The Cave

The Cave

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Who Wants To Live Forever?
By Relk_Cehi
That one achievement that has your hair torn out in bloody clumps in frustration...BUSTED!
"Hooray! I've finished the Cave. Nothing to do now except get all the achievements," said the plucky gamer. And, gradually, one by one, the achievements were unlocked. Apart from one. "Get through the Cave without dying once? Easy peasy!"
Famous last words.
For as the player played, he grew angry with the Cave. He kept accidentally jumping into pits, getting hit by dynamite, etc. The angrier he got, the more difficult it was to obtain the achievement.
"Oh, how I wish there was a guide telling me how to do this. I would pay the author handsomely!"

Lucky me.
Inspired by DonSeismo's achievement walkthrough, I decided to write this to help you all out because you'll inevitably get stuck on this one achievement. So without further adieu, let's begin.
Many of you may be thinking that you've got the perfect line-up already. I doubt it. Here are the characters you should pick.

The Knight
Mainly because of his invulnerability, partly because he has one of the easiest levels in the game if you have the Monk in tow.

The Twins
Their level is very short with barely any hazards. Besides, their ghost ability makes the Mine very easy.

The Monk
The Monk makes every level a cakewalk. A staple in the no-death run. His level is also pretty hard to die in. Fun fact: I managed to accidentally jump down past the Zen Master while he was giving a talk about "To ascend you must first descend." Real helpful.

Now here's why you shouldn't pick the others.

The Hillbilly
His level is long, his special skill is pointless and that DAMN ferris wheel is a death trap.

The Adventurer
Two words: Spike traps. At one point you have to press the pressure pads with the other two characters to stop the spikes from killing you, or so it seems, because the spikes are actually timed. Running into them at the wrong time means instant death. Also the whole puzzle thing can drive you nuts.

The Time Traveller
The Time Traveller's puzzle can be a little boring, and one fall in the future stage that I always think I can make inevitably ends up with my corpse on the floor. I just steer clear of her. Personally.

The Scientist
Her level can be annoying, and, although her ability may merit you, it's not worth risking the laser in her part.

Right, now let's get on with the walkthrough.
The Gift Shop
This walkthrough is not just for people who have previously completed the game. For this reason, I'll tell you what you should do even if you're just a beginner.

First, choose your characters. They can be in any order, but, personally, I like to go with the Knight, the Twins and the Monk. As the Knight, run to the right and grab the crowbar. Break down the shoddy barricade to the left and follow the tunnel until you reach the high ledge. Then simply push the box over to the far corner so you can get up. Stand on the bridge, and get the Twins and Monk and make them stand on the bridge too. Welcome to the Cave.

You'll arrive (forcefully) in a pool of water. Jump out and run to the right. Talk to the Gift Shop Clerk and run back to the left. After a short conversation, he'll give you the key to the employees' back entrance. With the key in tow, run back to the left, over the pool, and unlock the door. Follow the path down until your other two characters join you. Climb down the ladder as the Monk and follow the path. When you get to the wooden platform closest to the well, use your telekinesis ability to pick up the bucket. Switch to the Knight and pull one of the levers, then switch to the Twins and do the other one. Switch to the Monk, you'll be playing as him for a while now.

Jump over the spike pit, pull the lever and climb up the wooden constructions. Place the bucket on the fuse box and take the fuse across to the other box on the other side of the pit. Use the hot dog machine to get a hot dog, which you should place on the pit of spikes next to the bell. Place the fuse back in the fuse box where it first was. Stand by the levers and such, and switch to the Knight.

Jump over the spike pit and ring the bell. Switch back to the Monk and activate the claw. Switch to the Knight again. Before you jump over the pit, wait until the monster has screamed because it will distort your screen for a second, which could end you up with a holey corpse. Your characters should follow you now.

Climb out of the water to the right, and follow the passage down. Grab some dynamite, light it and drop it next to the rocks blocking the exit. Stand out of the blast radius or you're toast. Alternatively, do stand in the blast radius using your invulnerability. Climb up the next platform and collect the treasure. Run to the right and stand on the pressure pad. Switch to your next character and collect the submerged treasure in the next chamber. Switch to the final character and collect the treasure up the ladder past the Knight.

