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Automated Atlas 1.05
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Mar 11 @ 1:52pm
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Automated Atlas 1.05

Automated Atlas seeks to automate all of the boring tasks in Atlas.

Have Questions about the mod, bug reports, or want to keep up on the latest mod news? Note only bug reports posted in the discord will likely be fixed. Please use the #atlas-mod-bug-reports section to submit bugs. Join the mod discord here

Current Structures:
-AA Collector: Collects items off the ground.
-AA OCD Resource Box: Automatically collects items from nearby creatures and stores them in higher stacks at only 10% weight.
-OCD Large Storage Box: Add items to it's OCD Menu and the console will sort that stuff into its inventory.
-Command Console: Runs all the logic for the OCD System. Use this to enable/disable the OCD sorting from structures and dinos. Put a * in the name of any structure to prevent it from being pulled from.

To use the mod after installing, you must unlock the new "Automation" Skill in the construction tab of the skill tree. It has the same icon as metallurgy for now.

Coming Soon:
OCD Storage
--OCD Ship resource box
--OCD Ammo Box
--OCD Building Box
Building Helper
Pulling in all crafting stations/forges
Crop Automation
Egg Collecting
Water Anywhere
Air Conditioning
Egg Incubator
Breeding Helpers
Refrigerated Troughs with balancing

**Missing Structures**
-No clip and missing pieces for building
-New Building types

**Ship Improvements**
Various NPC changes, and Quality of Life changes for sailing and maintaining fleets.

***MOD ID***
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Thomas The 1 and Only Jun 16 @ 5:27am 
Hi i use this mod for years on Ark i realy hope you will make the same mod as in Ark because its one of the best mods ever i use them on 8 ark servers and now on 1 Atlas server
Wizzy Jun 4 @ 12:22pm 
nothing since 11 march mod is dead
Quantum79 May 14 @ 6:54am 
DARK May 3 @ 12:20am 
2 Months since last update. Is there going to be any fixes or updating coming in the near future ?.
Love to see this mod fixed & updated with the features we had in ARK version.
Panther_Skull Apr 24 @ 5:16am 
just wondering if there is going to be any updating to this mod?
JT-Gamer Apr 23 @ 12:08pm 
@blitzfire911 does the breeding helpers help you with the wether? Or is there something else help you with this ?
JT-Gamer Apr 23 @ 12:03pm 
the person who makes a mods that fixes breeding in atlas deserves a medal
DARK Apr 17 @ 5:08pm 
Update coming to fix the storage being not usable ?. Love to have Autosorting again like i did in Ark
Saito Apr 5 @ 9:13am 
the OCD storage can't be used. this seems to be bugged.
GamerTeah Apr 2 @ 5:21am 
Thank you @Darksilver. I appreciate the update and will keep following the mod development :)