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Emitter 3Ditor
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Apr 25 @ 9:13am
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Emitter 3Ditor

WYSIWYG particle/lightemitter editor for Eden.

Add and use particle and light emitters in your scenarios without any scripting.
Adds an emitter editor akin to the old "utility mission" editor that has floated around since the original OFP and the "Eden way" of adding emitters via object attributes.

Features include:
- add emitters (particle/light) and edit their parameters in Eden, in real time. WYSIWYG = will appear in scenario as it does in Eden
- Attach emitters to virtually anything (Eden entities, terrain objects, object selections)
- Save emitter parameter presets
- Export emitter parameters in sqf format like with the old "utility mission", sometimes you just want/need to script it
- Export emitter parameters as config class, greatly speed up creating your CfgCloudlets and CfgLights effects
- Includes "scenario function set" to deal with the emitters added with this tool in "mission runtime"
- Full set of Eden tutorials
- A 100+ page pdf manual with a lot of (hopefully) easy to understand examples on how to use the tool (located in modfolder -> docs)
- does NOT create dependencies, scenarios edited with this tool do NOT need this mod installed when played

If your game crashes with error "DX11 ERROR BUFFER MAP FAILED" while using this tool it in most cases means that your Particle Quality setting in the game Video Settings is too high. Lowering it should fix this.

Mod License:
You are not allowed to make any derivative works of this mod or it’s documentation in portions or as a whole.
You are not allowed to repackage or distribute a repackage of this mod or it’s documentation.


For anyone interested in translating, stringtables at GitHub:
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Apr 4 @ 10:00am
[FIXED] [BUG] Menu half loads up after pressing backspace
< >
Hoes Mad Apr 16 @ 7:17am 
amazing mod, ty so much
h-  [author] Apr 15 @ 12:51am 
Like it says in the description, yes. The pdf manual has examples to familiarize you with the tool, the eden tutorials (the hat icon in the left upper corner) focus mainly on he tool interface.
New-Driver Apr 14 @ 9:16pm 
Is there a tutorial?
WWThomahawkWW Apr 3 @ 3:40pm 
It works! As you said, i used the Alt+S instead of the regular Eden sync functionality, and then it worked. That was the cause of the problem... Thank you :)
-Battlecator Apr 3 @ 1:46pm 
awesome! thanks : )
h-  [author] Apr 3 @ 10:45am 
I assume you mean when playing a mission with emitters inserted with this tool, then no.
No-one who plays the mission needs this, does not create mod dependencies. Doesn't need to be on the server either as far as I know.

NOTE that in the current version (1.024) while emitters do work in MP their init is a bit badly designed and JIP is horrible (I think basically every emitter gets re-created if someone JIPs :steamsad:). Zeus also can't do anything with the emitters.
Both of these are fixed in the upcoming patch (Zeus gets some basic control over the inserted emitters), if I ever get the time to finish it..
-Battlecator Apr 3 @ 6:30am 
Does this need to run in each client of a dedicated server?
h-  [author] Apr 3 @ 6:14am 
NOTE that there are a couple of bugs which I discovered literally at the last minute before finally releasing 1.025 patch when using trigger sync and emitters placed via entity attributes. Bugs are connected to saving synced triggers and trigger sync stuff with emitters created via an entity's attributes.
h-  [author] Apr 3 @ 6:14am 
I have no idea what invisible heliport you're talking about.
The emitters however use the ? in a box icon because no custom icon can be added as it creates mod dependency.

Syncing to triggers is pretty straight forwards (explained in manual/tutorials). Syncing an emitter to a trigger means that the emitter will be activated by the trigger in-game. The emitter will stay where you placed it, the trigger just controls it on/off in-game.

So; first, do NOT use the regular Eden sync functionality.
Place down an emitter and give it some effect, place down a trigger (the trigger has to be activated by something in-game), select the emitter by clicking it, hover over the trigger so that it gets highlighted (do NOT click on it), press ALT and S on your keyboard. The emitter should now be connected to the trigger and will start emitting once the trigger is activated in-game. Will emit normally in Eden as trigger has no control over the emitter there.
WWThomahawkWW Apr 2 @ 2:46pm 
Hi h- !!
I tried to use some emitters linked to a trigger, but it doesn't work, or i mean, i don't how to make it work... i just spawned an invisible heliport linked directly to a trigger.