DCL - The Game

DCL - The Game

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Inputs and Controls Guide
By DCL and 1 collaborators
There are four input devices that you can use to control the game:
• Keyboard
• Gamepad
• a transmitter with USB cable
• a transmitter with Betaflight passthrough

here's a guide to set them up and troubleshooting problems
There are four input devices that you can use to control the game:
  • Keyboard
  • Gamepad
  • a transmitter with USB cable
  • a transmitter with Betaflight passthrough

here's a video tutorial with most of the same information
The keyboard is only recommended for arcade mode or GPS mode.

You’re going to use [W], [A], [S], [D] and the arrows to control the game and restart a race with spacebar.

Please check out the control maps in game for more details.
The gamepad is recommended for arcade mode, angle and GPS. You can also use it in ACRO but it’s going to be quite hard to control, as the sticks are very small.

In the “settings/controls” menu you can use the gamepad mapping button to swap between mode 1, 2, 3 or 4, which assigns every axis of the stick to a different output.
If you don’t know what modes are just use the default, which is mode 2.

Notice that in arcade mode the controls are simplified: as in a racing game you can accelerate and break with the triggers and steer with the left stick.

Also, you can use the “zero-throttle at centre stick” button, which is going to remap your throttle axis setting the zero throttle at the centre of the stick, rather than at its bottom.

If you’re flying in ACRO with a gamepad we recommend lowering the RC rate down to 0.4 on all axis (settings/general/drone tuning, or in game menu/drone tuning), in order to make the sticks less sensitive and the drone more controllable.

Another thing you can do to improve your experience when playing with a gamepad is to buy stick extenders, which allow you to have more precision when controlling the drone.
Transmitter – USB cable
You can use a USB cable - type-B for Taranis – to control the game with a transmitter.

First, turn on your radio.
It is generally a good idea to create a new model, with all the default settings.

To do so: click the menu button once, scroll down to an empty slot, press and hold the [enter] button, select [Create model]
Select multi rotors, [enter] and leave everything as default (press the [page] button four times and then press and hold [enter] to confirm).

Press the [page] button four times, until you get to the “mixer” page, scroll down to channel 9 and press [enter]. Assign a switch to it by clicking on source.
The game is going to recognize the switch you assigned to channel 9 as the restart race button.

Make sure that the radio is turned on, connect it to the USB port and connect it to the computer before starting the game.

When you connect the transmitter to the computer – if you have a modern open TX firmware on your radio - it is going to ask you if you want to use it as a joystick or a USB storage: select “joystick”.

You can verify that Windows has correctly detected the transmitter by going into the control panel and look for “USB” – “set up USB game controllers”, you should see your transmitter listed as a joystick.

Start DCL – The Game and you should see a transmitter icon on the bottom right of the main menu, confirming that your device has been detected.

In settings/controls check the transmitter mapping button: the default is “TAER”, which is the default mapping for Taranis. If you have other transmitters, you might need to switch to “AETR”, which assigns the sticks on different channels.

“Gamepad sticks”, as we said before, is only related to the gamepad and does not affect the transmitter mapping.

Start a quick race and make sure that everything works correctly.
Move the sticks and verify that the drone responds correctly to the inputs.

If the joystick is not recognised immediately, then try pressing the [J] key on the keyboard and it will detect again what controller is connected.
Transmitter – Betaflight Passthrough
If you have Betaflight 3.4 or higher flashed on your quad, you can use this method to connect any transmitter to the computer and use it in game – even the ones that don’t have a USB port. Pretty much any transmitter that can control your drone, will be able to be used in DCL - The Game.
In reality, you don’t even need an entire drone, just a flight controller and a powered-up receiver.

Connect the drone to Betaflight as usual and input the following CLI command
set usb_hid_cdc = on

If you go to the control panel and look for USB – “set up USB game controllers” – you should see that your flight controller has been detected by Windows as a joystick.

Many of your drones are going to need to be powered up with a battery in order to power up the receiver, which of course is fundamental to let it communicate with your transmitter.
That means: REMOVE THE PROPELLERS if you use your drone to play the game!
Even if it is connected to the computer, it will still arm: be careful!

Now you can start the game, and in the “settings” – “controls” set up the transmitter mapping to “betaflight”.

This way the radio is connected to the game and you can play even from your couch, as you don’t need to be tethered to the computer via USB cable.

The channel AUX1 will restart the race in game.
If your transmitter doesn’t work at all, first of all go to Windows “control panel” – “set up USB controllers” and make sure that is detected by Windows.
If it is not, you might have a firmware or compatibility problem between your transmitter and Windows itself.

If it is recognised by Windows, try to press the letter [J] on the keyboard in game to refresh the detection of joysticks.

If it still doesn’t work, try restarting the game.

As a last resort, try uninstalling joystick simulator softwares like "Vjoy" they have been reported to be conflicting with our game.

And if it still doesn’t work, please report the bug[discord.gg] to us, giving us as many information as you can on the transmitter you’re using, the firmware installed and the specs of your computer.

If the transmitter works but the axes are assigned incorrectly go into the game – “settings” – “controls” and try to change the transmitter mapping. If you cannot find a combination that works for you, please report it to us[discord.gg] – again specifying the transmitter model and the firmware that you’re using.
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jakubzych1198 Feb 6 @ 7:15am 
i have flysky i6 rc transmiter and rc simulator cable for it. when i go to the ,,setings,,next ,,controler,, the game does not detect it.
AccessDenied Jan 27 @ 7:29pm 
I have a real flight USB controller, i set it up, everything seems to work in the controls screen, but when i go to start a race it just says "please lower throttle" forever and never works no matter what i do. Is this part of the "fix in a week issue" calibrations and such.
Mr. Perfect Patty Jan 27 @ 2:32pm 
I have a ps4 controller but it keeps moving me to the left and ive tried everything but it wont stop. Its unplayable like this.
peche382000 Jan 25 @ 12:42pm 
hello my horus is not connected why ?
on windows it is OK
Oscar NinJa Jan 25 @ 3:17am 
CAN i use it with Interlink-X remote controller?
DCL  [author] Jan 23 @ 7:58pm 
Everything should work now that the calibration page has been published
Bananenshake Jan 20 @ 9:46am 
My flysky I6 isnt working correctly,Throttle pitch and roll are ok, but nothing happens on yaw, hope this will be fixed soon, at while im using the taranis qx7 working fine,
PANIC_MODE Jan 19 @ 10:12pm 
Turnigy Evolution's axis are all wrong. Swapping channel mixing in settings didnt help
Mr. happy cybershark Jan 19 @ 12:06pm 
It seems the PS4 Controller isn't really working. tried all 4 mappings, but the controls do quite strange things. Will the Controller Calibration update, fix this too? I need to map the controler to be able to use it
DCL  [author] Jan 19 @ 9:31am 
koryyy please just wait a week or so, the calibration update should fix all these problems