Now, as the Knight, press the elevator call button (be careful not to stand underneath it when it comes) and ride it up to the previous room. Retrace your steps up the ladder until you reach the Gift Shop Clerk again. If every character is carrying a treasure, they will follow you. Give each item to the Gift Shop Clerk and talk to him for a final time to proceed.

Head to the right until you land in the pool. Then, as the Knight, head left and use your invulnerability to safely fall down the otherwise fatal drop below. Pull the block over to where you just fell down, and stand on the nearby pressure pad. Fall down and stand on the pressure pad with the next two characters. Then simply head through the door until you land in the pond.
The Castle

Onto one of the few levels where we actually have the Knight do something useful. As the eponymous character, proceed downwards until you see the flamethrowers. Jump in there using your invincibility and run to the left to gain an audience with the King. Once he's done rambling, head to the right and you'll find the Monk and the Twins have followed you. Climb up the rope and keep climbing until you land on the floating rock next to the Princess' bedroom.

Now switch to the Monk. Head into the castle itself and climb the rope until you reach the room next to the one with the key in it. Use your telekinesis to grab it, and head down the landscape until you reach the gate. Use the key in the gate, and use your powers once more to snag the dragon's treasure. Unfortunately, he doesn't take this too well once you decide to make an exit back up the rope to the right.

Head back up to the Princess' room and use the coin in the slot. Once our friend has finished digesting, take the amulet back down to where the Twins were. (After the dragon escaped the Knight moved back down to them.) Drop the amulet in front of the Knight and return to the castle. Grab some dynamite and head underground and to the left. At the fork, go straight on. Light the dynamite and place it on the large platform.

Switch back to the Knight. Grab the amulet and brave the flamethrowers once more. Run across the drawbridge that opens when you meet the King. Simply pick up Excalibur and leave via the pool on the left.
The Mine
Now onto one of the more challenging levels. Jump out of the pools and head to the right until you reach a pair of levers. Activate one, then switch to the Monk and activate the other. Jump across the rock and head down until the Knight and the Twins start following you. Slide down the rope, climb down the ladder, and run to the left to seek your next objective.

Immediately after the Miner's done yelling at you, pick up the bucket and head to your other two characters. Fill the bucket with water from the nearby puddle and head back down to face the angry Miner. Catch a stick of dynamite in the bucket to put it out. Run back to the ladder and take the dynamite out of the bucket. Climb the ladder and rope, jump to the right, light the dynamite and drop it by the rock blocking the mine car.

Climb down the rope behind the rock and jump over the mine car. Climb the ladder here and stand next to the claw machine workings. Switch to the Twins and head to the room where the Monk is. Pull or push the mine car under the claw, then switch to the Monk and use the machine. Climb down the rope and get another stick of dynamite.

Climb up to the left until you reach the next blockage and blow it up. Push the mine car in here along to the moving platform on the left, then stand on the platform. Switch to the Twins, and climb up the rope. The Miner will get one of his mine cars back in the process. Head to the room with the Monk in and use the ghost ability on the high moving platform. Switch to the Monk and push the mine car into the tunnel.

You should move the Twins so that the Monk doesn't fall to his death here. Get one last piece of dynamite and blow up the blockage near the top of the stage. Climb back down to the Miner and use your telekinesis to pick up the shovel (you'll need to grab the can of corn first). Jump into the mine car. Switch to the Twins and push the Monk into the tunnel. Switch to the Monk quickly and use the shovel with the switch. No longer angry, the Miner stops throwing dynamite. Simply walk over to him with the Knight and the Twins to end the stage.
The Mansion
Mercifully, we reach the Twins' level. Climb out of the pond and run to the left until you can head further downwards. Keep running right once you're down there, and jump up to the platform above you when you reach the fork. Have all the characters pull a switch each, and use the Twins' ghost ability to run past the gate. Once you're through it will close.

Head into the house by jumping down the platforms. Once inside the house, run to the far right and pick up the umbrella. Head up the stairs and use the umbrella with the attic hatch. Head downstairs again after that, beyond Daddy, and pick up the hammer from the toolbox next to the front door. Head back to the attic and nail down the loose floorboard.

Push the box out of the attic and pick up the fuse. Put the fuse in the nearby fuse box to power up the dumbwaiter. Keep pushing the box downstairs (don't stand in front of it or you'll die) until you can get it to the dumbwaiter. Pull the lever until it's on the third floor, then climb up there and push it against the window.

