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Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded - v2.3.6
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Jan 19, 2019 @ 1:38pm
Oct 21, 2021 @ 11:20am
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Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded - v2.3.6

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Mod Updating Guidelines

If you are having trouble updating the mod, we have documentation on our discord to help assist you with common troubleshooting steps.

If you are using a Xbox Game Pass or Epic Games version of Conan Exiles and wish to download mods from Steam, visit this forum link with directions on how you can do that. If this is too challenging for you, please join our discord and we will provide you with a Google Drive download link for all Multigun mods.

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Opening Statement

This mod was originally created by Kerozard.

This mod comes as is, we have no plans to add any additional features to this mod. However, this mod will be maintained and updated to be compatible with the latest revisions of the game.

Description of Mod

Mod id: 1629644846


Please direct questions, comments, concerns, feedback, and bug reports to our Discord. All documentation is also only found on Discord due to Steam Trolls. The Discord link is the button below.


This highly customizable mod improves your long-term playing experience by increasing the level range up to level 300. Every level past level 60 grants additional attribute and feat points, allowing you to max all attributes and learn all feats once you reach level 300. Reaching level 300 is not meant to be easily reached with. At level 300, you will also be given a generous bonus amount of feat points to spend (great for when using lots of other mods that require feat point spending).

The most unique feature about this leveling mod is that your character will also gain paragon buffs as your character continues to level. Every 10 levels starting at level 70, you will gain an increased chance of triggering one of the Paragon Bonuses.

Paragon Settings Window

To access the Paragon Settings, take a quick look at the images on this workshop page. Or, navigate to the "Stats" menu and locate the Paragon button.

Paragon Bonuses
  • Sturdy Materials

    At level 70, this paragon buff grants an increasing chance to avoid any durability loss whenever your items are being damaged.

  • Harvest Proficiency

    From level 80 onward, you gain an increasing chance to receive bonus items from harvesting.

  • Keen Eye

    Once you reach level 90 you will have an increasing chance to hit an enemy critically and deal additional damage.

Customization Settings

The chance for a buff to activate and the strength of the effects can be configured by server administrators in the mod settings.

Edited Core Files


  1. Total Points Earned?

    Spreadsheet with all the points details can be found via documentation that can be accessed via our discord.

  2. Legendary Chests Aren't Spawning

    You are using an outdated version of Conan, or you are using an outdated version of Paragon. Ensure your Conan version is the latest revision, as well as the latest version of Paragon.

  3. Mod Load Order?

    Leveling mods in general don't seem to play along with each other very well (in particular with overriding or changing AoC's leveling tables). To resolve EXP conflicts, use the KPL - Smooth Leveling Add-On. Otherwise, you will need to experiment yourself with the load order. We have already done the proper testing to determine where AoC should be since its the most commonly used leveling mod with Paragon.

  4. Add Mod After Level 60?

    Players who add the mod after they have already advanced past level 60 will miss out on Paragon bonuses. Players will need to reset their levels down to 59. and raise them back up.

  5. Map Transfer Compatible?

    Paragon is compatible with Amunets Server Transfer Mod.


Paragon Points will not reset properly if you de-level (as in, admin lower your character level or somebody elses character). To fix this, you have 2 options:
  1. Using Pippi, reset the character all the way down to level 59. Then level back up to your desired level. This will calculate the points correctly starting at level 61 for Paragon.

  2. Set your desired level in the vanilla admin panel (or Pippi also). Then use the Paragon Reset Buttons in the Paragon Admin Menu.

Note: In both instances, if you used Pippi leveling kits or fragments of power, neither will be calculated into your level when you de-level. These will have to be manually added back in.

A Note on Age of Calamitous Compatibility

AoC changes it's points rewarded from time to time, and we do not keep track of this. Currently, in order to let players receive the maximum amount of points by level 300, AoC needs to go after Paragon in the load order.

Currently, you will end up with about 200 more points then necessary in attributes and feats by 300 if set this way. You will be short over 100 points if Paragon is loaded after AoC.

It is also highly advisable to use the KPL - Smooth Leveling - Add-On when using Paragon with AoC. See the workshop page for more details.

Update Policy
  • I will update my mods on my terms and my terms alone. If you don't like my update schedule, don't use the mods.

  • Mismatch errors are not the fault of mod creators. If you need help understanding this concept, visit the discord.

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