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Ultimate Underground Station
Station: Train Station
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Jan 18, 2019 @ 2:36pm
Aug 27, 2019 @ 1:29pm
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Ultimate Underground Station

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This mod gives you ability to create freely underground station with distinct and interconnected parts, and to create freely street entry at any place you like.
To build a station, you need follow three steps

1. Build at least one underground level
2. Build an entry nearby
3. Click on "Underground station assembler" to connect them all!

Some hints:
* Use PageUp/PageDown to adjust the depth of the station
* You can build station without any entry
* If you assemble entries without any underground level, it will turn out be pedestrian under-street passage
* Name any underground level or the entry starting with ## to force the platform sign text, if not the mod will choose a least long name between the elements
* Name the underground level starting with single # and switch on corresponding option in the parameters to override the platform length, radius and track layout:
For example:
#L150R300 -> A station of 150m long and of 300m radius
#L150TTPTT -> A station of 150m long, with two tracks on the both sides and a central platform
#PTTTTP -> A station with platform on two sides, and two transit tracks in central
* The "length" parameter defines the length of the shortest track in the station, if curved.
* After the station is assembled, you can't directly modify it, to modify "Disassemble" it first.

This mod requires the following two mods to work:
* Shader Enhancement Mod
* Livetext

This mod is designed to be easily extended, if you want to add new entry or new internal platform models, please ask me freely I will supply technical support and even update for adaptation.
The interconnection with Ultimate Station is in considering.

Since the successor of Transport Fever has been announced upon the release of the final patch, this mod is probably my last big mod. I have spent too much hours on modding and even played the game too little.
Honestly I hope the new game would be more modder friendly since lot's of modding mechanism is missing in the game, that limited the possibilities...
Anyway Thanks to all who love my mod and Urban Games for much technical support.

* Better performance on slope = 0
* Able to run without Livetext (Station Signs won't appear)
* Fix wrong stairs lanes on some lengths
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Jul 28, 2019 @ 11:47pm
< >
Red Comet Jul 10 @ 8:59pm 
this cccoooooolllll
Ian Feb 2 @ 10:31am 
When do you think you will have it ready for TpF2?
Adam1220 Jan 27 @ 2:23pm 
Really looking forward to this being on TPF2, I've been waiting for it as it is mandatory for my large city projects! Massive respect, when will it be usable?
Istvan Jan 25 @ 8:58am 
This is my most crucial mod ever, so very anxious to see it for TPF2! Can't wait @Enzojz! ;)
Enzojz  [author] Jan 22 @ 3:21pm 
@Mewdos yes very soon
Mewdos Jan 21 @ 3:47pm 
Thanks for the fantastic mod! Used it to much on TPF. Is there any chance you'll be porting it to TPF2 anytime soon? Cheers!
ustaritz Dec 1, 2019 @ 7:09am 
i did make it work on a clean new map when i got the mod first. it just doesn't work on the map i'm using now for some reason.
ustaritz Dec 1, 2019 @ 7:00am 
I'm having the same issue. I have the Underground pack, Shaders and Livetext enabled. Plopping one station, a stairway near and pressing the connect button crashes the game and gives out that message. I also tried to build a full network of about or 6 stations of all same exact size and config without any entries but no passenger seems to access the stations either.
Enzojz  [author] Nov 28, 2019 @ 1:04am 
@mikobobak means the final station have separated platforms, not accessible from others.
mikobobak Nov 27, 2019 @ 5:28pm 
when I clicked on the assembler, the game crashed and said "terminal not properly connected". Does anyone know how to fix this? thanks