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BONES the skeleton follower UPDATED
Created by Ji$0-DreY
Bones now has a helmat that he wears!

Bones was a normal skeleton. He used to roam the the ruins of Tamial with his friends, waiting for someone to unsuspetingly walk in. Now he's left the ruins to come and mingle with the living. Bones is ...
Birds and Flocks Hearthfire Edition
Created by Kazoomie
-- NOTICE 10/25/2016 --

Unfortunately, I don't have time to continue offering further support/updates for my mods. I am unaware at this time how mods like this one will work with the Skyrim Remaster which is due out in a few days, but I am posting this ...
COG The Dwarven Spider Follower
Created by Ji$0-DreY
Cog, a spider that normally attack you upon sight, well not this one!

Cog was an ordinary dwarven spider that lived in some ruins up the northern end of Skyrim. Their he hung out with friends and hunted enemies of his kind. He soon got bored...............
Distant Detail
Created by Kazoomie
-- NOTICE 10/25/2016 --

Unfortunately, I don't have time to continue offering further support/updates for my mods. I am unaware at this time how mods like this one will work with the Skyrim Remaster which is due out in a few days, but I am posting this ...
Marked Incompatible ]  Frost Elf Race
Created by MontyX
UPDATED: HEALTH, MAGIKA & STAMINA regenerate 10X less!


This is The Frost Elf Race.
It is an Angelic Holy race, or an evil Vampire like race. You decide.
Credit goes to those that helped with ideas, & to those that suppl...
Guild Outposts - Dawnguard Edition
Created by Bittersteel
included in the better director's cut version on nexus[]

This mod enhances Dawnguard by ad...
Guild Outposts - Falkreath's resurrection
Created by Bittersteel
included in the better director's cut version on nexus[]

The fourth and final part of the ...
Guild outposts
Created by Bittersteel
included in the better director's cut version on nexus[]

Check out the [url={LINK REMOVED}...
Guild outposts - Dragonborn edition
Created by Bittersteel
included in the better director's cut version on nexus[]

The third part of the succesfull ...
Haytham Kenway's Apparel
Created by BongHeed
Haytham Kenway apparel pack with coat & hat from Assassins Creed 3

The kit can be forged in the "Misc" section from any blacksmithing point.

Light Armor
Grandmaster Coat requires: 3 Leather Strips & 4 Leather
ID: xx000D66

Grandmaster Hat require...
I Yield! I Yield!
Created by ThunderRolls


I Yield! I Yield! is a simple yet useful mod that makes it so when enemies say their yield lines, Like we're routed ...
Imperial Legate Equipment
Created by BioWire
A standalone set of Imperial Legate Armor. Inspired by Imperial Watch Armor from TES IV Oblivion, Recreated for skyrim.Earned after killing Ulfric Stormcloak. Now Craftable under Imperial with Dragon Armor smithing perk!

Legate Helmet
Improved Interior Lighting (For Realistic Lighting Mods)
Created by Sovereign
This Mod updates certain interior spaces with more realistic lighting solutions to better mimic ambient lighting caused by smaller enclosed spaces. Also adds a few personal stylistic alterations to improve visual interest in certain areas.

Insanity's Ebony Sword Replacer
Created by InsanitySorrow



This is a simple mesh and texture replacer for the Ebony Longsword and Ebony Greatsword. Wasn't fond of them myself and decided ...
Legionary Vanguard Armor
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Matso Immersive Sun
A simple sun texture replacement, based on Realistic Lighting.Also avaiable on Skyrim Nexus (

Best with Skyrim Visual Immersion (
Matys Medieval Knights
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Matys Mithril Armor
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Real Mountains
Created by Osmodius
This is a hi-res retexture of the mountains in Skyrim. The files are 2048x2048 in resolution, which is twice that of the old mountain textures. There should be no performance hit with this mod, also keep in mind that these textures may look odd with the dy...
Relighting Skyrim
Created by grayscruffy
Been almost three years (wow!) but thiis is likely the final update! Finally covered every location in the base game.

Fixes... the placement of lighting effects! In places where there are two fire pits or candelabras near one another there was one light...
Septim Smithing
Created by Ferret287
Just a small mod that adds septim crafting. You can use any of the smelters, forges, and anvils through out Skyrim. Both gold ingots and gold ore can be used to craft Septims. In the current version, one gold ingot can be used to make 150 Septims, and one ...
Spartan Mod 2.7
Created by DeadStatix
Armour and weapons can be found in the forge.

-Spartan cape
-Spartan Helmet
-Spartan Shield
-Spartan Boots

Weapons (requires steel smithing)
-Spartan Spear
-Spartan Sword (Re-textured Exostatic's spartan sword, remember to uncheck his m...
Spell: Conjure Werewolf v.2
Created by
This mod lets you craft a spell tome at the skyforge that teaches you a spell.
The spell lets you conjure a level 50 werewolf called a werewolf moonwalker.
To craft the book, you need arcane blacksmithing.
Ruined Book x1
Lesser Soul Gem (fil...
Summon Dragon Storm
Created by Oni
This mod adds 3 Dragon Storm spells to Skyrim,
one of Water, one of Fire and one of Darkness.

The video above is outdated, but it will give you an idea of what this mod is about.
Version 1.1
Toggle Helmet Visibility NEW VERSION
Created by *Mute
New version with totally reworked script! Serveral bugs were fixed! New options menu for customise hotkey!

This mod turns your helmet, hood or circlet invisible by pressing a button and you wont lose the stats given by it!

After installation, after f...
Two-Handed Dwemer Rifle
Created by piu

I'm open to suggestions for new features in this mod, just leave a comment and I'll see if I can do it.

