Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire

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Dec 31, 2018 @ 12:16am
May 21, 2021 @ 5:42pm
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A general content expansion mod for Slay the Spire.

Currently adds:
  • 50+ Relics
  • 20+ Cards
  • 6 Events
  • 2 Bosses
  • 2 Custom run modifiers

Includes crossover content with the following mods, play with them as well:
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The Complex
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DerpFaceCake Jun 1 @ 6:57am 
Spice AND Duct Tape?! Meme Gungeon run right here
Capt Hooks May 29 @ 4:18pm 
Yo, the metronome relic is broken/does not match its description. It's actually run destroying. For whatever reason, if say you build up 7 strength, then play something that isn't an attack, it puts to your strength to -7 instead of 0.
Rumormonger May 1 @ 9:25am 
Can I make a suggestion? I was wondering if you could script Tin Flute so that it carries over a card of the same copy and not the same name? The reason being there are some mods that allow cards with alternate upgrade paths and if you Tin Flute an alt upgraded card it just reverts to its base upgraded form instead. Just some food for thought.
Evanpik64 Apr 30 @ 9:09pm 
How balanced are the relics in this mod? I want to try it, but I don't want busted relics that take away all the fun.
Enigma0gaming Apr 14 @ 3:25am 
This is a message to all mod makers stop adding bosses and encounters in mods you never know how to balance them just make relic and cards mods
Swifty Magee Apr 10 @ 2:20am 
Thanks for the advice, GheeseEmpty. The Musket Hawk boss is beatable, but the Grand Snecko seems borderline impossible. Maybe if his health was cut in half, it might be possible to defeat him if you had a particularly good deck, but as he is, he's a terrible fight.

For anyone wanting to use Hubris, try subbing to Monster B Gone first and disabling the two boss fights, or at least Grand Snecko. It will make Hubris a lot more enjoyable!
GheeseEmpty Mar 25 @ 12:01am 
For everyone wanting to disable Grand Snecko, use this mod

Very simple to apply and gets rid of that horrible fight.
Chad Malakus Mar 20 @ 5:25pm 
Getting an instant crash when entering blood shops. Wondering if it an issue with this mod or a conflict with something else possibly
Mysticfeather Mar 19 @ 4:23pm 
Is there a way we can reset Infinite Blows? Because of a bug that caused it to upgrade way too fast, it has been upgraded to the point where a backflow error has occurred and the card is completely useless. And even people who haven't run into that bug may have gotten it upgraded too far for that specific card to be enjoyable. Would be nice to be able to reset it rather than just be sad whenever I see it as an option for anything.
DK Axiom Mar 15 @ 4:05pm 
Give us the option to disable more stuff, like bosses or some relics that are too strong