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(DISCONTINUED) Combat Submarine USS Alabama
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Jan 1, 2019 @ 5:02pm
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(DISCONTINUED) Combat Submarine USS Alabama

this mod has been discontinued, please go to the link for updated version:

Combat Submarine USS Alabama

version actual 2.8.3

This mod recreates a simulation of underwater navigation, while transporting the players that operate the ship. Allowing to move, turn, submerge, emeger, armed with torpedoes, missiles, cruise missiles and nuclear missiles, this ship can fight other ships and submarines, and support the ground infantry, everything is managed from an area that simulates navigation inside of a submarine. and everything that is executed from the compartments, will be executed by the submarine that simulates the exterior of the ship.

the submarine that can be damaged by the enemies and everything that happens to the submarine. could harm players inside of the compartments, the players will feel movements, water pressure, lack of oxygen, inclination, pain, heat, radiation, among other characteristics, if the ship is destroyed, the players inside will die, if the ship damages. will flood the areas by water, they will feel a strong movement of S, blows, pain and bleeding, fire in compartments, among other actions, the players can repair the ship from the compartments, with tools, seal broken valves and extinguish the fire , repair engines and electronic boards, among other jobs, this work was done with the purpose that players entering the ship can feel that they are inside a real submarine and that they work inside as if they were in a real submarine.

You can obtain the manual of navegation this link:

Manual in Spanish:

Manual in English:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION, if you want to edit the missions with the USS Alabama should be the following information:

If you are inside the ship, and you close your EDEN server, your editor will remain dark

To solve it go to tools, and press the camera

Then press escape and close your Splendio camera.

Authors of the base this work

The 3d model of this ship is made by the author Gnat, you can locate the model that has been used for the alabama in the information that you find in the prolog of the navigation manual. The engine of movement of the ship is made by Mr. Stick_Hogue, they can locate their work from the prologue of the navigation manual.

This mod is apart from a submarine a modality of naval simulation with combat of different ways and in relation to terrestrial missions, it is very important that you read the manual of the Alabama before manipulating the ship, this mod was made with the purpose to work in milsin, military simulation, so it is not possible to manipulate it in a player, you need a crew of no less than 4 to operate it.

Submarine Militar USS Alabama, is a submarine navy, specially designed for the protection of maritime and terrestrial spaces, this mod is based on the simulated function of its operation in most of its aspects, so it will be necessary for a constant coordination and communication between the crew, the compartments that divide it, the function cameras, the tasks given, the position of government or ground control and command.

Among the features we have:

Crew and Command
Propulsion engines shaft and Helix
Atomic or Nuclear Energy
Electric or Electric Energy
Mechanical or Diesel Energy
Snorkel System
Gas combustion discharge system
Applicable maneuvers of the USS Alabama
Possible Threats
Enemy Strategies
Individual and group offensive tactics of enemy vessels
radial assistance system between enemy vessels, when one is attacked, nearby vessels will help
missile cruises support of enemy vessels requested by enemies on land
Nuclear missile support of enemy vessels requested by enemies on land
Control compartments and electrical panels
Depth chargue
Unguided torpedoes
Guided Torpedoes System
Unguided Missiles
Guided Missile System
Nuclear missiles
Possible Complications
Auxiliary Electrical System
Medical area
Sonar Manipulation and Communications
Sonar Passive
Sonar Active
Tracking System
Threat Proximity Sensor
Radial Silence System
Enemy ships use radial silence maneuvers to hide from the radars
Communications with Ground Bases or other Allied Vessel
fax delivery system for communication
Radio buoy
Fire in Compartments
Nuclear Safety
Engine repairs
Driving the Alabama
Descent, Ascent, Port and Starboard
Pressure for crushing depth
Anticollision Reader
Officer's Place At the Command of Ship
Auxiliary Oxygen System
Analysis to avoid Threats
Maximum Silence Maneuver
State of Absolute Silence
System of enemy naval convoys (New)
Hydrophone system, to distinguish the emanating noise of each type of enemy craft (New)
Added new Diving System from the Alabama (New)
mini-submarine for deep deployments (New)
Scanner drone system to be deployed on surface (New)
Coupling and uncoupling system for the mini-submarine and the drone scanner (New)
Crush depth system for diver players (New)
Function to the post of the captain in the bridge, for the manipulation of the drone Scanner (New)
System of defense of enemy ships against divers players, deploying enemy divers squads to defend (New)
Attack of Mortars Enemy Ships (New)
Manual Driving System (New)
Manual torpedo system straight line path (new)
Eye contact system from the periscope with the laser marker (new)
Missile interception system (New)
Program start for Acoustic Warfare Analyst V0.1 (New)

