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Callirgos Alchemy
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Jan 13, 2019 @ 10:12am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Callirgos Alchemy

This mod overhauls Alchemy.

* Potions - rebalanced vendor economy, effects, rarites
* Poisons - rebalanced effects, new Ravage functionality
* Poison Traps - rebalanced and updates to player level 81
* Poison Monsters - rebalanced and added blocking functionality

* Also see Callirgos Culinary for Food Overhaul


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All Ingredient effects redistributed to be more thematic and intuitive.
All Ingredient rarities, costs, magnitudes, and durations were reviewed and rebalanced.
Ingredients that could fictionally be food have the VendorItemFood keyword added to them.
Ingredients that could fictionally be raw food have the VendorItemFoodRaw keyword added to them.
Added Keyword VendorItemIngrediant to Ingredients that did not have it.
All Potion/Poison recipies have been updated.
New Potion/Poison recipies have been added to apothecary vendor lists.
Powdered Mammoth Tusk is now craftable after learning the recipe. Recipe can be purchased at vendors.

Rare Ingredients are randomly generated by vendors less often.
Regardless of player level Vendors will have a random chance for higher/max level potions.
Regardless of player level Vendors will generate, on average, more lower level potions.
Player level still contributes to Vendor's generating higher level potions.
Most Alchemists will not buy or sell; Human Hearts, Human Flesh, Bone Meal. Select few will.

Fortify Stat Potions set to 300 seconds.
Fortify Skill Potions sset to 300 seconds.
Resist Element Potions set to 300 seconds.
Fortify Carry Weight Potions set to 900 seconds.
Fortify Barter, Enchanting, Smithing, Lockpicking, and Pickpocket set to 30 seconds.
Fortify Persuasion set to 60 seconds.

All regenerate potions have a standardized effect, +150% heal/gain rate.
Potion strength increases Duration.
Crafted and Vendor Regenerate potions work the same.

Ravage Effects now damage Health, Stamina, or Magicka for an extremely long time (4 hours).
Ravage Effects now functionally different from Damage Effects.
Cure Poison will remove Ravage Effects.

Lingering Damage Health Effect set to 3 dps. Potion Strength increases Duration.
Lingering Damage Stamina Effect set to 6 dps. Potion Strength increases Duration.
Lingering Damage Magicka Effect set to 6 dps. Potion Strenght increases Duration.

Potion of Escape now grants Invisibility and Regenerate Stamina
Potion of Keen Shot now grants Fortify Marksman and Fortify Stealth
Potion of Plunder now grants Foritfy Carry Weight and Fortify Move Speed.
Ice Wraith Essense now gives 50% Frost Resistance and Ravages the user for 15 Stamina.
Skooma now gives Stamina Regeneration and Ravages the user for 15 Magicka.

Potion weight for all player made potions/poisons is set to 1
Set vendor potions have the following weight; 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5
Set all vendor potions of Invisibility to 1.5 weight
Set all vendor potions of Water Breathing to 0.3 weight

Spriggans (all), Chaurus (all), Spiders (all), Falmers armed with Swords, "Afflicted", and White Skeevers.
Poisonous monster attacks deal less damage per second for longer durations.
Poison Resistance reduces the duration, instead of magnitude, of poisonous monster attacks.
You can now prevent being poisoned by blocking a monster attack (claw/sword) with your shield.
If you have the Deflect Arrows Perk, you may now use your shield to block projectile poisons.
You must be facing the monster and have your shield raise to block poisonous attacks.
Monsters may still poison you by breaking through your shield with a power attack.
Spriggan poison spray (a swarm of bugs) cannot be blocked with a shield
Spriggan poison spray may instead be blocked with a magical shroud of flame, frost, or shock.

Poison Damage and Trap Damage (if any) scale to the players level. (up to 81)
Dwemer Dart trap now Ravages Health and Stamina. Multiple darts may hit with compounding effects.
Darts raps may now poison multiple times, once from each dart that hits.
Poison Bloom Flowers are rebalanced to do less damage over a longer period of time.
Cure Poison now removes these poison effect.

Added Spriggan Sap to death items for Spriggans and Burnt Spriggans
Updated combat packages and AI for; Spriggans, Spriggan Matron, and Spriggan Earth Mothers
Spriggans may attempt to flee combat and heal.
Spriggan Matrons now have the ability to summon animals and cast a healing burst on allies.
Burnt Spriggans now cause fire damage, instead of poison, from melee attacks.
Spriggan Earth Mothers now have an ability that will banish Deadra, burn Undead, and fear NPCs.
Spriggan Earth Mothers also have the ability to cast Stone/Iron Skin on themselves

Created Low Level Boars.
Added Low Level Boars to random Forest Encounters list.
Boars will drop Boar Meat and Boar Tusks.

Added Chaurus Hunters and Chaurus Hunter Fledglings to random Marsh Encounters list.

Shrines now remove poison effects as well.

Decreased Poison Resistance on Necklace of Poison Resistance from 50% to 40%

Fixed Misplaced Nifs in bottle progressions
Created Missing DamageStaminaRate05 poison and added it to leveled lists.
Fixed a dummy potion using an inappropriate leveled list at the Alchemist Shack.
Fixed 3 Poison Bloom flowers that were not creating poison fumes in Darkfall Passage.
Fixed DA13 "afflicted" archers not using leveled list correctly.
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MollieLane Jan 21, 2019 @ 10:57am 
I've played this mod for about 5 hours and I'm really enjoying the fact that I'm having to experiment all over again with potion creation. And I'm really looking forward to delving deeper. Thanks for creating it.
Potato Priorities Jan 18, 2019 @ 8:04pm 
As much as I love this mod, I often find that I've become overencumbered due to the weight increase. Granted I might just have a minor potion hoarding issue.

"Hm maybe I'll need this potion to increase my blocking skill"
*Makes a stealthy bow character*
magiti.e Jan 18, 2019 @ 10:48am 
this mod look great, but i don't have the DLC. sad.