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Dual Wield
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Jan 18, 2019 @ 8:15am
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Dual Wield

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Pistols are boring? Not when you dual wield them like Lara Croft!
This mod allows your colonists to dual wield any weapon you allow in the mod options, including weapons added by other mods.
Dual wielding does come with accuracy and firing rate penalties which are affected by the shooting/melee level of the pawns.

Maybe it's better explained by a Chicken Plucker creation:

- Dual wielding support for any weapon, including modded ones. What weapons can be dual wielded can be configured completely in the mod settings.
- Combine any weapon. Combining melee weapons with ranged weapons is also possible!
- NPCs/enemies can also dual wield! The chance they do can be configured in the mod settings.
- Dual wielding comes with both a cooldown penalty, and an accuracy penalty. Pawn melee/shooting skills lower these penalties. Like anything, these penalties are configurable in the mod settings.
- How each weapon is drawn in dual wielding stance is also configurable in the mod settings.
- Weapons are dual-wieldable, two-handed or primary.
--- Dual-wieldable weapons can be placed in either hand.
--- Two-handed weapons prevent dual-wieldable weapons to be used alongside them.
--- Primary weapons can have a dual-wieldable weapon alongside it, but cannot be combined with other primary weapons.
--- Which weapon falls in each category can be configured in the mod settings.

The default mod settings are very conservative. You can only dual wield very light weapons like pistols, knives, machine pistols, etc.. and you can't combine them with two-handed weapons. Also the skill-level dependent penalties make sure the mod is well balanced. And most importantly, enemies will also dual wield. However, you can make it all as overpowered as you want by tweaking all this in the mod settings!

Important notes
- Make sure to take a look at the mod settings. This mod is very configurable, and if you don't like something, you can likely tweak it. In case you don't know how to do this: Go the the main menu -> settings -> mod settings -> Dual Wield (this works the same for any mod).
- Don't forget to install hugslib!
- Please report any issues you're having with this mod by clearly explaining what happens, and please, please add a Hugslib log by pressing ctrl+f12 and placing the link you'll get on this forum. A report with a log is 100x more valuable.

- Works fine with existing saves.
- Works great with Run and Gun!
- Should also work with Simple Sidearms, but please let me know if you find any irregularities. Report them properly in the "Simple Sidearms Compatibility" thread.
- Star wars lightsabers don't work as off-hand weapon. They can be combined with other weapons as main-hand weapon though.
- not compatible with Combat Extended. I've looked into CE compatibility, but it's just not feasible.
- Should work fine with other mods. Though please report any issues you find.

Feel free to add the mods to modpacks or to use parts of the code or icons for other projects, though please credit me. Do however not release exact copies of my project, or exact copies with minor adjustments without my consent.

- Japanese (by Proxyer)
- Simplified Chinese (by LingLuo)
- Traditional Chinese (by Shiuanyue).

- Chicken Plucker for creating the amazing preview art and gif. Thanks a lot!
- All the translators for making this mod accessible to a wider audience.
- Pardeike a.k.a. Brainzz for creating Harmony.
- UnlimitedHugs for creating Hugslib.

- Translations are very welcome. You can make a pull request on github if you want to add in translations, or you can contact me by sending a friend request.

If you really like my mods, please consider buying me a coffee. It would mean a lot to me!


No longer active as modder
I'm currently no longer active as modder. I'm developing my own game now and I have an almost full time job, so I don't have time to keep maintaining my mods. Since there's no indication of any new versions of Rimworld in the near future, this shouldn't be a problem for most players. However, newly released mods could be incompatible.

If you want to maintain this mod or expand it, please contact me.

Please read back comments if you have questions, and help each other when you know the answer to questions other people have.
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The Bard of Hearts Mar 24 @ 4:22pm 
OK.... I guess I owe an explanation now that I've made a fool of myself. I'm using the Combat Shields mod as well. I like the idea of basic shields. Unfortunately, its the only shield mod I can find that simply adds shields without a slew of other things I don't need. To make it work, they added the shields as a "Belt" equipment. This being the case, people are now walking around with two weapons AND carrying a shield.... I was hoping someone else may have asked and perhaps found a solution that I have not. =)
The Bard of Hearts Mar 24 @ 4:05pm 
OOPS ignore that ahahaha Misstyped
The Bard of Hearts Mar 24 @ 4:05pm 
Axi Mar 16 @ 11:11pm 
https://gist.github.com/2ce1ef5afa4fe4c521061ecaefd6254a please check it,MOD settings overlap with other mod potions
LordDarthon7 Mar 14 @ 8:31pm 
What makes a weapon a weapon in this game because some modded guns from Xeva Faction don't show up.
PerfectKid Mar 13 @ 1:03am 
does this not work with royality?
flaming warmage Mar 10 @ 11:36pm 
Always fun having my pawns running around duel wielding beer bottles.
Poul Mavinger Mar 10 @ 5:13pm 
Its not really a bug but I don't think this mod allow the psyfocus staff to used in the offhand. Its not in the options to configure for dual wield.
Oleg Jughashvili Mar 9 @ 10:30am 
not compatible with combat extended.
shame , i dont play without it =/
Nin-Sama Mar 5 @ 9:03am 
Good to know, this will make it easy for me to think about balancing with other mods.