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Move It

Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.12.3-f2 (Campus)

This mod allows you to select and move various things.

New in 2.6.0
- Reset Objects Tool - cycle size/colour variations of selected objects and repair all damage. Available on the More Tools menu (formerly Align Tools) or with Control+Shift+V
- Network Skins 2 integration - networks keep their custom skin when copied or imported.
- Procedural Objects integration - PO can be manipulated similarly to props, and placed objects can be converted to PO with the powerful Convert Tool.
- Handling of pipes, water service buildings, invisible markers (e.g. animal spawners) and, in the asset editor, props improved.

Use the M key to toggle the tool or click the button (draggable with right click) next to the bulldoze tool.

Hold the Shift key to select multiple objects to move at once.

The following objects can be selected with Left Click:
- Buildings
- Trees
- Props (Get Prop Snapping to be able to move up/down)
- Decals
- Surfaces (brushes and ploppable surfaces)
- Network nodes and segments (roads, quays, etc...)

This tool doesn't provide any limitations for maximum power. Use at your own risk.

Drag with the mouse Left Click to move selected objects. Drag left and right with Right Click to rotate.

Use the Arrow Keys to move selected objects. Hold the Alt key for even finer movements and Shift key for bigger steps.

Use Page Up and Page Down to move objects up and down. For Mac keyboards without Page Up/Down buttons, use Fn + Up/Down. Prop Snapping is required to move props vertically. If this does not work, please press Number-Lock and try again.

Use Ctrl + Left/Right to rotate (Trees don't rotate).

Includes undo (Ctrl+Z) and redo (Ctrl+Y) feature.

More Tools
Tools to quickly set the rotation or height of selected objects. You can change the rotation of buildings, props, decals and surfaces, aligning them to face the same direction as objects, including network segments (roads, rail tracks, etc).

Align Height - Click on an object to move all selected objects up or down to the same height.

Align to Terrain Height - Immediately move all selected objects up or down to the terrain height.

Align Slope - Click on 2 game items to define a slope that selected objects are moved up or down to. This aligns the height of all selected objects including roads and other networks, however it is not suitable for roads that are winding or spiral. Consider using Segment Slope Smoother for this.

Align In-Place - Click on an object to turn each object to face the same direction as it, without moving them.

Align as Group - Click on an object to turn the selected objects to face the direction, moving them around a central point. Note: works best when all selected objects are facing the same direction.

Align Random - Immediately rotates all selected objects so they face a random direction. Note: if you Redo this action, the selected objects will rotate to a new random direction.

Mirror Align - Creates a mirrored copy of the selection. Choose a network segment to define the mirror plane; the position and angle of reflection.

Reset Object - Selected objects will be reset, repairing all damage and setting a new random colour and size where applicable.

Convert to PO - If Procedural Objects is enabled, this will attempt to convert selected buildings and props to PO, keeping their existing location.

Note: some props will align 90 or 180 degrees off. Rotate in 45 degree increments (hold Control while right-clicking and moving the mouse) to quickly and neatly correct these objects.

Additional Features
Toggle all marquee selection filters on and off by double-clicking on the Marquee Selection button.

Step over items at current mouse position - press Control+Tab (key is configurable) to step over the item currently highlighted by the mouse to highlight the item below.

Network Filters give you fine control over what type of networks are selected when using Marquee Selection. Note: when open, Network Filters can affect performance while selecting a large area.

Picker Filter - filter for objects of one type. Click on the eye dropper and choose an object to set the filter. Double-click on the eyedropper to clear it.

Alt Shortcuts
Hold Alt to select nodes or segments that belong to a building (e.g. a harbour's shipping path), or to select buildings that belong to a node (e.g. pylons and pillars).

Alt-Click on a segment to select the closer node, or if it is already selected the further node. Combines with Shift to add/remove from selection.

Hold Alt while dragging objects to toggle snapping to the grid.

Hold Alt while dragging only a single segment to snap to a straight line or, if the segment is connected to further segments, to a curve.

Hold Alt while dragging only a single node to snap node, re-curving segments as required. Snaps to a straight line or, if the segments are connected to further segments, to a curve.

Hold Alt while over a building to view attached nodes or segments, Alt-Click to select nodes or segments.

Alt-Click on the Clone button to duplicate the selection, pasting a copy in the same location.

Optional, disabled by default: Hold Alt while over a node to view or select a pillar or pylon.

If only a single node is selected and that node has 2 segments (i.e. is not a junction or dead-end), Alt-Click on the Slope Align button to immediately slope align the selected node using the 2 attached nodes as A/B positions.

Does not use the detour technique for maximum compatibility.
Does not alter game save files in any way and can be disabled/removed safely at any time.

Thanks to my beta testers for their testing and suggestions, especially Deeheks and Leader of the Monkeys[]. Special thank you to Boogieman Sam for creating Move It and other indispensable mods.

You can see the assets in exported XML with Deehek's Asset List Generator[] tool.

Source code: GitHub[]

If you want to support development, please consider donating[].

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kid kid 19 hours ago 
so cool
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mine is not appearing at all. Using macbook pro high sierra.
what could be the problem?
Ssar1702 Feb 14 @ 10:54am 
@Quboid thanks but add "prop and tree anarchy" to the list since prop snapping requires it
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I'm having an issue where I click on a road and the center node just automatically moves on it's own off the map, which leaves my road curved or a super sharp V shape that is not fixable. How do I fix this?
Uplay Feb 14 @ 4:47am 
@Quboid hello, i'm using tenkeyless keyboard, i don't have numlock, but i have page up and down, help me
Quboid  [author] Feb 13 @ 12:54pm 
@Ssar1702 They are needed to move props properly. Both those mods work perfectly and they're very lightweight so they don't slow the game down at all.

@Derrickon1 What is happening to your game?
fritske100 Feb 13 @ 12:52pm 
thank you!!
dwyerdorrington Feb 13 @ 9:23am 
Thanks.......youre a legend
Ssar1702 Feb 12 @ 10:09am 
@Quboid Does it really need prop precision and prop snapping? Looks like they haven't been updated in a while.
Derrickon1 Feb 12 @ 9:18am 
so the move it mod is breaking my game? cool.