Version 2.8.3 instructions for the proper operation of the ship and the crew:

1- Download the compatible map package with version 2.8.3

Current support maps for the development of missions:

Gulfcoast Islands

the ship can only be used in the predetermined missions, you can do the initial missions or edit your missions on that initial mission, to know how to edit it successfully you must read the last subject of the navigation manual. Soon missing maps will be published.

get the initial base mission from here Version 2.8.3 for both versions

Pack mission version 2.7 with new model version 1.1

for the new update you can configure your server to your liking, the limitations have been corrected, you just need to have the most updated base map (2.7).

please read the manual for any concern and if you have any questions you can do it through the comments, If you suffer some bigs or do not manage to operate the ship, please inform in the comments, to solve the problem as soon as possible, and I will gladly help you,

new updates coming soon.
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Barbanegra  [author] May 30 @ 10:59pm 
The ship has been updated and published again
Barbanegra  [author] May 30 @ 9:05pm 
Hello friend, it was removed a few hours ago due to a low fps problem that it was causing, but thank goodness we found the fault already been solved, but when fixing the fps problem another problem arose that is already almost solved, a problem with the contact radar, but in a short time it will be ready, thanks for your interest in underwater simulation
Spetz May 30 @ 8:59pm 
i can't find new version of this addon.. Can you fix it? Thank you !
Barbanegra  [author] May 26 @ 10:13am 
hello everyone guys, this submarine has been discontinued, here is the link for the new submarine IMPORTANT NOTE, you should not have this mod loaded if you activate both in your mod launcher
CaptainLegion May 26 @ 2:07am 
Inside of submarine is like old doom maps :D
Barbanegra  [author] Mar 18 @ 6:56am 
yes friend, we are working on the real model of the ship, but we have had some problems and could not finish it, any help is welcome
Shipwreck Mar 18 @ 6:51am 
any chances of going with something easier in design like a los angeles class?
Barbanegra  [author] Mar 18 @ 6:02am 
Thanks for your comment friend, it is a simulated recreation that takes you to a place where it will simulate that you are sailing in the submarine and, of course, everything that happens to the object outside will be felt by the player within the simulated area, as if he were In a real vehicle, on the other hand, I am working on the new 3D model that replaces the previous model, and this one will have all the objects of a submarine, it is a strong job, and I do not master 3D editing work very well, of course any help is welcome to continue working on this job
man-tga Mar 7 @ 2:24pm 
The first walkable submarine in Arma 3. Interesting concept to teleport the player into a static object instead of entering ther "real" vehicle. I also like the Interactive consoles were you can control differnt functions of the submarine. The only thing wich could be improved is the model of the submarine interior. Its very low-poly and simple. it looks like it was build by someone wich is totally new to 3d modelling. Also some objects like the manhole covers or office chairs doesnt fit to a submarine that well. Maybe you could ask in the bohemia interactive forums or somewere else if someone helps you with modelling. But this mod is still wip i hope it will get better.
Barbanegra  [author] Feb 29 @ 2:35pm 
Hi guys, there are a number of changes after version 2.7, the requirement mods are no longer needed, only the ZNV Complement, corrected several insights and limitations, I currently don't have a computer to connect, you can also write to the mail and I can answer them faster if you have any questions or problems