This is a new custom weapon I made based on the Dwemers' technology.
It has custom sounds for draw/charge/f...
Spend Dragon Souls For Perks
Created by Smitty
*** Now compatible with SkyRE, and other perk-altering mods! ***
* Does NOT require any script extenders. *

(Show some love! Favorite & Thumbs up!)

New, Version 3.0 is out! Read the revision log for more info!
Checkout the 3.0 Update video.
One-Handed Swords Renamed (Vanilla)
Created by Threeshades
I was bothered by the fact that every non-unique one-handed weapon in the game was simply called ''[insert material/race/faction] sword'' not really because it's always the same, but rather because it was too unspecific for my taste and would technically a...
Elemental & Mind Shields
Created by johnskyrim
If you like my mods, please give me a like on Facebook!


The Elemental Shield is a classic shield from the game, Runescape. It provided magical attributes as well as resistances from certain magics. I decided to bring it to Skyrim to further my ...
Gold fore blood
Created by kjellfrode1756
With this mode,you make a ring,that you use when you fight,and when you fight and use this ring,you dont loose health but gold coins,so it is best to be rich before a big fight. it is like healtcare in USA the richer,you are the better it is....
Dat Grass
Created by (JZE) Necknp16
No further updates will be made to this mod. Any modder who wishes to make bugfixes/compatibility/SSE port is more than welcome.

This mod adds a new grass texture and puts it everywhere. The mod is still under development with each update adding...
Enchantment Cleanser
Created by SirReality
Don't you hate how that once-amazing enchantment just won't come off your best looking gear?

Hi, SirReality here for Dwemer Detergent*, the enchantment remover specialist. Never again hesitate to enchant your items for fear of future obsoletion! SImply...
Storvagorm The Bridge to Whiterun
Created by Ozzymänder

My first mod for Skyrim, also available on the Nexus.
Storvägorm is a long Dragonbone bridge linking Riverwood and Whiterun.
You will find a book telling the amazing story of Storvägorm in Breezehome (in French).

Current versi...
This Simple Mod simply deploys the Dragonborn new Oceanic Waves along proper places on the Skyrim Coast ...

All waves are placed with logical sense , you will not find oceanic waves around island with waves coming from inland , you won't find waves amo...
Supreme Storms
Created by manny_gt
Welcome to

MannyGT's Mods


It's time to say "I can't see any sh*t!" during snow storms!
This mod tweaks the vanilla snow and rain storms weathers by making them more.... Extremely intense!
The snow storms it's my favo...
Cyrodiils Akaviris (standalone version + sheath)
Created by DoG

You liked the Akaviri Blades from Oblivion? Then you're right here!

This mod adds two craftable versions of my Akaviri Katana Retexture (one with sheath, the other one without sheath) with the same stats than the ebony s...
Much Ado about Snow Elves - Weapon Set Only
Created by LacunaePhage
*I normally post mods as LittleBaron on the Nexus*

It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that this simple, weapon only version was tailor made specifically for upload to STEAM. It is definitely not compatible with any of the versions located on the NEXUS. Tryin...
Created by Brommers
Adds an enchanted, 1h sword just outside High Hrothgar inside one of the dragon shrines. The enchantment is damage dragon 5 and does +40 +10 damge dragon. Maybe a little overpowering but it is intended. Also added a white gold ingot which can be smelted us...
Created by cstevenson2014
You are a rich Merchant from the Imperial City in Cyrodil and Homestead is your home in Skyrim. Protected by elite guards, your palace rests slightly East of Karthwasten. Homestead features a walled mansion, Hall of Curios, Armory, Library and a Museum sto...
Created by Black RL

Current version: 1.6

The Steam Workshop does NOT support large files, please download the mod from:

Insanity's Dwemer Coin
Created by InsanitySorrow

Skyrim +


This is a simple Gold Coin replacer, replaces the vanilla gold coin with a new Dwemer Coin. The design of the coin was inspir...
J.Hco's Scottish Pound Mod
Created by Admiral Gnome
A Simple Mod that Replaces the old boring imperial coins with much better Scottish pound coins

Gold to Rupee - Zelda Mod
Created by Cochraine
This mod replaces the gold coins and coin purses to rupees from the Legend of Zelda series. This is also my first mod I've completed so it's not perfect, but I think it's a good start. Feedback is always appreciated!

Includes complete...
Kaldar Keep
Created by Crim5on Duck
Note: Please read the description before posting a comment as some questions have been covered. NPC's will not be added at this time. And don't forget to hit the thumbs up button to rate it if you like my work! Thank you!

==== KALDAR KEE...
Doughnut Dollars
Created by Dafini
Coins are now InEdible! But don't fret, they have value.


This is one of the few files of min...
Restore Life Spell
Created by MasterGir
This spell restores life to fresh bodies.
You can't resurrect an old body you found in a dungeon, they have to have died while you were around.

This mod will resurrect anyone, friend and enemy. They'll function and react as if nothing h...
Craftable Followers: Outdated
Created by Adam
There is a new version of this mod called "Craftable Followers, NPCs, and Playable Race"
I highly recomend subscribing to it instead.

Craft a follower! Not a summoned creature but an actual follower you can give orders to and have carry your stuff. W...
Created by Dogtown1
the Centaur is rigged to a horse, there is no centaur in skyrim so there is no way to animate his arms

but he does attack as a horse and he will rear up and kick with his front claws as seen in the screenshot

he is added to the leveled deer list so a...
Created by MontyX
Thunderdash, Horse of Lightning Speed.

Standalone, Does not Replace any other Horses. Does not require Dawnguard.

