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Advanced script for Mouse Wheel Zoom
By Vankulas
Script for smooth mouse wheel zooming in and out in Half-Life.
Main info:

Script for smooth mouse wheel zooming in and out in Half-Life.

You can choose from three versions. First has a sensitivity of 15 steps, second sensitivity of 11 steps, and third sensitivity of 8 steps. ... Function of the mouse wheel button aside the mouse wheel scrolling up and down is simple, then: By pressing the key while zooming in it continuously zooms full in, by pressing the key while zooming out it continuously zooms full out. ... As default it also continuously changes mouse sensitivity while zooming, turns off crosshair and disables attacking. (But you can simply change what you want.)

More information about installation etc. included with the files.
You can download the script from the link below.

Enjoy :) And please leave a comment if you find this any useful :)

Download link
Additional info:
( The script is also written in a way that you can use and overlap it in any manner possible with my other scripts (for smooth zoom, holstering weapon and slow motion). ... Because normally if two or more simple scripts manipulate the same parameters, you can't just simply mess them together and overlap them without malfunction. But if you will be using more of those my scripts together everything will be just fine. )