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Automatic Pop Migration
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Automatic Pop Migration

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Is manually shifting around pops that are out of work and homeless getting you down? Want to get back to conquering the galaxy? This mod will find new planets for your out of work homeless pops so you don't have to.

  • Turn on or off Automatic Pop Migration from the decisions panel on your capital world.
  • Policy to determine if only targeting unemployed and overcrowded pops or all unemployed pops
  • Policy to set habitability preference - either the default 60% minimum, an 80% minimum or allow any habitability
  • Policy to force migrate based on low habitability. regardless of employment or housing status. A maximum of 3 pops per month. The last pop on planet will not move. NOTE: Increased risk of building destruction!
  • Only resettles pops that are allowed to migrate.
  • Also works for machine empires where migration is not allowed
  • Cost per pop approximates resettlement cost which is defined at a job category level and is influenced by certain traits, civics, and traditions and will cost from 12.5 - 225 energy per pop .
  • Finds new planets based on best habitability and won't move pops to planets with less than 60% habitability, if set by policy.
  • New planets must have available housing and jobs.
  • Can use a planet decision set a single planet as the preferred location for pops to move to. This costs 25 influence and 1000 energy to set. Planet must still have a habitability of greater or equal to 60% for the pop to move there if set by policy.
  • Can use a planet decision to set planets to have a research, mining, food, or energy focus at the cost of 10 influence per planet. Pops that have traits that boost these jobs will be more likely to settle there.
  • Can use a planet decision to migrate Toilers from Thrall-Worlds at the cost of 10 influence per planet.
  • Can set a planet as not allowing pops to migrate in the context of Automatic Pop Migration.
  • Can set a planet to move all homeless pops, regardless of employment, starting with the lowest strata and moving upwards.
  • Can set a planet to allow assimilating pops to migrate to other worlds.
  • Job Retraining Campaign edict to reduce the time a newly unemployed specialist / ruler take to demote to a lower job category. It only works on people unemployed after the campaign is active.
  • Moving occurs on the 3rd of the month to lessen the strain on 1st day of the month game processing.

No vanilla files were harmed in making this mod.
Compatible with Stellaris v2.2.* (Le Guin)
As with any mod that affects game play, NOT achievement compatible.

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Thanks to Rimweasel for the Ignore Free Jobs policy addition.
Thanks to the Stellaris User Mod forum and the Discord Stellaris Modding Den for all the help and support.
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Jan 28 @ 2:20pm
PINNED: PLEASE READ - How it works
The Dadinator
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JayBee 🔰 Apr 17 @ 6:15pm 
Still trying it out, would love to see if it selected only 1 pop per month per planet to move. It's a bit dicey at times when dozens of people decide to leave. Generally I like it. :)
Helio67220 Apr 16 @ 7:14am 
Is it normal that it does not work for bio-trophies?
Artorias Apr 15 @ 10:25am 
Hi guys, do you know if you can force depopulate a planet?
For example if i invade a planet as devouring swarm, send everyone to be procesed to my "farm" world
Regardless this mod is a must have!!!
Krelian Apr 14 @ 10:07pm 
After playing a campaign with this, i can say confidently, this is an ESSENTIAL mod of stellaris.
Wintermist Apr 14 @ 10:45am 
This mod is so awesome, thanks!
Jewbacca Apr 8 @ 2:03am 
Often tought, that something similar should be in-game. Like "encouroged emmigration", or "emmigration welfare". We pay you to get out from here, and settle on the new colonies. Available for egalitarians too without enraging them.
P1 Apr 7 @ 2:43am 
WHY IN GOD'S NAME IS THIS NOT ALREADY PART OF LE GUIN? If you ban resettling, because your a Egalitarian/Xenophile faction, and your planet reaches its maximum, then you're shit out of luck!
Reaper Apr 4 @ 7:43pm 
its good
:TF: Mortico Apr 4 @ 7:24pm 
I love this mod but was having some trouble figuring out the best way to use it. I found a system that works really well and figured I would share it:

1. Turn on automatic pop migration.
2. Set it to relocate all unemployed citizens (even non-homeless) in the policy menu.
3. Pick a world you don't need for anything else and make sure there's tons of housing (like 50-75)
4. Set this planet to be the "preferred planet" for APM.
5. Make sure there's plenty of low level worker jobs using districts and commerce centers.

So now when your pops are unemployed they go to this planet to chill out. Every so often when a planet needs some pops, just transfer them from this one planet. Don't build too many important buildings and just let it destroy buildings as you pull pops away.

It's basically just a storage facility for extra pops. It keeps you from having to shuffle pops around all over the place, and when you have like 30 planets this can get really confusing and annoying.
paulo Apr 4 @ 8:04am 
Please, update you mod for the 2.2.6.