and makes it a bit better (or less stupid at least). It alters what AIs research and when, alters production of some countries, improves templates & unit variety, and introduces more scripts to major AIs, so they can deal better with some common situations. Also fixes various AI issues, bugs and oversights I found in the game files.

This mod is generally compatible with other mods that don't modify vanilla tech tree.
NOT Ironman Compatible. Should not be combined with other AI mods, like Expert AI.

General Changes and Fixes:
- Many Nations' AIs have their research priorities and some unit templates altered, they should mostly focus on and build what they did historically
- More accurate historical focuses – for example Germany will invade benelux in 1940, not 1939
- AI taught what a Motorized division is and how to build it (you will see a lot more trucks now)
- AIs should care more about low stability and will always try to improve it above 50%
- AIs should use War Bonds decision more
- AIs won't fanatically pursue all Doctrines from day 1, they will research some electronics/industry technologies first
- Minor AI nations (generic) won't research things like Aircraft Carriers and heavy tanks
- AI Countries should again send volunteers to Spain (for those without La Résistance)
- Spain and France won't randomly flip ideologies in Historical games (by advisors/focuses)
- Reduced AI obsession with Excavation techs (at least when they don't need it)
- Fixed slow peacetime AI army training (was due to waiting for 100% equipment levels, which could cause Germany to not attack Poland for a long time)
- AI Countries won't raise recruitment higher than Service by Req., when capitulated
- Exiled AI Governments will no longer lobby for support, when they already have 100 Legitimacy

- Production revamped significantly, mirroring Superior Firepower/Airland battle doctrine
- USA in general focuses more on Air/Naval techs and advanced support companies
- USA will keep much higher Military/Civilian Factory ratio when at war, effectively producing much more equipment and sooner, leading to quicker naval Invasions and more 'helping'
- will build a lot larger Air Force, including a lot of strategic bombers and long range heavy fighters
- Improved USA AI unit templates a bit, USA will also switch to Export Economy when needed
- will research & build synthetic refineries, if Indochina rubber sources are threatened
- will produce more armored divisions (and a lot more motorized divisions with 'luck')
- should try to support China with LL more
- will stop wasting PP on improving relations with other nations, when at war
- Added weighting toward certain important National Focuces, so that in non-historical AI games it does not choose them completely randomly (To get rid of Depression and Isolation Ideas asap for example)
- Fixed weird vanilla AI behavior (stationing troops in Africa/UK when not at war with anyone)

- Improved, more historical unit templates (now includes mechanized, TDs and heavy tanks)
- More historical Germany behavior – will not invade Benelux immediately following a war with Poland, but Denmark first and Benelux later
- will produce more Aircraft in general (Especially during 'Battle of Britain' situation)
- will research and use heavy fighters (and later jets)
- increased size and amount of garrison division it uses
- Germany will prioritize Armor research and production a lot more (even ahead of time)
- added some scripts so it should no longer declare war on 8 different nations ('One at a time')
- fixed 1939 AI not upgrading its infantry templates for a long time, making them much weaker compared to 1936 start.
- will stop sending Lend Lease aid to China who is at war with a friendly Japan
- should build more synthetic refineries on demand

- will pursue Naval Techs & Doctrines a lot more
- More historical Japan behavior – will attack indochina and USA a bit later
- will select Supremacy of Will focus instead of Supr. of Technology (seems more historical to me)
- Fixed AI not using 'Ichi Go' decision in historical games (very low AI prio in the decision file)
- Japanese economy will not collapse so easily due to lack of convoys; If the number of convoys drops, AI will start putting more dockyards towards producing replacements
- If it gets isolated anyway, it will at least try to build few Synthetic Refineries

The United Kingdom
- Will research and use heavy fighters a lot more
- Will also produce a lot more strategic bombers
- AI should choose focuses better in non-historical games

- will not immediately jam its research slot by researching land doctrines with a 1000+ day penalty
- will instead focus on other research (Air, artillery, other), land doctrines later
- will build more CIVs at the beginning

- will research heavy tanks, and tanks in general more
- will research synthetic rubber (as they historically did even before 1936)
(Try my Soviet Union Vanilla+ mod if you also want better Soviet AI, it's mostly in that mod)

Other countries
China - fixed wrong AI PP priority causing orig. China to never have enough PP for manpower laws (tried to improve relations instead, until it literally hit 0 manpower)
Poland - will not be AFK until tanks invade Warsaw (prompted AI to train more units when threatened, and update its default infantry templates)
Czechoslovakia – same as Poland, will train more units and try to improve its templates
Nationalist Spain - will send volunteers to Germany against the Soviets
Hungary – increased focus on motorized divisions and synthetic resources

Some observed issues:
*Due to AI producing more tanks and motorized units, Germany sometimes does not get enough army manpower soon enough and will deviate from historical focus (by not being able to Demand Sudetenland in time for example), delaying the war.
* Every other minor patch seems to break my effort to force Germany to actually create and build decent submarine fleet, now they just again use 1936 subs forever. Also they leave half of their dockyards idle most of the time (despite having lot of resources).

My other mods:
Soviet Union Vanilla+ (Fully compatible, includes better Soviet AI)
1939 Start Fixed (Fully compatible)
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This makes playing the axis a lot more fun and challenging. My favorite playthrough has been with this mod. But what is this mythical hip mod you speak of pandorum?
Shin Sep 9 @ 2:51am 
Does it work with "No AI Spam - General"?
[FR]Clément Sep 1 @ 10:39am 
THX !!!
pandorum Aug 22 @ 9:28pm 
This mod runs perfect with HIP mod. If you want a plausible and historical game with a very smart AI, this is the combination. I tried Expert AI, Better AI and this mod to combine with HIP. This mod is the way to go.
pandorum Aug 21 @ 9:25am 
I will run a test game with this mod and HIP together. I will let you know how they perfom together.
modelcitizen Aug 10 @ 7:15pm 
In my opinion, this is THE mod that makes HOI4 enjoyable. Thank you so much for your efforts.
Crispin Jul 31 @ 3:38pm 
Also the soviets looks so strong, this is gonna be epic!
Crispin Jul 31 @ 3:37pm 
I ran a quick test game and I noticed Italy getting most of france, perhaps a bit unfortunate. But I think I can just use state transfer tools if it occurs in a real game.
Crispin Jul 31 @ 3:37pm 
Do you know if the latest patch messed up anything with your mods or am I good to go ?
Maximus May 12 @ 6:57am 
sick. love this mod, it actually makes the AI research and use tanks.