Head down to the dumbwaiter again and pull the lever. Use your ghost ability to hold the lever down and get in the dumbwaiter. Collect the chamber pot and unlock the door from the inside. Fill the chamber pot with water - you can get some from the bathroom, which is above the dining room where Mummy is.

Head to the box on the third floor of the house. Jump out of the window and continue along to the right until you find the chimney. Pour the water from the chamber pot in there and climb down. Pick up the skeleton key and unlock the doors to the study and the cellar. Pick up the dog food from the cellar and put in the bowl by the back door.

Now switch to one of your other characters. Head down the path until you reach the pile of bones. Pick up a femur and continue down the path and through the dog's kennel. Turn off the steam valve in the sewer and stand on the steps to the back door.

Switch to the Twins. They now have access to the rat poison in the cellar. Pick it up and stand by the pot of soup. Switch to the character holding the femur and use it with the dog to make it start barking. While Mummy's distracted, add a generous portion of rat poison to the soup. Head to the bathroom and wash your hands. When you head back to the dining room...uh...geez, these kids are nasty.

Pick up the skeleton key in the cellar and unlock the front door with it. Be careful when you get to the end of the path - there's a large drop. You have to jump to the right to survive. Once you're alive, head down the path to the left where the other two characters should meet up with you near the switches. Use one with the Twins, one with the Monk and one with the Knight, in that order. Now you can proceed to the next level.
The Zoo
Welcome to the zoo. A hard level for the inexperienced. First of all, if you aren't the Knight already, switch to him. Walk along the path to your left until to a farm upstate to play with all his Knight friends. Oh well. Monk time! Jump over the gap and follow the path down to the right until the Hunter starts her monologue.

Don't move. Use your telekinesis ability to activate the hot dog machine, then use it again to pick the hot dog up. It's advisable not to talk to the Hunter, she doesn't make good conversation (although, to be fair, everyone you're playing as is mute). Head down the ladder nearby and run to the left until the monster starts following you. Then just walk to the right until you can escape. Easy, eh?
The Mountain
Now we move on to a level much like the Twins'. As the Monk, climb up the mountain to the left until you reach a rockfall. Use your telekinesis on the support beam to carry on. Keep climbing until you reach the Zen Master, who will give you a feather after you telekinetically ring his wind chimes. Pick up the feather with telekinesis and climb back down the mountain.

Have all the characters stand on the bridge at the bottom and jump with one of them to break it. Now we move on to the next trial, and, arguably, the most annoying. Jump over the monkey head (or push/pull it to where the other two characters are) and climb up the ladder. Pick up the lotus petals telekinetically. Press the shift key to walk for this next bit.

What you have to do is walk to the other end of the room with the lotus petals, being wary of the wind. When the chimes blow, turn around so the petals don't blow away. If you run or let the petals be exposed to the wind, you have to start again. When you reach the last chime, telekinetically close the window and place the petals on the statue. Climb the ladder here.

Now for the next puzzle, the answer is given to you. The sign tells you to go to this page [] if you have trouble. Fortunately you won't need that. Fill the seven gallon jar and pour it into the four gallon jar. Pour the four gallon jar into the drainage gate. Pour the three gallons of water left in the seven gallon jar into the four gallon jar.

With me so far? Fill the seven gallon jar completely and empty one gallon into the four gallon jar. Congratulations, you have exactly six gallons of water. Place it on the pedestal and get into the lift when it arrives. Stand on the middle carpet as the Monk, and stand on the other two carpets with your other two characters.

Don't move until the rope drops down. Don't even use your telekinesis to grab any of the treasures. When the rope does drop down, climb up (as the Monk) and use the meditation statue up the ladder to the left. Make the support bolt fall off to the left and destroy a support beam on the right side of the area. Head out through the opening you just caused and ring the Zen Master's chimes again.

Those diving lessons were a complete waste. I'd give that a 2 out of 10. Head down the mountain and use your telekinesis on the gate to pass. Push the boat into the water and jump into it with all three characters to start the final level.
The Island
Have the Twins jump out of the boat and push it as far to the right as it can go. Run up the hill and push the box off of the platform, then hold onto the pirate flag. Switch to the Monk and follow the Twins, stopping at the first flag.

