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Jan 12, 2019 @ 6:45pm
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Mod ID - 1623256655

This mod is intended to add new levels of depth to the game. With many additional unique items and structures providing players with alternatives for resource collection. Offering unique aspects which should provide in game milestones to strive toward & add new levels of excitement to the game.

Structures in this Mod.
- Anvil, Craft bench for certain structures relating to this mod & a smaller variant.
- Blow Torch, Craft bench for all items related to expansion packs & a smaller variant.
- Shop Chem Bench, new recipes including first aid & seeds.
- Shop Fabricator, Craft bench for certain structures relating to this mod.
- Skin Bench, Craft bench for creating armor skins.
- Molten Forge, this structure transmutes resources & smelts gold & a smaller variant.
- Tool Rack, Deconstructs items into blueprints.
- Chem Set, a less powerful varient of chem bench which unlocks at earlier level.
- Kitchen Mortar, a mortar with new recipes.
- Rot Bucket, for quick spoiling powered by Bacteria a Chem/Mortar recipe.
- Fermenter, Ferment spirits from Yeast Sugar & Carbon, add flavors and fill jars & smaller variant.
- Brew Barrel, Beer Barrel variant smaller and ranged irrigation.
- Drill, Gathers 15 different types of earthly resources.
- Oil Pump, Gas Collector, Water Well, Pump & Tank, These structures pair with GPR.
- Veins, 4 Water, Oil, Gas & Mineral(Drill), these are crafted through the use of GPR.
- Dew Collector & Solar Still, both of these generate water at different volume.
- Composter, for unique rare fertilizers of a higher tier to meet demand of new crops
- New Tier Crops, 2 of each to match counters & 2 to match default crops & snap to foundations.
- Silkworm Farm, Generates silk over time. Must be repaired to be maintained.
- Packing Station, Packs goods into a Packing Crates/Bags.
- Unpacking Station, Unpacks goods from their Packing Crates.
- Market Stall, Sells packed goods in exchange for Gold Coins
- Trade Post, for Spending Gold Coins.
- Freezer, powered by electricity and is used to freeze raw consumables(meat/berries).
- Walk In Freezer, Large inventory walk in freezer storage which has a door.
- Walk In Vault, Large inventory walk in storage, that has a door.
- Sink Tap, new tap designed for filling custom water items.
- Sink, a counter attatchment that snaps to floors and thaws frozen goods.
- Counter Cupboard & Isle, small benchtops that snap to floors and supports placement.
- Kitchen Freezer & Fridge, smaller sizes & capacitys snaps to counters.
- Oven & Stove, a small grill & dehydrator combo with stove snaps to power cookware.
- Burner, a small gasoline power structure for new cookware & industrial variant.
- Cookware, Cooker(Cooking Pot), Dehydrator, Fryer(Grill), Boiler(Alcohol) & industrial variants.
- Big Tent, a Larger stronger more expensive variant of the SE tent with a floor.
- Tent Annex, for expanding & connecting tents to one another.
- Tent Annex Wall & Door, for closing off the Annex.
- Camping, Big Tent, Lamp, Ice Box, Bed, Pillow & Swag.
- Battery Generator, Direct outlet generator does not support cables powered by batterys.
- Power Relay, Provides power to a radius for Power Socket.
- Power Socket, Powered at range by Relay electric switch with toggle.
- Solar Panel, Recharges batterys slowly.
- Small Turbine, Recharges batterys faster rate & bulk, requires 5+ wind to function.
- Hydro Generator, Requires connection to water provides power & charges batterys.
- Thermal Generator, Built anywhere supports cables also recharges batterys at greatest speed.
- Charge Node, Smaller less effective variant of the abberation Power Node.
- Decorative Floor, 12 Textures 3 of each, Wood, Vinyl, Tiles & Carpet all are paintable.
- Spawn Fish Tank(small), for hatching/maturing larvae to feed larger aquatics.
- Marine Fish Tank(med), for producing resources from smaller aquatic life.
- Prime Fish Tank(large), for producing resources from larger aquatic life.
- Tek Raft, Tek Variant of the motorboat.
- Music Box, Structure which plays 80 different songs.
- Microwave, Defrosts frozen goods.
- Behemoth Wall, Ceiling, Pillar, Roof, Foundation, Door & Doorway.

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Jackleg Dec 6, 2020 @ 8:01pm 
So are batteries unusable currently with acid being WIP? acid says "work in progress" with a crafting cost of 36000 element
SalvantosTheGreatest Aug 24, 2020 @ 10:49pm 
Hi you did a great job of your mods. I was attempting to build with the behemoth foundation/wall/ceiling. The ceiling doesn't snap, the foundations don't provide a snappoinit for normal build components/don't match measurements. I recommend reviewing and exploring your mod for better crafted walls that you can specify their attributes and stuff. Overall Great outstanding job 4.999 stars.
TheNetherAngel Aug 21, 2020 @ 11:36am 
this mod is really neat but is there a way you can make your craftable charge node as a standalone but make it require an addtional tekgram as a prerequisite? like the cloning chamber as a pre req or the forcefield.
helhuntress Jul 30, 2020 @ 11:01am 
@JackyMoon,hi i have your mod installed on my server and i love it but i cannot seem to get the forge to make gold bars or coins can you please tell me how i do this?
Egirls DM Me Jun 17, 2020 @ 10:24am 
@JackyMoon Hi, I co-manage a server that uses this mod, and in light of your comment that the mod is not dead, I was wondering if we could get any kind of status report of what's done/coming?

The main concern we have is that some of the items are incredibly OP when pickup settings are enabled, namely things like the drills which forced us to disable them though there is other content that we still want to use. We were hoping maybe we could get some ini or in-game configs for the drills to give them a fuel cost or something similar to help balance them out so they're not simple free resource spawners.

It would make the wait for further content significantly less stressful if we could properly use what's already in the mod without worry of ruining the in-game economy. Thanks for your efforts and I hope you can find the time to continue as most of the content is very well made and we love having it on our server.
RedDwarf May 27, 2020 @ 9:41pm 
Hey JackyMoon, I recently pushed an update to my Solar Panel mod, so I went ahead and renamed my Solar Panel files to avoid naming conflicts with your solar panels. (We both used "SolarPanel_BP")

This should keep the bug reports down. =)
InfernoChimchar Apr 7, 2020 @ 4:49am 
what does the behemoth ceiling snap to i havent been able to get it to connect to any surface ?
JackyMoon  [author] Mar 28, 2020 @ 6:26am 
@All, This mod is worked on in large updates. Free time has always been a luxury to me but as my job role has become increasingly demanding over time the mod has naturally received less attention. Just to alleviate a few concerns no it's not dead & in fact it has received updates in the same fashion that it always has. When i am privy to free time it is worked on. But i never update half content that is to say when a DLC is released i like to release everything in 1 large & stable patch. This is a lot of work please try to understand that i have already spent literally 3000+ hours doing so (More time then i have amounted in any game) Between demands upon my time, adding new features & testing them as thoroughly as possible to not break the game. Now add to that i am entirely solo on this project & all artworks or additions require external development outside of the dev kit itself (Photoshop, Autodesk, AVG Audio). Please be patient i am 1 person not a team of 20.
RedDwarf Mar 27, 2020 @ 12:53am 
The feeding trough thing is a known bug in the vanilla game. Wildcard tried to add trough ranges to the game, but their implementation was kind've bad. He'll likely have it fixed in the next patch.
Dinosaurboy10 Mar 26, 2020 @ 8:18am 
Its not this mod, This mod hasnt been updated in a year. it is something else