Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire

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Replay the Spire
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Dec 31, 2018 @ 6:13pm
Dec 3, 2021 @ 6:36am
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Replay the Spire

Spire's #1 content mod since 2018

Currently adds:
* 60+ Relics (4 ironclad, 4 silent, 6 defect, 1 watcher, 50+ shared)
* 70+ Cards (15 ironclad, 15 silent, 15 defect, 11 watcher, 15 colorless, 15 curses)
* 5 Events
* 11 Potions
* 2 Rooms
* 3 Elites
* 3 Bosses
* 4 Custom run modifiers
* Additional Neow options

See the (outdated) full mod description at this GitHub page[].

Support this mod on Patreon[].

This mod aims to expand upon the base game by adding lots of content.
NOTE: All config options need the game to be restarted before they take effect.
If you want to disable bosses from other mods using Replay's config option, drag Replay the Spire to the bottom of your mod list in the ModTheSpire launcher.

* ModTheSpire[]
* BaseMod[]
* StSLib[]

In addition to the content listed above, this mod adds additional crossover content with the following mods:
* Infinite Spire
* Downfall
* Conspire
* Friendly Minions
* Marisa
* The Disciple
* The Servant
* The Construct
* The Mystic
* The Beaked
* The Glutton
* The Witch
* The Blackbeard
* The Mad Scientist
* Halation
* Bard
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Felix Hellborn
May 15 @ 11:00am
Possible conflict with Wandering Minibosses
May 24 @ 6:08pm
Initialization crash report
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奕狐吟ぃ Jun 11 @ 9:49am 
When will the known problem with the chaos ring be resolved? Any announcement?:zagcry:
衷愿与你 May 30 @ 5:52am 
When can we screen purple cards
trdonja May 24 @ 10:01am 
Too much of everything, resulting in very unbalanced game play. There is a reason why the base game has been play tested and balanced for such a long time. It's easy to add content and claim that it's supposed to be hard. Many cards and relics are meant to be used by a very specific type of a deck so if you don't have one, tough luck. There have been runs when I wasn't able to pick any boss relic. The new energy relics are too much of "give energy and do something bad", with the bad part just being completely unbalanced. For example the orb stealing cards. It just keeps stealing cards and has negative synergy with some of the fights (the orb has too much HP, is blocking 12 and is being healed by some of the enemies, so it can be literally impossible to kill). Skipping rewards becomes the new normal.

A third of the content and double testing time would have been much better.
Roxas May 16 @ 10:13am 
You can disable bosses from the options, but there's no option to disable the elites and additional gremlin. Also there's one card from each category (Red, Green, Blue, and Curse) that I can't disable because the checkbox for it is overlapped by the page turn arrow meaning I can't click to uncheck it.

I also have been unable to see the Energy Ball relic in the shop, I even used another mod to filter out every other relic in the shop and still didn't see it
TheDarkRuler May 11 @ 7:38am 
Is this mod in german language too? If not, do you plan to add german support?
再玩亚索剁吊 May 11 @ 6:45am 
can it be mixed with downfall mod?
scavanger007 Apr 15 @ 12:43am 
guys complaining about the bosses, You can disable them from mod settings
Enigma0gaming Apr 14 @ 3:23am 
Can we please get an option to disable bosses and any monsters added by this mod they are rarely ever good and are just annoying i want just the mods and cards please
Shadowdragon409 Apr 10 @ 11:36pm 
Is it just me, or do I ONLY get bosses from this mod? I want to fight the vanilla bosses too :(
I actually dislike fighting the witch, is there a way to disable her?
pgames-food Mar 24 @ 10:01pm 
hi i would recommend playing it vanilla without mods, and then to try adding some mods.
(there is one called optimise the spire which can minimise loads/logs)