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Weltenbummler Let's Play Modpack
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Created by UnlimitedHugs
This is a library that provides shared functionality for other mods.
For best results, make sure that HugsLib comes right after Core in your mod load order.

Also includes the Log Publisher: press Ctrl+F12 to upload your Rimworld logs and get a link...
Created by Jecrell
[v1.0.9.8] Adds modding components to RimWorld: vehicles, spell casting, weapon slots, oversized weapons, and more!

Example Mod Load Order
Star Wars
Call of Cthulhu

EdB Prepare Carefully
Created by edbmods
Customize your RimWorld colonists, choose your gear and prepare carefully for your crash landing! Use the optional point limits to try to create a balanced start or keep points disabled to build the starting group that you always wanted to try. Save your...
Sparkling Worlds - Full Mod
Created by Albion
Sparkling Worlds - Glittertech on the Rim
The main features of this mod is to increase the ability to craft advanced Glittertech items and introduce some new advanced weapons, items and buildings from Glitterworlds without breaking ...
Misc. Robots
Created by Haplo_X1
This mod adds some robots to buy from traders:

- Haulingbot
A small drone to help you hauling stuff around
- Cleaningbot
A small robot to help keeping your home clean

The source code for all Miscellaneous mods can be found on my Gi...
Dub's Paint Shop
Created by Dubwise
A painting tool to change the colour of most buildings, apparel, zones and constructed terrain. Multiplayer ready

Toggle between job based painting or instant.

Paint bed sheets with ctrl+click.

Paint tool can be found in any architect menu near th...
Created by Brrainz
You want more zoom and different paning? This little mod enhances the in-game camera so you can zoom in much more than usual. Perfect for this one great screenshot or for showing your viewers all the details while streaming.

When you download...
[1.0] RPG Style Inventory
Created by Ashen
This mod replaces the vanilla Gear tab UI with an RPG style inventory screen. It also displays small icons denoting if the apparel was worn by a corpse or was forced to wear.

!!! I (Ashen) take no credit for this mod at all. The orig...
[1.0] Mass Graves
Created by vnihoul77

Cannibalism mood penalties got you down? No animals to feed raider corpses to? Don't feel like rushing cremation and digging graves for those 30 tribal raiders takes too much time? Fret no more, because this revolutionary new advanc...
[CP] Chicken Mitchell - Hairstyles (1.0)
Created by Chicken Plucker
Because you're worth it.
Hand-drawn hairsyles taken from various video game or movie characters by famous hairstylist "Chicken Mitchell".

3D models used for reference.

Credits to:
Chicken Plucker
Better Pawn Control
Created by VouLT
A RimWorld mod that allows to set colonists and animals to outfits, areas, drugs, food in one single action. Setup different policies and switch at will.

Rating keeps a mod alive, so if you like this mod, please rate it, thanks!

- Aga...
Color Coded Mood Bar
Created by semTex.
Color code each pawn's mood bar within the colonist bar based on their current mood.

Red: extreme mental break threshold
Orange: major mental break threshold
Yellow: minor mental break threshold
Gray: neutral mood
Light Blue: content
Green: happy
Animal Variety Coats
Created by cucumpear
Ever wondered if animals really should all have the same shades?
I sure did, so I utilized the assembly from Animal Collab Project to give vanilla animals a bit of variation. The assembly was created by thirite and has been updated by Xen.
Some of you ma...
Wall Light
Created by Murmur
Place these lights directly on your walls! They must be placed on an 'impassable' tile, facing a passable one. They play very nicely with all sorts of workbenches and furniture. If something happens to the wall you've placed it on, or you build a wall in f...
Door Mat R1.0
Created by dracoix 🐉
ORIGINAL WORKSHOP URL: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727309536

For your cleaning needs.

Ported to B19 and 1.0 by dracoix.

Want something more powerful?
Forbid campfires
Created by Joris
Forbid campfires so pawns don't waste resources on them.

Since 0.19 campfires are persistent after the fuel runs out, but pawns will continue to fill them. This leaves them available for when they're needed again (cold snap?)

Same goes for coolers: h...
[XND] Forbiddable Debris
Created by XeoNovaDan
Direct download from GitHub[github.com] (source[github.com])

Should be safely addable to existing savegames. There may ...
Created by Jecrell
Adds quest givers to trader groups and caravans. This mod exists for those of us who feel that RimWorld could use a little more direction from time to time, and a good quest is just what we need!


When a trad...
Rimworld Search Agency
Created by Killface
This Mod allows you to search by name in various filters:

+ Storage tab
+ Bill tab
+ Outfit tab

Original A12 version by meonester. Initial update for A13–A17 by Killface.
Mod menu, rewrites for Harmony and massive improvements by DoctorVan...
[KV] Trading Spot - 1.0
Created by Kiame Vivacity
A designated spot for traders to stop at.

Trading Spot marker is located in the Architecture menu under Misc

This will work in current saves without a problem. To remove the mod, delete the Trading Spot, save, remove the mod, then load ...
[FSF] Rain Washes Away Filth
Created by FrozenSnowFox
This mod patches the parent def BaseFilth to add a tag so filth washes away in the rain/snow. What does this mean? It means every type of filth in the game and every type of filth added by mods that uses BaseFilth will be washed away in the rain/snow. T...
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
Created by Ykara
MULTILINGUAL - There is support for English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Korean and Russian. It will automatically detect the language of your game, you don't have to change anything.

Realistic Rooms Lite
Created by Crlsniper
The Diet or light version of my Realistic Rooms mod. Since some people asked for it I've lowered the size by about a third instead of half like in the other mod. Also raised the dirt debuff by half as well.

You can now find this mod under downloads on ...
Just Ignore Me Passing
Created by Brrainz
"Excuse me. I need to pass here where you work. Please keep working on whatever you work on right now. Thank you!"

- This small mod makes it so that construction isn't any longer interrupted by pawns passing through the blueprint/unfinished thing that i...
[KV] Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats - 1.0
Created by Kiame Vivacity
Show hair for all hats.

Select which hats do hide hair from Mod Settings.

Hide All Hats from Mod Settings

Will work with mods that add new hats

Supports current saves and can be removed without breaking saves

Direct Download: https://githu...