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[3.28+][Re-master Update!]The Great Hsi-Ku Arsenal : The Motherload of Unturned Arsenal
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[3.28+][Re-master Update!]The Great Hsi-Ku Arsenal : The Motherload of Unturned Arsenal

In 1 collection by [TH]Zhao Yi
The Great Hsi-Ku Arsenal
14 items
Re-master Update
- New Guns
- New Almost guns Model
- New Weapons Firing Sound
- Fully Standalone mod.....No more Any Dependencies! (But spawn table still separate download)
- Custom iron sight for some guns
- ....and more!!

"The Great Hsi-Ku Arsenal...The Most Biggest gun pack(and Unique) in Unturned"

Re-upload version for Unturned 3.28+

Name : The Great Hsi-Ku Arsenal
Version : 3.0.0
Author : [TH]Zhao Yi

Welcome to The Biggest gun pack(and Unique) in Unturned

The Great Hsi-Ku Arsenal(Great Xigu Arsenal) is custom weapons pack mods for unturned,The name has take from arsenal in Qing dynasty,China
Main Feature is we have Unique gun has never(or very few) seen in video game,Now appear in this mod. also we have new accessories such as LAM,Weaponlight,sight,and front grip.

Because this game have too enough M4 and AK47

This is in my freetime project,someupdate has take a long time

- DO NOT add me on steam without reason,if you want something....contact me at Discord "Zhao Yi(MrCatZaa)#3009" ONLY
- If Game of server Freeze after update,Restart the game/server again.
- Before you ask for "ID" I recommented to read at all description before comment. Please....DON"T LAZY to read description

- Ton of GUNS...More 400+ Guns
- 25+ New Custom Calibers
- 60+ New Accessories
- Unique gun has never(or very few) seen in video game
- Multi caliber and config variant
- Scrapable and Repairable
- Multiple Calibers Support
- Custom animation
- Convertion Kits
- Unity 2017 LTS Engine Update Support

Spawn table for version 3.28
Ireland spawn table add-on(can use both 3.28 and legacy version)
Belgium Spawn Table
Greece Spawn Table
Rio de Janeiro Spawn Table

Other Versions
Legacy version(for 3.27.x.x)
Lite version for Legacy(No Spawn table)

Weapons List


Future Plan/To do
- Cheat Debug NPC for testing all weapons
- PDF File

Common Weapons in video game,such as M4A1 M16 MP5 M1911 92FS AK47,M .etc

The Great Hsi-Ku Arsenal Compatibility with all mod if item ID not value range from 38000 to 38518(Reserved ID 38519-38600 or up to 38700 for Future)
also can be spawn on custom map if that map use vanilla spawn table

Incompatibile Mods
- Age Of Musket ID value conflict from 38000 to 38057
- Bomb Vest ID value conflict (38000)

Known issues
- Some gun from Legacy version is missing

Credits & Thank
Nelson Saxton : For awesome game/Sound and other animations
NykoRev : Pistol animations
BluefireExplosion : Strip Magazine animations
IvanYogurt : Lever Action animation
Fiffe : Tutorials
IMFDB - Internet movie firearm database
Modern Firearm(former World gun.RU)
Military Factory
The Firearm Blog

This mod uses many sounds from freesound, for the full list see here : https://pastebin.com/fmqriMPh
also use some sound from Homefront

Q:Why you did this mod?
A:I Saw many awesome guns on IMFDB(and other) website,The most unique guns saddy never seen on video game,But in movie.This why I made this mods.

Q:I like this mod!!,Can I review/use on Youtube or Twitch video?
A:Yes,and don't forget cradit to me+link include

Q:Can I use on my server?

Q:Can I re-upload to my(or any) website?
A:No....even give me a credit,Just NO

Q:Can I Request,Suggest weapons?

Q:Where is Item ID?
A: >>>Item List now move Here<<<

Q:Why you not put Item ID on Steam Page?
A:During character limitation(10,000 character),I cannot put all weapons ID on page BUT I put in pastebin and Google Drive.

Q:Where is the F_CKI'N ID!!?
A:Because you not read all **Facepalm**

Q:Why no have M4A1 M16 MP5 M1911 92FS AK47,M?
A:One Word "Boring"
and anathor reason is"I'm make sure 999% someone will make it...and will have 10 M4A1 or 20 AK-47 on Workshop."

Tools Used
- Autodesk Maya 2018
- Unity 2017[unity3d.com]
- Notepad++[notepad-plus-plus.org]
- GIMP[www.gimp.org]
- Paint dotNET[www.getpaint.net]
- masterbundle and bundle tool for Unturned by Nelson Saxton
- ShareX[getsharex.com]
- Instant Screenshot[assetstore.unity.com]

Allow to
- Use on server
- Use on your custom map
- On Youtube/Twitch video(...and Don't leave cradit to me :)")
- Make NPC Shop to sell weapons in this mods in maps(Both Custom and official)

NOT Allow to
- Re-upload anywhere(except under name "[TH]Zhao Yi" or "Mr.CatZaa")
- Any Commercial proposal(monnize server is OK)
- Use any file in this mod into your own modpack(I Recommented to use "add to cellection" NOT Repack)
- Decompile,Extract any file in this mod

You can use this mod on your server without ask for my permission first.

You can Donate for more awesome stuff and more content
or Donate with Steam Item

Feel free comment,rate and share and please DO NOT spam comment,i will remove if your spamming comment. Thank you
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I already changed ID list to Steam Guide.

Paste bin I already appeal but still not recovery
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