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Press M to open the map.
Press K to show/hide 3D markers.

Server Host Installation:
You need to download our dependency mods.
Get CF and VanillaPlusPlusMap files from the steam workshop folder ( where ever the content downloads to )
Place @VanillaPlusPlusMap & @CF in your server directory and append `@CF;@VanillaPlusPlusMap` into your server launch
parameter. eg: -mod=@CF;@VanillaPlusPlusMap
Make sure you also add the signature key into the `Keys` folder that is located in your server directory. You can get the keys from the mod folder.

-Client: Place Markers on map that save across all servers and or server specific.
-Client: A variety of unique marker icons for use
-Client: Ability to add and remove markers
-Client: Ability to see your current position (if not disable by server owners)
-Client: Ability to add 3D Markers ( shows distance, icon, marker name )
-Server: Ability to force disable 3D Markers for server host.
-Server: Ability to add global markers for players to see during session

Update July 25 Change Log:
-Complete Visual and code remake of the mod.
-Addition of new map icons and identifiers (deerstand locations, town + village names, map grid coords)
-Server host can now disable showing `Me` icon on the map ( to enable this option check your map settings on server. VPPMapConfig.json located in your server profile folder )
-You can now place markers that would only save on the specific server you are playing on ( data is all local and the server is identified by IP )
-Added a hotkey to disable and enable all 3D placed markers ( Press K to use, you can edit the keybind within the DayZ settings menu for keybinds )
-Added support for over 100 icons. Now you can place upto 10,000 markers on the map ( not sure why you would need so many...but there you go. )
-Cleaned up code on server and client, made many improvements to the structure of the mod.

Note: If you have any questions about using features of the mod, leave a comment below and or join our Discord server to communicate with us!

Vanilla++ Map Mod Developed by DaOne, GravityWolfNotAmused & MrMaffen
Keep Up with updates and full change logs! Click logo below to join Our Discord

- You are not allowed to repack or republish this mod on any platform including steam
- You are not allowed to unpack this mod and create derivative work from its source code. A DMCA take down will be issued if necessary
- Don't advertise servers in the comments you shameless nerd, i don't care if you run our mods. Comments will be deleted.
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Ambizos 2 hours ago 
For people who does not know how to change the static markers:
Bohemia Interactive
Loot Stash
Go to your server profile and find the "VPPMapConfig.json.
DaOne(Th3Killer321)  [author] 3 hours ago 
@shad, feature already done. Will be rolled out with the DayZ 1.05 update (or maybe sooner if 1.05 is late :P)
shad 21 hours ago 
What @3ntropia said - would be cool if you could only use all the map features if you found a map in game.
3ntropia Aug 20 @ 3:58am 
if possible to vinculate this map with the map of the game?, if you have one, you can use "m"
Bande2Loser Aug 19 @ 10:08am 
hello, I would have liked to know how to change the key of the keyboard for the opening of the map in games and modify the marker.
thank you :)
۩TonY۩̿ Aug 19 @ 9:19am 
Do you have permission to delete 2 markers that are standard ?
Bohemia Interactive
Loot Stash
HaЧaJl'HиkA Aug 17 @ 1:12pm 
How to change map key binds? I am use Zomberry Admin Tool, and him use key M same too, but this bind don't changed in config mode!
Mr.Sprinkles Aug 16 @ 8:47pm 
I dont think thats the issue. When I remove the Maps mod everything works like normal. The other mods removed dont bring back the items on zombies. Its only with the maps mod.
DaOne(Th3Killer321)  [author] Aug 16 @ 8:43pm 
@Mr.Sprinkles this mod has nothing to do with zombies or loot. You must have broken your xmls
reset that to normal.
Kion ♛ Aug 16 @ 6:23pm 
How to mark friend?