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Advanced Mortar
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Jan 12 @ 6:44am
Jan 12 @ 11:18am
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Advanced Mortar

Adds upgraded version of the mortar. Details are attatched as images.

For players only. Enemies won't bring this to attack you.

Burst fire is not free.
It consumes a shell per each shot.
It's working just like a following video.

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$$$  [author] Jan 17 @ 3:49am 
My mod doesn't include/affect any AI behavior patterns.
If pirates are using this mortar, that means they are very smart.
Kyne97 Jan 17 @ 1:43am 
I'm playing with your mod and I think it works well.
But I find out that pirates are trying to attack with your adv. mortar.
I'd see your comment below that it's only for player.
And if you want, I'll show you my screen shot if you want but I don't know how.
Also, I'm not complain with it because I'll just hit them with your mortar. ;D
Tia Jan 15 @ 1:23am 
The burst is staggered enough that the first will hit a ship... and the others will hit the mechs... right? :D
$$$  [author] Jan 14 @ 12:31am 
I'm thinking about it.
BreezeLetterGaming Jan 14 @ 12:21am 
I feel like it'd almost be better if the shell spread remained the same as standard mortars, or only a little tighter, since a burst of three shells are often wasted when they are concentrated. A single shell on target is usually sufficient.

Maybe a different version of the Advanced Mortar, like a Saturation Mortar.

I dunno, I'm just brainstorming here. Not complaining.
4885 Jan 13 @ 6:01am 
youtube... lol...........haha.. thank's you;r mode :)
$$$  [author] Jan 13 @ 12:18am 
No. This is only for players.
You don't want to see this powerful mortars in enemy's hands.
BasileusMaximos Jan 12 @ 11:49pm 
Can seiges spawn these?
germnbarb Jan 12 @ 6:59pm 
hmm... (thinking of 8-16 of these and all of them have antigrain warheads in them) YES.