The Spell Tome is located in Riverwood. (see pictures)
Use the spell tome to learn the Power, & summon Thunderdash at will.
You will f...
Better Embers
Created by Vampaerr
This is a mod to make embers look better, it's something I made along with the textures fix for the chopping blocks/wood fires but never released.

DONATION COUNT: 1!! (very happy to have received my first donation! thank you, very much appreciated!)...
Cyrodilic Steel Dagger
Created by fuccboi
Cyrodilic Steel Dagger
This dagger is inspired by the Cyrodilic Steel Dagger from TES:IV. After the Oblivion crisis had ended, and with it the 3rd Era, blacksmiths found new and more cost-effective ways of creating steel daggers. And so, the iconic...
Alternate Summoning Visuals
Created by ArcadeParty
Click here if the video above wont play for you.

Just a small mod that alters the visual effect of summoning spells.

I always hated the giant purple ball thing that was in the vanilla game, I...
Palace of the Dovahkiin (Dawnguard Unfriendly)
Created by G20
A player Castle guarded by three leveled dragons (the key is inside one).
There's too much to list here..
Hundereds of weapon racks and Male and female mannequins, items insiude include playable giant clubs, greybeard, executioner, nocturnal and psyjjic ...
Paladin Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Paladin Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor set for all races and both genders. Paladins are mighty holy warriors who seek to cleanse the world of the unrighteous. If you you seek to better the world of Skyrim, bring justice, and slay abom...
Created by Gechbal
Emperors' will, can be obtained from forging, killing tullius or buying Proudspire Manor in Solitude
You need daedric smithing to be able to forge it, then you can find it in the imperial selection at the forge.
Same goes for Emperor's Warth and greatwra...
Terminator Race
Created by Kryptonian
In the 12 era ,artificially intelligent machines are attempting to exterminate every race. Two beings from the 12 era travel back in time to Skyrim: One is a Terminator T-800(male) the other a T-X (female) cyborg assassins programmed to kill.

Mandalorian Armors
Created by Kryptonian
Mandalorian Armor
The most recognizable symbol of the Mandalorian culture, Mandalorian armor was a catch-all term for the sets of distinctive full-body armor worn by Mandalorian warriors and soldiers throughout galactic history.

Craftable under the imp...
Eating and Drinking animations (looping-free)
Created by beastieboysunite
This mod starts an eating or a drinking animation everytime you use a food object. The action will only last for a few seconds and it will not loop, so no need to jump or to ready your weapon to stop the idle.

Both eating and drinking animations will s...
Celtic Music - For the King
Created by The Irish Ace

Please rate this workshop file and request any song that you would like. This song was (REQUESTED) and i delivered please thumb up and favourite it if possible and ENJOY !!!!.

-=My Youtube=-
EzE's - Remove 3D Map Camera Restrictions -
Created by EzE
Removes the camera limits/restrictions to the 3D map. You can now zoom in on Markarth and Solitude (as well as get a view behind them). You can also get a better view of the icy shore near the College of Winterhold.
This is not a "Skyrim.ini" tweak. Infac...
Star Wars 74-Z Speeder Bike
Created by Kryptonian
To find your speeder bike go to winterhold it is next to the college of winterhold before you go up to the college take a right and you will find it there. ENJOY ^_^

The 74-Z speeder bike, sometimes referred to as the Imperial speeder bike due to its us...
Flyable Dragons
Created by J3X
This mod adds two flyable dragon mounts; Dremlokmir, an Elder Dragon, and a Skeletal Dragon. You can fly around on the dragon just as if it would be a flying horse (no Dragonborn circle around only control). The dragons do not help the player in combat and...
Playable Giant Race
Created by Big Bad Jack
Important: Read Full Description
The Nexus version is more frequently updated and has more info. Check it out here:

Now requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn, and there's no way arou...
Earth (Masser)
Created by TrentisN
The Earth has been replaced by texture that are nearly 3 times better in quality.
Earth Texture Map - 16K
Earth Bump Map - 16k
Cloud Map - 8k
Water Reflection Mask Map - 16k
Volumetric Atmosphere added

All the basically means it's god da...
Earth (Secunda)
Created by TrentisN
Same as the 'Masser Replacement Mod' but replacing the smaller moon instead....
Cybertron (Secunda Replacer)
Created by GalaxyGirl
Comment if you like and dont forget to rate :)

Cybertron has some how been transported to Nirn's solar system , maby they are looking for more recources to build more Transformers or add onto Cybertron.

I'm taking suggestions for more moon replacer ...
Alien's Terraformed & colonized Masser
Created by GalaxyGirl
This mod replaces the moon 'Masser' with a Alien Terraformed & colonized Masser it looks great in game it kinda goes along with my alien invasion mod of helgen 2 but i didnt have enough room to put it on that mod

