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ActionQueue Reborn
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Feb 2, 2020 @ 6:46pm
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ActionQueue Reborn

This version of Action Queue has been completely rewritten with a focus on fixing all the underlying issues with the previous versions, optimizing and minimizing any performance impact, along with adding several new features. Action Queue DST ported by xiaoXzzz has been a great addition to my collection of mods, and it was only after using it for more than a year, that I decided I wanted to undertake fixing the few issues it had.

The original Action Queue for Don't Starve by simplex, which was created in 2014, is an amazing mod that still sees much use in its various versions.

  • Shift + click on entities as you normally would to add them to the action queue
  • Shift + double-click on an entity to select all entities of the same prefab in a configurable range
  • Shift + drag-click a rectangle to select entities within a selection box
  • Shift + drag-rightclick with a deployable item in your cursor to place it within the bounded area
  • Shift + drag-rightclick with a tool equipped to focus the actions performed by that tool
  • Shift + rightclick with a mini-sign in your cursor to place it directly on a chest
  • Shift + click on a crafting recipe to continuously craft that item
  • Press C to craft the last completed recipe (includes structures)
  • Shift + C to continuously craft the last crafted item (doesn't include structures)
  • Press any movement, primary, secondary, attack, or action key to cancel (or pause) the queue
  • Press F3 to display a turf grid that may help you with aligning your placements
  • Press F4 to toggle auto-collect which is triggered by certain actions
  • Press F5 to toggle endless deploy mode, ignores selection height to deploy all available items
Config Options
  • ActionQueue key with an extensive keylist
  • Always clear queue
    (if false, use action key(spacebar) to clear selected targets)
  • Selection color with 10 colors to choose from
  • Selection opacity
  • Double click speed
  • Double click range
  • Turf grid toggle key
  • Turf grid radius
  • Turf grid color
  • Option to always deploy on the wall / turf grid
  • Auto-collect toggle key
  • Enable auto-collect by default
  • Endless deploy toggle key
  • Enable endless deploy by default
  • Craft last recipe key
  • Tooth-trap spacing
New Features
  • Ability to add entities to the selection queue during a deployment action
  • Auto-collect can be toggled in game as needed
  • Configurable deploy spacing for tooth traps
  • Caches your last completed recipe to be re-called with a single key press (default C)
  • Craft last recipe repeatedly with ActionQueue key + last recipe key (shift + C)
  • Draw added to the action list
  • Deploy now goes up and down rows instead of always returning to the horizontal start position
  • Deployment of items by dropping them on the wall grid
  • Eat added to the action list
  • Feedplayer added to the action list
  • Grabs the next stack of items of the same type from your inventory for active item actions
  • Heal player added to the action list
  • Minisigns are now easily placeable on chests
  • Pick action will never target evil flowers
  • Pickup action will never target any active trap
  • Pitchfork actions, digging and placing turf
  • Repeat crafting is faster (timer based)
  • Tool filtering, which was a feature of the original mod
  • Unwrap added to the action list
  • Waits for a broken tool to re-equip without canceling the queue
  • ActionQueue should never be canceled by using chat, map, or alt-tabbing anymore
  • ActionQueue now cancels properly if you are moving when you release a mouse button during a selection
  • Fixed incompatibility with Woodie beaver mode
  • Deployment is only triggered if the selection queue is empty
  • Give action now works properly with mushroom planters
  • Selection will not begin if your first click is on a HUD entity
  • Significantly improved how actions are applied to their targets
  • Switched to using control handlers for leftclick and rightclick, which means the mod follows rebinds in the games settings menu for primary and secondary keys

Don't Starve version
ActionQueue Reborn by myxal


此版本的 Action Queue 是完全重寫,著重在修復前版本所有的潛在問題,優化並最小化對於性能的影響,並添加幾個新功能。
xiaoXzzz 移轉 DST 版的 Action Queue 作為我的模組收藏,而在使用超過一年後,我決定要解決他的一些問題。

2014 年,DST 上原始版本的 Action Queuesimplex 所寫,經過非常多的改版仍歷久不衰,是一個令人驚艷的模組。

完整敘述翻譯 (繁體中文)[] cheewind

Big thanks to co.op for his help testing and suggesting new features
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法师青鸟 Jan 21 @ 11:42pm 
Some thing wrong happend when i begin game with some other mod,and it crashed, then this mod is auto unsubbed,WTF!
medicine Jan 19 @ 8:08pm 
doesnt work well when picking lightbulbs
doesnt work with feeding living log to mushroom planter
doesnt work with reap what you sow update
󰀀 Redhead 󰀈 Jan 19 @ 12:35am 
I don't think this works with gamepad, but i'm also noob at this and the modder is inactive for long time sadly :c no replies :c
Capt_Blade Jan 18 @ 12:56pm 
This is probably a stupid question, but does this work with controller?
Court Fool Jan 18 @ 11:48am 
it's very pog :steamthumbsup:
BOT 404 Jan 16 @ 5:14pm 
is there gonna be an update for reap what you sow?
Dommy magic Jan 13 @ 12:07am 
reap what you sooooOOOOOOOOOW
Pastah Jan 1 @ 2:14pm 
Everything works for me!
Кактус Dec 29, 2020 @ 1:07pm 
Крутой мод но оооооооооочень ленивый. :dswilsonscared:
Lord Cafe Dec 19, 2020 @ 7:06am 
To complicated and half of the functions aren't working for me beside the fact half of the time my games crash while using this mod :/.