ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Liste de mods pour les serveurs : FArkOut ( )

FArkOut est projet de groupe de joueurs incluant technicité, partage et entraide.

Serveurs :

Carte : Caballus _ [FR] WildFarkWest (17 mods)

D'autres serveurs en CLUSTER sont accessibles aussi sur invitation ! ( Demande sur Discord )

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Items (26)
Awesome SpyGlass!
Created by Chris

Like a regular SpyGlass, except Awesomer!

Works on...
- Dinos
- Players
- Structures
- Eggs
- Loot
- Supply Drops
- And more

- Shows a bunch of relevant information for the current target (see pics)
- Has lots of player customi...
Upgrade Station v1.8i
Created by Ghazlawl
Mod ID: 821530042

Allows you to upgrade the quality of weapons, armor, tools, and saddles from primitive all the way to ascendant. Even works with items from other mods! Can also salvage items for resources.

This mod doesn't change any core...
Death Recovery Mod (v1.11.2)
Created by Manalo
Version 1.11.2
Mod ID: 751991809
Last Cooked with DevKit: 297.2
This mod is rated: Clean and Stackable

Brought to you by Manalo and DragonClaw Studios![]

Created by Knevilo
A smart tool for finding your lost Dino

Just craft a Dino Tracker
Required level 25

  • 1 Metal Ingot
  • 1 Hide

Apply the Dino Tracker Skin onto your Gloves.
Simple Spawners
Created by darklore
Spawn creatures, harvestable resources, loot crates, or nests anywhere!
Make your own biomes! Customize ANY map however you want to!

This mod:
- Adds creature spawners that spawn creatures (including modded ones!) in an area, or globa...
All Dinos Allow Guns
Created by Temil2006
simple mod to allows you to equipt guns, weapons, etc in you hand while riding on any dino. Works with moded and non moded. Stackable and very small footprint.


Donation link to help with hardware upgrades, any help is greatly appreciate it ::...
Pointy's Potions
Created by Pointy
Mod ID

Unlock the cauldron engram at level 30, craft it in the Smithy and then by adding the correct ingredients, you can make the following potions.

Conscious Potion
1 x Water
100 x Stimberries
50 x Rare Flowers

Feed this to ...
Created by Hazearil
Mod ID: 1645346094

Here is a link to our Discord server![]

This is a stack mod, but not just like all the others: some extra things are changed.

Element, Apex Drops and Boss Trophies are made transferable.
Anti Radiation Armor - Tek, Skins, etc
Created by Temil2006
Donation link to help with hardware upgrades, any help is greatly appreciate it :: {LINK REMOVED}

  • protects you from radiation on aberation while wearing tek armor.
  • allows to you interch
Created by Danger
Welcome to Tunguska - a landscape shaped around a meteor strike.

This map is approximately at 95% in its completion.
There is always something to do - therefor no 100%.

You don\'t need any paid DLC since this map unlocks all DLC-engrams....
Created by Ibot
Please rate this map if you like it!

The map is "work in progress"

  • Snow biome
  • Jungle biome
  • little Abberation biome
  • Redwood biome
  • Mountain biom
Best Eggs!
Created by Kozenomenon
MOD ID: 1931415003

🢜 🢝 🢞 🢟 L A T E S T 🢟 U P D A T E 🢟 🢞 🢝 🢜
UPDATED - 4/18/20
  • Colors Fixed after relogging
Super Structures
Created by Legendarsreign
This mod is a fork of S+ from the July 11th, 2019 release of Structures Plus. This mod includes everything that mod had at that time. Any further updates to S+ past that release are not necessarily in this mod.

Join our di[]...
Tek Weapons Plus (TW+) [on hold]
Created by Zarum
Tired of slow tek projectiles? Feel like you need to waste element? Look no further! This mod adds 27 new TEK items to the game!

This Mod Adds:
-Tek Sniper Rifle
-Tek Shotgun
-Tek Flamethrower
-Tek Assault Rif...
Dino Mindwipe
Created by Nobody
Adds a craftable mindwipe (Box of ForgetmeSkills) for dinosaurs. Engram is learnable at level 100 for 100 engram points.
Configuration section has information on customizing this.

Created by Ollie G
Armour+ is stackable with all other mods

This mod does Not have to be in first in the command-line

Mod ID:764792033

When you unlock each part of the Tek Armour, you will unlock the same UberTek+ part.

Armour settings:
2 = Double Damage Received, 1 = ...
Created by Ollie G
Full Damage Control with all Weapons & Grenades

Weapon+ is stackable with all other mods.

This mod does Not have to be in first place in the command-line.

Mod ID:812639416

If you like this mod then hit that thumbs up button.

All Weapon &
Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Science Fiction
Created by ExileAcid
Mod ID:
Publicly Released:

This mod will work on any and all maps.

Server Hosting Provided By LogicServers - https://logi...
eco's Stable Structures and Decor
Created by eco
MOD ID: 1091147617

Craft rustic structures, old west decor, and storage for your stable, ranch, barn, western towns, or equestrian base!

100% Stackable mod.

Custom Dino Levels
Created by KitzyKatty
New and improved level distribution mod with more options, ini configurable, and works with vanilla AND modded dinos!

Sick of spending hours on end searching for that elusive high level dino? Do you love the Island map, but hate how heavily sk...
Caballus Custom Map - The Equestrian Land
Created by Doudel

The Lovely Caballus Map - A Equestrian Journey

Unofficial Map for ARK with beautiful environment,
stunning places,
treasures instead of air drops
and color variants for equus and more...
eco's RP Decor
Created by eco
MOD ID: 741203089

Craft decorative furniture and tons of other items for your RP (Role Play) servers!

100% Stackable Mod


All items can be pic
Hope Map V10.2
Created by vwcamper
Map Name = Hope
Mod Id = 869946022

Main Description
The map has all of the dino's from The Island,SE and Aberration. Set in a slightly fantasy style with high detailed biome's to explore. In...
Speed-Saddle and Speed-Potion
Created by [TBS] Taura
Developed for
...but of course everyone is allowed to use this mod!
This mod consists of
MarniiMods: Horses
Created by ♕ Marnii ♕
ModID: 1696957410

♥ If you end up liking this mod then a thumbs up would be very much appreaciated ♥

Please join the Discord if you have questions or wish to speak with me:
This is where i am the most active an...
MarniiMods: Wildlife
Created by ♕ Marnii ♕
ModID: 1984936918

♥ If you end up liking this mod then a thumbs up would be very much appreciated ♥