Let me know if there's any problems wi...
Mod Status: Cancelled --- || New concept version in rough progress ||--- Dwemer Accelerator / Dwemer gun
Everyone be aware that i cant support any f my old mods at this point, those files are gone due to my computers cpu being busted, however i am still working on things, i simply cant work as diligently as i once did. for this im sorry i do hope...
Take Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn
Created by Lord Conti
~~~ Take Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn ~~~
Take Notes adds a new player journal to the game which lets you create, view and export your own journal entries.

Take Notes is also available on [url=http://...
Rebirth of an Empire
Created by Swedish Duck
This mod REPLACES all Imperial armour and weapons with models imported from The Witcher II and Regent Armoury.


Light Holy Armor
Created by HFH Avenger
(Pictures represent the armor in different default lighting conditions within the game)

The Light Holy Armor set is designed for the Dovakiin, male or f...
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
Created by 🦎 Sai'Raks

Table of Contents:
What does this mod have to offer
How to get
Version History
Works with these mods
Known mod conflicts
Known issues and bugs

Created by (^-.-)>
"The Umbra Sword was enchanted by the ancient witch Naenra Waerr, and its sole purpose was the entrapment of souls. Used in conjunction with a soul gem, the Sword allows the wielder the opportunity to imprison an enemy's soul in the gem. Naenra was execute...
Faster Vanilla Horses
Created by Jov
Like many, I found Skyrim's horses to be unrealistically and unreasonably slow. Travel by horse was hardly faster than by foot, making it unrewarding.

Horse speed and gallop-time has been given a significant -yet balanced- boost, for a more realistic (a...
Longer Range Vanilla Weapons (Dawnguard Edition)
Created by Donkey Teeth
==Please Read==

Okay, so this one has been a long time coming. Here's the Dawnguard edition of my other Longer Range Vanilla Weapons mod that was pretty popular. I got a lot of requests for the dawnguard edition, so here it is. If you want the non-Dawng...
Longer Range Vanilla Weapons
Created by Donkey Teeth
Dawnguard version out now!

Can you see the shooter in the cover picture? No? He's in there, so is the arrow.

Please read the description before you make a comment critisizing somethin...
Realistic Skooma
Created by Dank Sashimi
This mod changes the effects of skooma in-game to be a little more realistic considering its reputation as an illegal drug. Down a potion and you'll find yourself experiencing some interesting effects:
-Blurred vision
-Double Vision
-Time D...
More War in the Wild
Created by Ybot
This mod adds more Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers to the wilderness.

Everyone has different preferences! Please use the below settings to make the mod play the way you want instead of asking me to change the defaults.

Change the ...
Created by Vault Boy
Allows you to craft dwarven minions to aid in battle and help carry your gear.

Brief Description

This mod allows you to use the forge to make blueprints for dwarven constructs. The blueprints are under th...
New Village *Woodhalt*
Add a whole new village near whiterun between Fort Greymoor and Redoran's Retreat. There are 19 houses (including playerhouse) and 20 new npc's.

Playerhouse = Huntermans House
You can find the key in Huntersmans corpse at Redoran's Retreat (last pic ab...
Alchemist's Compendium
Created by RGM
Immersive in-game reference book, listing all Skyrim ingredients and their 4 effects. The book lists 2 ingredients per page, with a small picture of each ingredient and lists all 4 effects, 57 pages in total, and includes info on all the DLC ingredient...
Summonable Ethereal Chest
Created by Sagittarius
Available on Skyrim Nexus[].
You are one of the most powerful mages of Skyrim, but you didn't invest too much in Stamina, which means you can't take a lot of items during your adventures?

You are mo...
Pirate Cutlass
Created by Johan^
Hello everyone! Here is a little Pirate Cutlass i will be using for my big mod project wich is a Pirate'ish huge Questline that will take a few hours to complete. At first i didnt thought about releasing this sword but friends wanted to use it so!

HOW T...
KA-BAR (dagger)
Created by Kyzer
This is a USMC KA-BAR styled dagger for Skyrim.
Obviously not lore friendly.
United States of Skyrim?
or..United States of Tamriel..?

Either way

Detailed mesh, detailed texture.
Used a couple different references, including images from Google and...
Star Wars Ep. 1,2,3 Armors
Created by Kryptonian
Star Wars Pre Era Galactic Gear
The saga begins with a child Anakin Skywalker, the future Darth Vader, being discovered by Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, who senses the boys' enormous potential. It is here that Skywalker first encounters the legendary Obi-Wan ...
Skyrim Dragon Katanas
Created by Kryptonian
Alduin and Paarthurnax, Forest and Skeleton Dragon Heads Wings and Glowing Red Eyes on your new Custom Katana's and Nodachi's.

Craft at any of the forges in Skyrim
You will need Steel smithing perk to make these new weapons and Arcane Smithing to temp...
The Sword of Dovah
Created by Paul
Hi Dovahkiin !

This mod add :

-2 swords with enchantment (one hand)
-2 swords with no enchantment (one hand)

You can find this swords in the High Hrothgar ( see the picture )

I hope you like , don't hesitate to rate , comment and subscrib...
Summon Swiftshade - v1.2
Created by LazyWife
Swiftshade is a summonable Ghost Horse you can aquire by finding his Spell Tome. Once inside Whiterun, climb a wooden ramp and look for an abandoned satchel on top of a barrel. You'll find some lockpicks, loot, and a note describing the Spell Tome locatio...
Created by Genebris
Adds animations for looting containers and corpses, harvesting plants, lockpicking doors and chests, opening doors, activating levers, praying, drinking and eating potions and food, equipping armor and opening map.

