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Portal 2

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History Of Aperture Science
The history of aperture science right from the very begining in 1950, all the way to the ages of the science mad GLaDOS.
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History Of Aperture #Part 1
The first in a series of maps

This takes place in 1950, aperture science has been setup and is looking for test subjects
Could you be the one they are looking for?

History Of Aperture #Part 2
The second part of the history of aperture.
More tests set to you by Cave Jonhson, can you complete them?

History of Aperture #Part 3
Its been a few months since your last test.

Cave Johnson has a large series of excursion funnels that need testing, based on you past sucess you are perfect for the job....
History Of Aperture #Part 4
The year is 1961 it has been 6 years since your last test, after completing their testing course aperture rewarded you with a money, lots of money, now Cave Johnson needs you help again, he is thinking of constructing a Genetic Lifeform and Disc Operating ...
History Of Aperture #Part 5
After a long wait the series is back!

At the end of the last test all test subjects where put into hibernation, according to the aperture computer database, 250 years passed since hibernation began. Now the testing continues.