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Emitter 3Ditor
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Jan 4, 2019 @ 12:20am
Dec 2 @ 11:05pm
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Emitter 3Ditor

WYSIWYG particle/lightemitter editor for Eden.

Add and use particle and light emitters in your scenarios without any scripting.
Adds an emitter editor akin to the old "utility mission" editor that has floated around since the original OFP and the "Eden way" of adding emitters via object attributes.

Features include:
- add emitters (particle/light) and edit their parameters in Eden, in real time. WYSIWYG = will appear in scenario as it does in Eden
- Attach emitters to virtually anything (Eden entities, terrain objects, object selections)
- Save emitter parameter presets
- Export emitter parameters in sqf format like with the old "utility mission", sometimes you just want/need to script it
- Export emitter parameters as config class, greatly speed up creating your CfgCloudlets and CfgLights effects
- Includes "scenario function set" to deal with the emitters added with this tool in "mission runtime"
- Full set of Eden tutorials
- A 100+ page pdf manual with a lot of (hopefully) easy to understand examples on how to use the tool (located in modfolder -> docs)
- does NOT create dependencies, scenarios edited with this tool do NOT need this mod installed when played

If your game crashes with error "DX11 ERROR BUFFER MAP FAILED" while using this tool it in most cases means that your Particle Quality setting in the game Video Settings is too high. Lowering it should fix this.

Mod License:
You are not allowed to make any derivative works of this mod or it’s documentation in portions or as a whole.
You are not allowed to repackage or distribute a repackage of this mod or it’s documentation.


For anyone interested in translating, stringtables at GitHub:
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Krieve Oct 25 @ 8:34am 
This is one of the best Eden extensions I've used. It has it's buggy moments at times, but it's always recovered. Absolutely recommend this to any A3 scenario creator. The ability to place down particle emitters and light points is essential to creating a realistic/immersive atmosphere. Thanks a ton for this tool man, keep it up!
h-  [author] Oct 11 @ 8:57pm 
The mod does save most of it's data into the sqm (works the same as any Eden setting/attribute), but there should be no way it would delete anything unrelated from there.

It's always possible binarization has a brain freeze if enough data saved there, dunno.
Dominic Oct 11 @ 4:28pm 
@h- I haven't 100% confirmed yet, as I am just using this in an empty map at the moment, but I think it has something to do with binarization settings for the .sqm

I noticed that when I lost all my objects, the .sqm only contained variables for this mod- somehow they were getting saved into the .sqm

Don't take this as a complaint post, this mod is AMAZZZIINNNGGG and really speeds up my mod making and mission making.

Thank you so much for it. I just use it in a blank map for now :)

Because...who knows...I am running CUP at the moment. Maybe that is causing some weird issues.
h-  [author] Oct 11 @ 12:30pm 
That shouldn't be possible. :(
Would be interested to hear what exactly happened.
Dominic Oct 11 @ 10:40am 
Be careful with this mod - it's great but I just had it corrupt my mission.sqm and delete everything I placed in the mission when I was messing with the effects.
chrisbaker1981 Sep 15 @ 6:12am 
Thanks h I'll join just now.
In the mean time, quick reply. im just placing light emitters, not attached to anything. Just pressed ins to create new ones. Set them up, can see the lights in the editor and in game bit get those errors when going back to the editor.. I used the clone tool to create new lights...
h-  [author] Sep 15 @ 5:47am 
That's odd, just tried loading up an old saved mission of mine and seems to work fine.

I'm going to need a bit more info as in what kind of emitters, what did you do with them (attached, synced with triggers, and such). Best would be to either start a discussion here or come to my Discord (link in description), this comment section is a bit bad for troubleshooting things.
chrisbaker1981 Sep 15 @ 5:07am 
Hi This is great, ive been playing around with it, but, am i missing something here..
I get some errors messages when loading up my scenario, or when i return to the editor after testing it.. Googlephoto link with photo of the error, looks like its trying to find something on the h: which i of course dont have? Im sorry if stupid question, i have skim read the pdf read me tut but i cant seem to find anywhere where you have to set up anything on my pc for this to work..

castori Sep 5 @ 2:31pm 
h-  [author] Sep 5 @ 10:27am 
A assume you're referring to playing in MP, the mod is not required to play missions edited with it. So no need to run it anywhere.