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Adaptive Chroma Key [Artwork/Video Editing Mod]
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Jan 13 @ 5:22am
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Adaptive Chroma Key [Artwork/Video Editing Mod]

This mod allows users to set a custom DISTANCE & COLOR for their personal green screen for chroma keying

This is just a simple green screen the users can use in their artwork or videos to help create the best chroma key possible. With a custom color slider and key binds use this as your green screen!
Based on the nvidea Ansel feature.

In this mod the screen will ALWAYS follow the camera and the direction it faces.

This mod supports custom key binds!

!!!Server Owners!!!
A Key is available in the mod download and can be found through the Arma 3 Launcher.
This mod uses a single 250Km X 250Km plane for the green screen.
This mod creates vehicles local to the player's client which do not affect other players. Thus allowing this won't affect anyone other than the people using the green screen.

If you would like a feature added feel free to contact me and request it!

If you would like to help support the work that I do for the Arma 3 community feel free to donate through my Paypal.Me @ []
Any support is highly appreciated! Thanks.

Please do not distribute edited copies as 'official' copies of this mod and leave all attribution in the mod.
But feel free to put it in your mod pack but remember the following:
This mod is not to be uploaded to the Steam Workshop under any circumstances as this is against the Steam Workshop TOS!
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Asaayu  [author] Jan 18 @ 7:55pm 
Bobzap/Sayker Jan 18 @ 6:34am 
Yeah of course you're right. Do you know how to change the color of a sky? or a mod that does it (no screen filter). =)
Asaayu  [author] Jan 17 @ 7:40am 
I don't think this mod is the mod to help solve that issue. Although it would work it isn't the origianal use so would probably run into issues.
Bobzap/Sayker Jan 17 @ 7:26am 
ok ok thank you for your response. It's in order to have a special color in the skybox.. :/
Asaayu  [author] Jan 17 @ 6:06am 
Everything in the mod is currently client side. You can run it on a server if you add the key in the mod file to your server's keys folder.
Each player will see their own colour as everyone has their own preference of colour for a chroma key screen. I don't believe forcing the same colour for each player would be a good idea.
Bobzap/Sayker Jan 17 @ 4:46am 
Is it possible to use it on a server so that all the players present, see the bottom of the same color?
Asaayu  [author] Jan 16 @ 2:41am 
Thank you. :csgo_banana:

Hope you enjoy.
LeoSM_07 Jan 15 @ 7:37pm 
Oh my god, thank you sooo much. This sutch a great tool for cinimatic making
BluEye Jan 15 @ 6:23pm 
My friend, you make at first look so simple mods and yet so perfect usable with exact and simple purpose. I will just say so freakin awesome job! You helping this community a lot. Keep it up! :D
ALIAScartoons Jan 15 @ 5:33am 
Nice and useful tool. Thank for sharing mate!