The Bandit Cleaver
Created by Called Fire
A new sword with stats similar to the Imperial Sword. Can be crafted under the Steel category at any forge, and can be tempered with steel ingots.

Mesh and Texture by me. Feel free to use this in your mods! I'm still learning modelling and texturing, fe...
Ancient Katar
Created by Rafael De Jongh
The Ancient Katar
The Ancient Katar is an old Katar with unknown powers, the secrets to craft this mystical Katar were once lost until the dragonborn discovered it in an old ruin.

Now you're capable to craft your own Ancient Katar whic...
Marked Incompatible ]  Killerkeo's Skimpy Clothes Pack
Created by Killer Keo
Due to the 100Mb limit I hade to spit my Skimpy Armor Replacer.

This is the Clothing Replacer and this link is To Skimpy Armor

There are some problems with the hips on my older arm...
Killerkeo's Skimpy Armor Pack
Created by Killer Keo
This Mod Should Still Work, I am Unsure why I have an incapatability Banner but from what people have been te...
The Arena III
Created by |GHST| SavaGhost



*Now Featured On Skyrim G.E.M.S!*

This mod gives you a fully functional, detailed, lore and roleplay friendly arena.It is built by Skyrim players, for skyrim players....
Created by bLaCkShAd0w

Version 1.3 March 26/2013


bLaCkSpIrE, A medium-large unique player home located in the pale.(can you find it?)

Main Features Include:

• All crafting amenities in...
Whiterun Expansion Series: Outpost
Created by Artozis
Version 1.1. is released!

- NavMeshes are fixed!
- New NPC's are added!
- Rays of light inside the armory are fixed!
- Guard's faction is fixed.

Whiterun Outpost:
Have you ever thought that the main road trading capital of Skyrim do no...
TES Arena Series- Skyrim Fortress- Sunguard
Created by Kaefie
A lorefriendly mod

"This coarse, uncivilized province is far from hospitable, but it is also a place of fierce, wild beauty, with grand vistas and inspiring natural wonders awaiting those with the will to seek them out and the refinement to truly ...
Moon Deathstar Build Secunda
INFO: The black "shadow" is not so nice but I am not able to get rid of it.

Secunda (small moon) replacement.
This mod replaces the small moon (Secunda) with the Deathstar in construction phase.

Compared to the original, the texture size is higher (...
Cybertron (Masser replacer)
Created by GalaxyGirl
Comment if you like and dont forget to rate :)

Cybertron has some how been transported to Nirn's solar system , maby they are looking for more recources to build more Transformers or add onto Cybertron.

I'm taking suggestions for more moon replacer...
Spell Tome: Haste
Created by NotQuiteTaoist
Just a simple little mod that adds a spell that should have been in the game to begin with!

This mod adds the Haste spell, which increases the caster's movement speed by a significant margin for 60 seconds. The spell is sold wherever you can buy apprent...
Better Hunting and Prices (Updated 18 July 2014)
Created by Curie

I created this mod to give more love to Hunters. In a place like Skyrim, hunting is for sure one of the best ways of gathering food as well as all the pelts the Nords require to make their amours and clothes. I felt that hunti...
Assassin's Armor Set
Created by Half-Dead
So after a long time of being unsatisfied with my "Better Shrouded Armor" I decided to remake it as a stand alone with the problems fixed.

- Completely rerigged from scratch
- No more clipping issues (I hope)
- Stand-alone and Replacement for shrouded...
Dragonbane Player Home v3
Created by Talmai
Dragonbane Player Home
by Knight_Phoenix

Requirements: none.

This mod adds a player home based on Dragonsreach, home of the Jarl of Whiterun. The home is located near Sundered Towers, which is Northeast of Markath. After trying out s...
Enhanced Cities: Helgen
Created by matthieu6839
Now you can rebuild Helgen and make it beautiful! If you enjoy this mod, please rate, subscribe and favorite it . You can find all my other mods just here.

Complete Skyforge
Created by karstux
This is a little convenience mod that adds a Smelter, Workbench and Tanning Rack to the Skyforge....
Highlander Race
Created by Kryptonian
Highlanders in Skyrim
There can be only one.'
Thank You Gregory Widen for bringing us Highlander...
Dark Legion's Edge
Created by deadmaroz23
Dark Legion's Edge

This mod adds the sword from Lineage II. It is enchantable and improvable.
You can craft it in any forge (ebony smithing perk needed). ...
Standalone09s Purifier Sword
Created by Standalone09


Nexus Link: http://www.nexusmods....
The Scarlet Vengeance
Created by Rafael De Jongh
The Scarlet Vengeance

The Scarlet Vengeance can only be crafted, under the Daedric perk smithing menu.
You are going to need a human heart and a couple ebony ingots in order to craft it.


Weight: ...
Blue Bear Lodge
Created by EN3 GAZZ

A modest sized, yet cosy home set amongst the cold wilderness North East of Windhelm

Requires Hearthfire and Dragonborn

Cleaned with TES5EDIT

This home has previously been a Nexus Mods exclusive, as such is longer updated and in a f...
Tsaesci Race Mod
Created by Big Bad Jack

Skyrim Nexus Link
The Yellow Brick Road
-Follow The Yellow Brick Road

-Cus We ani't in Kansas No more Foofoo

-Please Rate if you Love This Mod.!

-All Roads in Tamriel are Now Dweme Gold.!

-File Size 0.833 MB...

-Location Tamriel Skyrim


Blue Footed Boobie Chicken
Created by p i p e d t f u p
With this one of a kind, amazing, innovative mod, you can now see chickens in a whole new light, a blue light that is. ALL chickens of skyrim have been replaced with blue footed boobies! Enjoy the shit out of this mod.

Special thank to [url=http://ste...
Dwemer Dog Follower
Created by Vomitrocious
My first standalone Skyrim mod.

You can find the fella in one of the cells in Mzinchaleft, or just use the console if you're feeling lazy.

How to: Just type "help k9" and it should reveal a code ending with ****2DB2. Then select your character and ty...
Marked Incompatible ]  Touched by Dibella Race
Created by fam5283