Now, it's time for the Knight to do something. Grab the straight pipe that you must have passed by now, run over to the Hermit, and jump down the chasm on the left-hand side, remembering to use your invincibility. Head to the far right and you should find a slot for the pipe. Put it in, then backtrack until you find a series of pipes with an x shape missing from them. Continue right and head up the ladder, collecting the curved pipe. Run to the far left to find the slot for it.

(Hey, this bit's lacking pictures, so here's a beautiful screenshot of the heroes escaping the Island.)

Head to the room beneath you and turn the water valve until no more water comes out. Drag the boat as far to the right as you can. Climb down the ladder nearby, run to the left and you should see a last pirate flag. Pull it to open the gate, giving you access to the explosives stashed inside. Aww yeah.

Pull a barrel up the ramp behind you. Collect the femur here. Place the second barrel halfway between the grate and the bottom of the ramp. Now drag the first barrel backwards until it lights, then drop it down the ramp to blow a hole in the ceiling.

Now the water has gone, you can activate the switch and open the big, metal gate under the island (why does that sound familiar?). Push the boat as far as you can to the right, then use the valve to send the boat upwards. Have the Twins push the boat down the hill and into the water. Unfortunately, you have a indiscreet stowaway on board, who refuses to leave.

Switch back to the Knight. Grab the box of crackers near the boat and head to the pirate flag the furthest to the left. The parrot should be waiting for you, and we all know parrots like crackers, so offer it some and it will ride with you on your shoulder. Head over to Spanky, who is still at the Hermit's shack. As the Monk, grab the femur the Knight left for you and use it with Spanky. Now take the Knight and the barking parrot back to the boat. Take the parrot back to the Hermit CAREFULLY, he hates water and will fly off if you decide to take a swim.

When the Hermit runs away, have all the characters jump in the boat. Eventually you'll arrive at a waterfall. Jump to the right once you've disembarked and you'll find the Gift Shop Clerk again. He gives you a key, once more, to find three treasures to replace the desires of the three characters.

As before, open the door to the left, and climb down until you reach the well. Rather than pulling levers this time, you simply need to run to the left - all spike pits have been packed up. However, in the room that previously contained water, lava is now flowing throughout. Land on the platform here to ensure you don't get cooked alive.

Jump to the right, through the passage where the blockage was. Collect the gold nugget from the Miner. Switch character and find the Hunter's trophy underwater. Last, but not least, collect Spanky from the Hermit with the last character. Call the elevator down, and ride it back up to the Gift Shop Clerk.

Give your treasure to the Gift Shop Clerk and he'll give you what you've always desired, or speak with him three times and he'll take it back for you. Walk out the door and climb the ladder. Do this with all three characters. Congratulations, you've beaten the game without dying (hopefully)!

Thank you very much for reading this walkthrough. It wasn't exactly easy to make, but I know I'll get the respect I deserve for it.

What do you mean, I won't!!??
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Relk_Cehi  [author] Jun 17, 2014 @ 6:58am 
It autosaves at certain points, and if you quit the game it forces you to save (unless you alt+f4 it), so if you die once in a run you have to start again. The run can be with any characters, but I chose these because I thought they were the easiest characters to complete it with. I'm still working on certain tactics to get through it quicker but it's been difficult so far. Thanks for the high praise!
A_Phosphorus_Invention Jun 16, 2014 @ 5:07pm 
Beautifully done guide. This game is on my Wishlist, but when my eyes read over this achievement I was like "This might be a deal breaker." I assume there's no saving so if you die you can't just reload and try again, just like Limbo's famous 5 or less deaths run achievement. This was a really nicely put together guide, so does the run only have to be once with just these 3 characters?

Oh, hi Vhampster, why am I not surprised you've commented here too. :D
Crypt Warden Sep 12, 2013 @ 11:37am 
Ah! that's a good one. I'll try that:D:
Relk_Cehi  [author] Sep 12, 2013 @ 11:01am 
Well the Twins can do the ghost thing which means you can put the weight of two people (ghosting Twins) on one of the moving bits and the Monk and the cart on the other.
Crypt Warden Sep 11, 2013 @ 8:29am 
you said bringing Twins makes the mine easier. May I ask why?