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Slay the Spire

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Adds Marisa Kirisame from Touhou series as a playable character,with a set of colored cards, 11 relics and 1 potion.

"It ain't magic if it ain't flashy. Danmaku's all about firepower".The main theme of this character is firepower,the timing of playing cards,energy management and greed.

There is still some work to be done,like the heartbreak comic and some card illustrations.I'll keep updating this mod until it's complete.
You can find the source code of this mod here :
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luku756 Sep 16 @ 4:31pm 
upgrade 'super nova' is not working... it's same to non-upgrade version. it's bug?
颠落 Sep 11 @ 1:40am 
Nisa Sep 10 @ 7:35pm 
It seems to works fine now, I think Slay the Spire was just in a buggy version because my other mods were bricked as well, but they seem to be working as intended now. :picon:
TwoFaceTony Sep 10 @ 2:15pm 
As people are saying, this mod is now causing StS to crash on startup. It was working yesterday, and today it doesn't. However, this mod last updated in August. This means that the most likely problem is that either BaseMod or ModTheSpire updated, and this mod hasn't updated to stay supported by them. Those two mods both updated yesterday, so this would make sense.
Toastkoro Sep 10 @ 10:36am 
Same issue as everyone else. Really hope we can get your mod going back up at some point, gotta say it's the one I enjoy the most.
Mattyho Sep 10 @ 10:13am 
I've got the exact same issue, getting an error while trying to launch the game with this mod, other mods work just fine and so did this one until yesterday.
吴凡 Sep 10 @ 8:53am 
isabella Sep 10 @ 8:04am
Getting this error with this mod. Hope this helps!
ERROR_X2™ Sep 10 @ 4:09am 
This mod used to work yesterday, but today if i launch the game it just crashes on startup
Kneko43 Sep 10 @ 3:56am 
The game won't lunch with marisa mod installed
already tried to just run the necessary mods and marisa
and it won't lunch
pretty good character mod tbh
hopefully this bugs can be solved