A select few of the Dibellan Arts devotees have been blessed with athletic, but sinful bodies to survive in these harsh times.


This race uses a custom body mesh that supports T...
Faction Crossbows
Created by Deserter
Faction Crossbows adds a craftable crossbow, unique quiver and four types of bolts for each of the following factions:
Companions, Dawnguard, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Imperial Legion and Stormcloaks.

2K Texture version can be downloaded from [u...
DNCL - Day/Night City Lights
Created by JoyTrooper

               In a world where fires burn for eternity and all the lands forests are laid to ashes,
             one mod rises against the tyranny of wasteful energy. Intr
CMM : Cartographers Map Markers (Skyrim Edition)
Created by Feyawen
Adds over 180 Map Markers. Including Inns, Stores, Player Homes, Important Buildings, and Points of Interest.

Updated : August 23, 2016.
Apologies for the long delay on an update. To be honest, I kind of forgot this was on Steam Workshop. Up until v...
Additional Races
Created by mischa.schinkel
This Mod adds 6 new races to the game, Daedric Prince, Aedra, Elder, Afflicted, Dwemer and Vampire.

Daedric Prince:
Destruction 10
Conjuration 10
Restoration 10
Two handed 10
One handed 10
Heavy Armor 10
Block 10
Power: Oblivion's Embrace, 80% r...
Created by MontyX
As Requested By Sovenguardian
Credit goes to Mystikhybrid for the Armor mesh.
Standalone, Does not Replace any other Horses.

Siphan's Gem is located at the Clearpine Pond. (see pictures)
Read Siphan's Gem to learn the Power, & summon Siphan at will....
Contractor Armor
Created by SatyrTitan
Contractor Armor

This mod add a new set of High Resolution Light Armor to the game.It's MALE Only.

Understand that the Mask/hood was tailored to humanoid faces therefore not for Kathjit nor Argonians.
There is also an enchanted version geared toward...
Marked Incompatible ]  Gold Dawnguard Weapons & Armor
Created by MontyX
"Requires Dawnguard"
Standalone, does not replace anything in the game.
Craftable at the Forge, In the Misc Category. Available in Light & Heavy armor.
Gold Dawnguard Armor, Gauntlets, Boots, Helmet, Pouch, Shield & Rune Shield.
Gold Dawnguard Sword, W...
What if guards had magic? (V.2)
You know those guys who all wear the same outfit,wield the same weapons and have the exact same clothes?
Ever annoyed of pesky guards trying to stop you with your wizard skills,killing every one of them with a single spell?
now guard...
Assassin Yataghan Sword
Created by Twistybum
“Laa shay'a waqi'un moutlaq bale kouloun moumkine' -the Wisdom of our Creed is revealed through these words - 'We work in the Dark, to serve the Light. We are Assassins.'

Hello Assassins' here is another mod this one adds a new sword to your game

Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker (TF2 weapons pack)
Created by zOmbi
Add Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker in Hamvir`s Rest. You can also improve in Skyforge but it may be too powerful so you decide you need several soul stone (great and filled), several ingots, strips of skin and moon ingot, then it will be a two-ha...
Flyable Broomstick
Created by J3X
Flyable Broomstick 0.4: This mods adds a flyable broomstick and a levitation spell. You can fly around everywhere with it and it will not clip into the terrain. It can also be used as a weapon, shooting deadly bolts of lighting.

You must fight a witch i...
Darker Than Black Dagger
Created by Rafael De Jongh
Darker Than Black Dagger

This special customized dagger is property of Hei also known as "The Black Reaper" and originates from Darker Than Black.

You can forge this dagger at any furnace under the Ebony Category for only one ...
Jarl's Dagger
Created by Corrosive Salad
Hi there! I made this model as practice for my Maya course, but I figured, now that I've made it, I might as well stuff it in Skyrim. So here it is.

The stats are more or less identical to an Elven dagger. It can be found in the Jarl of Riften's bedroom...
Drunkzealot's Fantasy Dagger
Created by Bemyguest
In addition to my somewhat historically accurate weapons mod (check it out I update it regularly) I bring you more lore friendly weapons! I will add new weapons soon, for now here is a dagger.

Version 1.0

- Illr La Dagger, litteraly "evil blood" in ...
Vindicator - The Holy Greatsword
Created by Enpremi
BOTH one-handen and two-handed
Slightly stronger than Ebony swords, both versions fully upgrade-able.
- Using High quality textures, but simple models so it doesn't take ages to load!
- Can be upgraded in forge with just a torch and the sword, to giv...
Honorus - The Holy Claymore
Created by Enpremi
- High resolution textures.
- Can be crafted at forge, but requires Steel smithing perk.
- Slightly stronger than an Ebony Greatsword, fully upgrade-able.
- Both one-handed and two-handed versions can be obtained at the Temple of Divines in Solitude...
Enhanced Cities: Fort Winstad
Created by AlphaJoe
This mod adds a Perimeter Wall, with Patroling Guards and a Sprawling village to Winstad Manor, of Hearthfire.

If you don't have Fort Heljarc...
Thuatha - Armor - Weapons - Dungeon
Created by lagrie

Adds :
- Thuatha Boots
- Thuatha Cuirass
- Thuatha Gloves
- Thuatha helmet
- Berserker Thuata helmet
- Warlord Thuatha Helmet
- Protector Thuata helmet
- Knight Thuatha helmet
- Berserker Thuatha cuiras...
You, Mannequins Hearthfire
Created by xPEDx
This mod changes the Vanilla And hearthfire Mannequins to look like the player.
The manakins are female and are for female human player characters ONLY!

Male version Here.

Vanilla ve...
Intel spellbook learned sound
Created by MonoludiOS
This mod replaces the original spellbook learned sound with the Intel commersial soundtrack, Enjoy! :)...
Gold Plated Crossbow
Created by - Connor Gandy -
This mod lets you turn your Crossbow into a Gold Plated Crossbow. A Gold Plated Crossbow deals no extra damage! They are 100% cosmetic! You can find one if you follow the images above or you can turn one into a Gold Plated Crossbow by crafting it with 3 Go...
More Civilians in the Wild
Created by Ybot
