War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld

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Rise of Overseers. Dark Crusade. Enchanted Edition. Skill : Above Average - Very High.
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Dec 31, 2018 @ 7:44am
Jul 13, 2019 @ 1:47am
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Rise of Overseers. Dark Crusade. Enchanted Edition. Skill : Above Average - Very High.

Join the Great War between Underlords and Overseers. Under guidance of Scribe of Chaos, loyal servant of God of Chaos Himself, with help of three fellow underlords who will help you achieve victory. Learn about powerful Overseers, your allies and plan of your master. What awaits you at the end? Will you make that far? God of Chaos and his right hand are observing over you.
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Jul 13, 2019 @ 2:06am
Level 1 too hard - any hints?
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Herpes Herring Jul 5 @ 11:37am 
Ahhh awesome thanks man! Awesome maps too!
Green.Sliche  [author] Jul 4 @ 5:24pm 
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758588439 This is the version you can play with your friend(s). It has minimal visual / structural differences and uses no scripts at all. It uses old Empire AI which is getting stronger and more aggressive every 15 minutes but does support New AI for team mates. You can customize starting positions as well as other properties of your choice. Empire is pre-defined and set for you.
Green.Sliche  [author] Jul 4 @ 5:22pm 
There is a multiplayer player version in my collection list, made specifically for online play. It has v1.0 pre-fix in the name.

These maps were specifically converted and scripted to work in Custom Scenario Mode. Converting them for MP won't work because they heavily rely on scripts which Multi Player Mode does refuse to support.
Herpes Herring Jul 4 @ 2:25pm 
This may be a really stupid question, but is there somewhere I can find these maps for online co-op with friends? It doesn't seem to appear unless I go on single player?
Green.Sliche  [author] Apr 30 @ 1:41am 
There are plenty of tricks for you to try on since there's no restriction on Sin Aspect available. You try various potions or combination of constructs and traps.

Try keeping Empire AI distracted so it doesn't go for a kill. You can ''make'' your other team mates join the battle by digging towards Empire from your side ( you can use hellfire potion and break their walls ). The key to success here is to constantly harass Empire while gain ground and capture land. Btw, you can build lots of Hellfire Potions and drop them on Empire's troops when they are on your ally's land and deal massive damage to them. A horde of sentinels with colosus is also good way to cut through their numbers. There are plenty of ways to drain Empire's troops.
NAPK1NS Apr 30 @ 1:04am 
Ill give the outpost and worker totem a go now thank you
NAPK1NS Apr 30 @ 1:03am 
Every time on simple difficulty, it seems the standard play through is the AI takes down the other dungeon cores and then sweeps mine, or takes one down and as im moving into the map it comes for me, sweeps me and im dead. I've tried blocking off access's and placing soul traps (blocking off just seems to buy me time from the inevitable, the protected imps will eventually blow my walls and get in). I've moved through the map a little bit when i noticed the AI attacking one of the other dungeons, as its distracted i can move through (slowly) claiming tiles but again the inevitable usually happens where at some point it comes charging for me with everything it has, i don't have enough minions to take it on, even when the ones i do have are high levels (the dead souls the AI calls up cripple me) its an amazing campaign, loved every level and i know they're meant to challenge you (and this one 200% does :D)
Green.Sliche  [author] Apr 27 @ 4:40am 
Which difficulty have you tried? Give it a go on Simple difficulty and see if it is manageable for you.

You can use the combination of Outpost + Worker Totem if you have trouble maintaining your ground or pushing into enemy's land.

I would appreciate if you could elaborate when do you experience the problem and what you usually do.
NAPK1NS Apr 27 @ 4:03am 
Stuck on Level 5 - like majorly, i've tried it about 5/6 times now some fare better than others but no matter what i do i get over run and my dungeon dies..
Green.Sliche  [author] Jan 8 @ 8:22am 
I see. I'll remind devs about this problem once they start working on WFTO again.

Thanks. I'm waiting for Editor patch that will resolve some issues and introduce some stuff which I still plan to implement into this campaign and some other work. I wish I could do more but right now my hands are tied and I have to wait for official patch first.