Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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East Coast Range, Industry DLC Ready
Scenario: USA
Misc: Map
Tags: Canada
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Dec 28, 2018 @ 10:31pm
Dec 30, 2018 @ 7:57am
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East Coast Range, Industry DLC Ready

For one without Industries and needed mods, check this out!

This version was made to celebrate the release of the new Industry DLC release. For those who played Railroad Tycoon series, it was modeled similar to that. Updated industries and locations from those in the "Heavy" version, which is now known as the "New Industry 2.54 Ready" version. Also, hilltops at maximum height no longer are continuously flat for long expanses. Because of the issue with water, I do suggest the Natural Environment Professional Mod.

For fishing industry, I prepared this for those who don't use No Intial Roads mod. The game automatically connects to fishing grounds on game load, so I had to go without those installed. Boot up the industry creator, and place them at your convenience. You may need the no cost mod enabled. Also, I wanted the Nig international Ports at NYC, Boston and near Wilmington, unfortnately the game crashes whenever they load, so place them where you prefer.

This edition requires the official release of Post mod (or possibly beta, havn't tried that one) on, you can get that here: . Automotive Industry and, obviously, the Industry DLC are required as well.

1) Post mod Release version
2) Industry DLC
3) Automotive Industry

This map is quite hilly, however there is no need (in this edition) for the NoInitial roads mod. I personally want to thank Merk for his Map Export mod as that sped up the process for this map 10 fold. Here is his link:

Cities included:
Chicago, IL
New York City, NY
Atlanta, GA
Washington, D.C.
Sudbury, CAN
Ottawa, CAN
St. Louis, MO
New Haven, CT
Roanoke, VA
Augusta, GA
Syracuse, NY
Norfolk, VA
Philidelphia, PA
Albany, NY
Buffalo, NY
Montreal, CAN
London, CAN
Hamilton, CAN
Saulte St. Marie, CAN
Elmira, NY
Concord, NH
Cincinatti, OH
Sherbrooke, CAN
Harrisburg, PA
Cedar Rapids, IA
Ocean City, MD
Bangor, ME
Madison, WI

And more!
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BonnieBunny Jan 19 @ 8:47pm 
Ok thanks for the help : )
themeatballhero  [author] Jan 19 @ 5:34pm 
Oh my bad! and you need to change to experimental sizes
BonnieBunny Jan 19 @ 12:52pm 
So 2 things, 1: Concord isnt in CT its in NH. 2: The game says "Game installation failed: game map can't excesed 16M" And idk if its a problem on my end or a problem with the map. Not trying to be rude just wanted to say that and ask about that.
themeatballhero  [author] Jan 15 @ 7:45am 
@Oldhip there's the No industry version for that exact reason! =)
Oldhip Jan 15 @ 4:19am 
Sorry but the extra's you need for this map are not compatible with a lot of mods & crashes the game.