** Walk past Whiterun stables or type in console "cow tamriel 3 -3" to activate mod **

This mod adds many more civilians to the wilderness.

You can adjust the number of NPCs that are spawned using the following console command:
"set CivSpawnQuantit...
Handcart - portable chest
Created by wellsantos
This mod adds a usable handcart to the game - a chest that can carry all the loot you intent to sell later - and can be taken with you in your trips without affect you carry weight. It is located at Riverwood, a quest marker will show the location.

Modern Crossbow
Created by macadamstreet

this mod allow you to use an modern crossbow , 2 version is available , 1 with scope and 1 without scope.
The crossbow can be found in Bleak Falls Barrow, in the entry, just look at the ruin table and you should see an big chest with the crossbow...
Assassin's Crossbow
Created by HyPNOS
*Requires Dawnguard*

Craft and Enchant the Assassin's Crossbow - or find one!
The crossbow can be crafted at ANY forge

This is a standalone xbow. It has its own stronger colour coded bolts:
Ice, Fire, Shock, Regular, P...
Dragonfire Crossbow
Created by tygabor
Looking for the perfect weapon for any occasion? Need something to take out your enemies before they can even get close? Well look no further!
Created by guicool


This is Marie, a neko! Well, catgirl or whatever. Like my other followers, she can be married ...
UNP Deadly Assassin
Created by alecu89
Name: UNP Deadly Assassin
Version: 1.1
Date: 02/03/2016
Category: Armor
Assassin's Creed Shao Jun outfit
Created by Guard
1.Model,Tex:Assassin's Creed Syndicate

2. You make 'Male' version.? →I do not intend to create a 'Male' version

3.Where is it crafted? → Check Forge

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscried click

5.Request→ your choose in comments

6.Nexus u...
Cats Kingdom 2.1.2
Created by gg77
This mod is a Standalone Mod with the SAME cats as in my mod Pets Kingdom , but NO MOUNTS (No DLC required)

(If you have this mod you must unsubscribe and delete it: in data fi...
Witcher 3 Geralt of Rivia SFW
Created by TH3 GR8>
Removed content that got the mod banned.

If you don't own the game on Steam then proceed to the link provided. Please allow the mod to Sync to work correctly.

Old Spice Whistle Sneak Attack
Created by BarghestStalker
Replaces the Sneak Attack sound with the the Old Spice whistle....
Dogs Kingdom 1.2
Created by gg77
This mod is a Standalone Mod with the SAME dogs as in my mod Pets Kingdom , but NO MOUNTS (No DLC required)

(If you have this mod you must unsubscribe and delete it: in data fi...
Griffins Mounts and Armies 1.1
Created by gg77
This mod adds GRIFFINS* in Skyrim (No DLC required)

This mod is a Standalone Mod with the SAME Griffins as in my mod Ravens and Co - Mounts and Followers (But NO Ravens, NO ...
Magicka to Mana
Created by GiantBurger

Changes every item and description with "Magicka" to "Mana".

When I first started playing TES it never bothered me that the magic energy was called Magicka, but as I started to play ...
Black Glass Recolor
Created by Computermaster
Change that ugly green to a dark and mysterious black!

Disclaimer: These textures were created by Diranar and have been uploaded with his permission! Check my workshop page for Diranar's other armors....
Black Glass Recolor w/ Transparency
Created by Computermaster
Change that ugly green to a dark and mysterious black, now with a touch of transparency!

Disclaimer: These textures were created by Diranar and have been uploaded with his permission! Check my workshop page for Diranar's other armors....
Mehrunes Razor Simple Retex
Created by FileCorrupted
Just a simple retexture I made and had put up on the skyrim nexus and now ive put it on the steam workshop.

The mod should be compatible with all mods except for other mehrunes razor retextures.

Nexus link

Ash Pile Expiration
Created by wizkid1010
Are you bothered by all those ash piles that just won't go away? Then this mod is for you. This mod will remove any ash piles after one hour of game time whether they be from Reanimate spells, the Disintegrate perk, or even from dead Ghosts and Ice Wraiths...
Kryptonian Race with Laser Vision & Much More
Created by Kryptonian
Members of the lost planet Krypton
Custom Race abilities and awesome carry weight bonuses.
Start carry weight is at 3000 Health and Stamina regenerstion is also higher rates as you are Kryptonian
Can breath under water or in Space
Unarmed is now a on...
Royal Elven Armor And Weapons
Created by zAph'
Retextured, Standalone, Craftable & Temperable

There should be no issues, works with all races.

to get the gear ingame either go to the forge and craft it,(you must have elven smithing first)
or you can drop the console, enter help royal, and use t...
Slow Time Ring
Created by Rauven
Ever wanted to dodge arrows in a matrix style or kill a group of bandits even before they draw their weapons?

Now you can with the Slow Time ring!

Just wear it and have fun! :D

The time will slow down by 100x making possible all kind of crazy matr...
Heavy Holy Armor
Created by HFH Avenger
(Pictures represent the armor as it appears in different default lighting conditions within the game)

The Heavy Holy Armor set is designed for the Dovaki...
Insanity's Iron Bow
Created by InsanitySorrow



This adds a new Iron Bow into the game, the bow is completetly new, meaning it's not a retexture. The bow has been intergrated ...
Insanity's Steel Bow
Created by InsanitySorrow



A new Bow for Skyrim!, Yep you read that right xD

This adds a new Steel Bow into the game, the bow is completetly new, meani...
Mehrunes Heart Ripper Blade
Created by Kryptonian
Hello everyone
A little backstory
Mehrunes Dagon
A blood lusting warlord whose thirst could only be held within a blade, he poured his malice lust and anger into the blade. He called upon the Demons hearts. The Demons heard his cry for power beyond ...
Sword of Altair from Assassins Creed
Created by Shrinkingcash

Ever feelt like you wanted to wield the sword of one of the greatest assassins who has ever lived, well here's your chance with this latest mod created by Shrinkingcash.

