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Lichdom (Beta)
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Jan 12, 2019 @ 3:19am
Feb 10, 2020 @ 1:41pm
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Lichdom (Beta)

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LaughingLeader's Mods - Definitive Edition
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Lichdom adds a way to turn yourself into a Lich, granting new skills/benefits, and the ability to bind your soul to a phylactery, granting immortality.

This mod is currently in beta, so expect sweeping changes and potential bugs.

If you'd like to look like the Lich in the screenshots, use Majoras - Character Creation Plus - Definitive Edition with the Human Male Undead race, Face value 13 or 14. 14 has the Lich body, but you'll need to remove your armor for it to look right.

Grab this if you'd like to transform your Origin characters and use CCP's custom appearance options.

Phylacteries are charged with souls (represented as "Power" on the Phylactery). When a Lich is about to die, they get teleported to their Phylactery, and an appropriate amount of souls are removed from the Phylactery (-2 in Tactician+, -1 in any difficulty below that). Phylacteries can be recharged by using the "Drain Soul" skill.

Lich Features
  • Create a Phylactery using a Soul Extractor, gaining immortality as long as it does not break.
    • Characters using the Lich preset gain 1 free Soul Extractor initially.
    • Note: Currently there's no way to create another Soul Extractor (beyond applying the Lich preset to a different character), so take good care of your phylactery!
  • Passives
    • Immunity to Bleeding and Suffocating.
    • Gains the Zombie talent (not visible in the talent menu for non-Undead races).
    • No surfaces created when hit.
    • Water Resistance, small amount of Air and Piercing Resistance.
    • If Feared or Stunned, Lichs roll for a "Saving Throw", which may clear the status.
  • Racial skills are replaced with Lich versions (Undead races also gain these racial skills).
  • Liches created by the preset start with a unique one-handed staff that scales to their level.
  • All Lich passive statuses can be made hidden, for those wanting to hide their Lichdom.

Becoming a Lich
  1. Use the Soul Extractor, granted to you from any of the following:
    • Select the Lich preset in Character Creation.
    • Select the Lich preset in LeaderLib's preset menu.
    • Use the "setup" debug command in Lichdom's Settings menu (from LeaderLib's mod menu).

You'll then get some choices for the form of your phylactery. After picking an option, you'll be granted your Lich skills and passives.

Note on One-handed Staffs
The Lich's Staff is one-handed, so you can use it with a shield, or shield slot items added by other mods (Like Weapon Expansion's grimoires). Using it with another one-handed weapon will result in the staff not being visible, depending on what slot it's equipped in.

This unfortunately is a result of DOS2's weapon animation system not having anything to handle displaying a staff when the current animation type is anything dual-wielded (a staff in the offhand also makes the Staff skill requirement say there's no staff equipped).

Staff + Shield has animations, or staff alone has animations, so keep that in mind when picking your weapon setup.

Lich Race
Currently in Lichdom's Debug Menu is the option to transform into the "Undead Lich" equivalent of your current race. This should preserve your skills, talents, origin tags, gender, and equipment, but consider this experimental.

You'll need to use a respec mirror to get your portrait to regenerate.

You can also revert to your previous race, but keep in mind that your previous portrait/looks won't be preserved.

Note: If using Majoras Character Creation Plus, I recommend grabbing my patch here: Lichdom - Character Creation Plus Patch. This is required to have Origin characters work right when transforming. After transforming, visit the respec mirror to get your appearance to look correct.

Beta Notes
  • Many of the current skills are initial ideas. Balancing may be required!
  • While the "small box" phylactery says it's a ring, it cannot be equipped. It seems only equipment can have charges, so the box is technically a ring right now so you'll have tooltip info on its current charge amount.
  • Be aware that dying inside some sort of specific story encounter and teleporting to your phylactery could potentially break something, so be sure make safety saves, or keep your phylactery on you for those situations.

Plans for future updates:
  • More skills to unlock as you grow in power.
  • More visual effects.
  • Unique icons for skills/statuses.
  • Phylactery balancing.
  • Unique visual set choices for the Lich race, with a CCP integration mod/patch.

If you're feeling generous, an easy way to show support is by tipping me a coffee:


I love modding this game, and I love interacting with the community. Every bit helps to keep me doing what I'm doing. Thanks!

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Epic Moment Mar 29 @ 5:53pm 
Quick note that I was able to begin Act 2 without having to totally disable the mod, but instead just using the debug menu to remove lichdom effects (option 7) before attempting to move onward. This might help keep a save cleaner than otherwise for anyone facing the same issue.
Psychosadistic Mar 21 @ 4:10pm 
Is there a reason 'Beast' won't turn visually into an undead (lich). The talent 'undead' will only be granted with the Lich preset (LeaderLib) in his case but not via the Lichdom debug menu.

I turned every other origin character into one without problems - except for the wrong amount of talent points. It'll just remove the talents but not adding points back so I need to reset them before manually. But you can at least get the initial point with the Lich preset again.

Isn't it possible to add/remove stat points easily? So it'd be just necessary counting the set, calculating the missing points and adding them afterwards if necessary. Especially when using other mods which give some extra stats it'd prevent gaining the wrong amount.

Maybe the step sound should be turned off for the non-legs-lich somehow :steammocking:
Demonic's Gaming Domain Mar 11 @ 6:43pm 
It doesn't give the right spells in character creation. For "Lich" it gives Hail strike, Blood Burst and Mosquito Swarm. NONE of the abilities in the screen shots are available to swap to either.

Everything else seems to work, like the Phylactery.
tech-boy Feb 8 @ 3:31pm 
do you think you can make this mod work with gm game mode?
DimensionalWizard Dec 20, 2020 @ 4:53am 
would you please put out a small release where custom races can receive the lich staff through the mod menu? thank you.
GreenwoodHuntsman Dec 15, 2020 @ 8:11am 
Lastly, some kind of progression system would be great. Like a certain amount of souls to absorb BEFORE your lich powers start to unlock AND killing any enemy with a lich power has a small chance of capturing their soul too. Then the suck soul power is just a guaranteed soul on death. Plus, it would be nice to pick which powers to get as a lich... Blood Sacrifice is nice, but I always play as either a human or lizard... Just ideas. Maybe they could be config options in the LeaderLib menu?
GreenwoodHuntsman Dec 15, 2020 @ 8:10am 
I know I only said one idea but, In D&D there is a demi-lich power that allows for your Phylactery to be enchanted (or nearby a magic item) and gain the full powers of that item. Could there be a way to enchant some other item with your phylactery? Like my BA lich king build (basically a blood night) could have a super piece of armor enchanted as a phylactery so that it's like he's wearing two pieces of armor even without the phylactery being on his person or actively wearing it? The enchantment should require very expensive, but always available items to unenchant the old phylactery and then with the unenchanted one more expensive ingredients to re enchant the new item. It could be available as long as a character has 20k gold or something.
GreenwoodHuntsman Dec 15, 2020 @ 8:10am 
This mod not only works great but it now my favorite path to take in the game... Good or Bad. I have one little suggestion: Could you make it so that the "Phylactery Status" shows how many charges you have in your phylactery when moused over (Or, even better, make it show a little subtext 1,2,3,4... under the little symbol for the skull). The reason I ask for this is, I left my Phylactery on the ship for my honor mode play through and I... well my last 4 play throughs because I lost track of my charges. My own fault but a status would be wonderful.
ShinoAishi Nov 11, 2020 @ 3:22pm 
lichdom isnt appearing in my leader lib suddenly and not spawning the phalactery in my inv so im stuck what do i do
Nerube Nov 7, 2020 @ 4:22am 
Same here...