How to obtain: This weapon is only avilible thr...
Multiple Followers Lite

Allows up to 7 followers with MINIMAL SIDE EFFECTS for MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY with other mods that alter existing or add unique followers.
*Will NOT alter outfits and equipment
*Will NOT change AI Aggressi...
Helarchen Creek
Created by Arthmoor
A village in the mountains southeast of the city of Dawnstar.

Tamriel has had many villages on maps for as far back as anyone can remember. What happened to them all? Nobody really knows. This mod is simply my take on bringing one back from Elder Scroll...
A Bath For Winstad Manor
Created by SarahSyna
Apologies to all users of this mod for my complete lack of updates! This has been a very hectic year for me and I'm currently without internet on my home computer, but that will be all sorted within the next few weeks. I'm taking as many suggest...
A Bath For Lakeview Manor
Created by SarahSyna
Apologies to all users of this mod for my complete lack of updates! This has been a very hectic year for me and I'm currently without internet on my home computer, but that will be all sorted within the next few weeks. I'm taking as many suggest...
Heljarchen hall Reform (edited)
Created by MGH
Heljarchen Hall Reform is a massive upgrade to the exterior of heljarchen hall. i did not create this mod i just added a few things - originaly created by Deal5 on the nexus -
Caesia Follower - Custom Voiced
Created by Anbeegod
Caesia is a mage. I made her face, wrote her own story and dialogues, and this mod has about 550 lines of dialogues (excluding player dialogues).

She appears as a mysterious person. As time goes on and your friendship progresses, you may discover more a...
No Spinning Death Animation
Created by BakaKemono
This will simply remove the spinning around dance animation that they do before dying they will now just ragdoll when killed. Works for kills and dying from a high fall. It will not affect killmoves.

Removed certain creature death pause animations which...
Assassin's Creed 4 Freedom Cry Adewale robe
Created by Guard
I'm back

1.Model,Texture:Assassin's Creed 4

2. female version.? → No

3.Where is it crafted

3.1 forge in → ebony→ Adewale robe,Adewale hood...
Assassin's Creed Rogue Viking Armor
Created by Guard
1.Model,Texture :Assassin's Creed Rogue

2. You make Female version.? →I do not intend to create a Female version

3.Where is it crafted? → Check forge

4.How do you Mod download...
Assassin's creed Syndicate Jacob Steampunk
Created by Guard
1.Model,Tex:Assassin's Creed Syndicate

2. You make female version.? →I do not intend to create a female version .

3.where do you get it? → foger

4.How do you Mod ...
Assassin's Creed Rogue Frontiersman outfit
Created by Guard
1.Model,Tex:Assassin's Creed Rogue

2. You make female version.? →I do not intend to create a female version

3.Where is it crafted? → Check Forge

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscried click

1.steampunk Jacob (Top 1)
Assassin's Creed Rogue George Monro Outfit
Created by Guard
1.Model,Tex:Assassin's Creed Rogue

2. You make female version.? →I do not intend to create a female version

3.Where is it crafted? → Check Forge

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscried click

5.Request→ your choose in comments...
Assassin's Creed 4 BLack Flag Mod Mayan outfit
Created by Guard
this mode you will be manufactured in the forge

Assassin's creed 4 templar armor
Created by Guard
1.Model,Tex:Assassin's Creed 4

2. You make female version.? →I do not intend to create a female version .

3.Where is it crafted? → Check the Forge /xx000065

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscried click

5.Request→ your choose in comments

Assassin's Creed 2 Mod Armor of Altair
Created by Guard
Model,Texture:Assassin's creed Brotherhoodïr

1. ENB link? →

2. You make female version.? →I do not intend to create a female version .

3.Where is it crafted? ...
Marked Incompatible ]  Fetish Armour Collection
Created by Turbosnowy


This will be the collection of slinky/kinky/sexy armours I will grow over time as fancy strikes me.

Plenty more armours availble at the Fetish Wardrob...
Altair Assassin Robes from Assassin's Creed
Created by linkorz

This mod adds Altair's Assassins Robes, from Assassin's Creed 1. The armor is ripped from the PC version of ...
Created by snakster
Elegant, PC-friendly UI mod for Skyrim with many advanced features. All improvements seamlessly integrate with the style of the original interface. Version 5 includes better crafting, enchanting, alchemy and smithing menus and several other enhancements.
Sacagawea Dollar Hi-Res Coins
Created by Xanthor MacLeod
With all the texture and mesh mods I've played around with the past few months, I really started to get annoyed by the low-res, ugly gold coins. So I looked up coin mods, and found only a handful, and most were texturised European pound coins. No problem w...
John Cena Sneak Attack
Created by Master Slug
Changes the sneak attack and critical hit sound effect to "AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA `doodododoooo doodododooooo`"
This mod was featured in Skyrim Mods Weekly, by MxR Mods....
Main menu
Created by PixieGlum
Replacer for original Skyrim Main menu.
Includes new background and music.
On N you can found optional versions. In comments write your proposals....
Netherweave Robes for 7B/UNP
Created by JRCosta
Please read at least the GENERAL INFORMATION and the TROUBLESHOOTING before posting about an issue or CTD. On the comments, I won't reply to "It won't work" comments without explaining at least when it crashes (on Skyrim logo, loading a game,...
Soul Gem Fusion Mod
Created by くコ:彡
===NO DLC REQUIRED=== Ever had too many petty gems? Not anymore!

Ever had too many petty souls and just wanted some grand soul gems? Well now you can! With this small mod you can combine two gems into the higher teir in the blacksmith forge. You can eve...
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